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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned but I hear the whistle for a goal a good half a second before the goal is scored., slightly ruining the experience of scoring sometimes.
  2. Me too, but it's like saying the car is perfect except the engine doesn't work....
  3. Apart from what I consider to be some glaring issues with the ME which have already been well documented, I find myself again perplexed as to why the vast majority of midfielders have their ideal role as a playmaker of some sort. This isn't the case in real life at all. There's a massive scarcity of simple 'central midfielders' or ball winning types in FM. This was also the case last year, and it sort of forces you to play 2 playmakers at times. Take my favourite team Arsenal - Torreira and Willock are both considered to have their ideal role as playmakers. This simply isn't true. Willock is a box to box midfielder in real life and Torreira is more of a ball winning midfielder or anchor man. I feel the scarcity of other roles makes formation choices very limited. I also feel Mason Greenwood is severely overrated as compared to the more impressive (this year) Gabriel Martinelli, among many other data issues.
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