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  1. The thing is, it's all well doing all this analysis and data but I think it feels to many of us just...not right. It's hard to put a finger on it sometimes (besides the obvious things), but there's just something off about it this year.
  2. I'd rate those as good stats but not unrealistic in the least. I wonder if it would be possible on this ME to get a Messi or Ronaldo scoring a goal a game...
  3. I'm feeling it, too. I'm doing very well with Arsenal, but the average ratings and patterns of play favoured by this ME are not enjoyable. I can't find any formation which allows strikers to score a good amount - my current formation is very successful but it's predicated on the wing backs, who are truly overpowered. Too many 6. something average ratings unless they score or get an assist.
  4. I won the league and Champions League with Arsenal and I'm not enjoying it too much. It's a slight improvement on before but now there's too many balls ott and average ratings seem a bit ****.
  5. Maybe it's just a rough patch but my central midfielders ratings have plummeted since the patch, from mid 7's to just under 7.
  6. The balls over the top are definitely a problem. Overall it's definitely an improvement but it's two steps forward one back.
  7. I'm noticing a lot of balls over the top for both teams, too. But this was the case before the update, too.
  8. That's nice, but honestly if everyone thought in that way the game would never improve. So the negative comments are indeed well needed.
  9. Okay just played first game after update - had 3 clear one one ones saved so I'll reserve judgment on that for now but noticed the crossing and non shots into thr side netting, so that's my main gripe done away with. Hopefully that super-keeper/poor finishing will be just this game...
  10. I've never stopped playing a version this early in my life, and I've played them all. The match engine is broken is vital areas right now.
  11. I won the league and Champions League with Arsenal and Nketiah was my top scorer in the league with 14 in 35, so not really. I was easily the top scoring team, too.
  12. Immersion is everything. If you can't immerse yourself in the game it's just a glorified puzzle. I'm confident it will get sorted so I'm just waiting til it does, hopefully before xmas.
  13. Not really because I'm only referring to the ones which seem absolutely clear, not the ones where it seems fair enough they would fail to score a lot. I've also noticed that the body shape rarely looks right - you know the Henry-esque opening the body out to curl it into the far corner. Maybe it's just the camera angle I use, but I never see that. And the body shape in general often just doesn't look right in these situations.
  14. FM gets high ratings because there is such a passion for a football management game. It suffers from having no competition in my view. I don't know if it's just becaue I was younger but I seem to remember the game being a lot more fun (but less realistic) back in the days when you could grab the likes of Tsigalko for peanuts at a smaller club and make them world beaters.
  15. I've cut out all of your deep analysis, and I'm sure it takes a lot of work and effort. I just go by the eye test and my experience of playing every version ever made. Either the visual respresentation is making these chances look easier than it should or the one on ones is f*cked to some degree. One thing it could also be is that the keepers save too many, since these chances are usually saved and not missed. I'm not even talking about the known wide men shooting into the side netting and using their wrong foot all the time, but the clear one on ones where if your striker didn't score in real
  16. I think it's been an issue for quite a while that assists and goals are too important as far as ratings go, or rather that other things are not taken into account as much. I can't imagine a Kante type of player being the top average rating in FM, for example.
  17. Too many to mention. I have played every version ever created, going back to CM 93 with the angry old man on the front cover. Used to spend whole weekends with my best mate just playing CM. Great days!
  18. That comes off as a little passive aggressive itself. I haven't attacked anyone. Something I have noticed is that those who think the game is great seem to have more free reign to be snarky to others. I actually did quite well on my Arsenal save and enjoyed it for a time, but for many reasons stated all over this forum, watching the highlights becomes a bit boring/frustrating after a while. I've left my game in the 4th season until there's an update.
  19. It's probably a case of the visual respresentation not being accurate. I see clear 1 on 1's (clean through, nobody near) missed regularly by stellar forwards from both teams. End of the third season my winger Pepe was the PL top scorer with 20 (7 pens), next was Martinez with 16 and third was Nketiah with 14. This isn't just missed 1-on1's, it's the fact that wingers and full backs have 'selfishness' 20 or 'brains' 1 depending on your viewpoint, since they rarely pass or cross to the striker standing all alone in the box (a known issue I know). I've played every version of this game ever made,
  20. Anyone who paid for the game should fully have the right to state their feelings.
  21. I'm looking forward to this getting sorted out, though I think the occurences of the wingers beating everyone from one end of the pitch to the other will need to be toned down to prevent cricket scores if it is. It's also what I believe in contributing to extremely low scoring from strikers. My 3rd season just ended and Pepe (the winger) was the league's top scorer with 20. Second was Lautaro Martinez with 16 and Nketiah 3rd with 14.
  22. I don't expect it to look like real football, but the whole idea is for it to be heading in that direction as much as possible. In my view it's become less so in this version compared to others, and I will voice that. Immersion may not be important to you, but it is to most people who play the game.
  23. I'm definitely noticing lower assist numbers from the widemen and wingbacks than on previous versions. That might tie-in with them shooting too much, even when on support duty etc.
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