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  1. I've not seen that many and he's obviously exaggerating, but if there were penalties every game I have to say it would be a gamebreaker for me. Not seen it myself, though.
  2. Interesting, although only opposite on one aspect. Maybe it's different at lower levels but I was quotred 210 million for Declan Rice, for example. Good player, but not exactly Messi. Still, I hope I'm wrong
  3. Yes that's a bit silly, also the whistle blowing for a goal/corner before you seen the complete animation on screen.
  4. And on that note - it's still the case that the ai makes stupidly low offers for our players while we have to break the bank to get theirs.
  5. This is what I want to know. I really don't want to have to use the in-game editor as I don't want to know my players' mentals. My coach doesn't report anything out of the ordinary so maybe I'm ok...
  6. I think you miss my point, old chap. The person I quoted seemed to think any criticism of the game was 'whinging', which was why I placed quotation marks around it.
  7. No, but in my experience not as bad as it was prior to this patch. My wingers at Arsenal had under 7 av/r before the patch, presumably because they kept hitting shots wide, and about 7.5 after with a much better goals/games ratio.
  8. I'm dispapointed by this as I have a really good save going with Arsenal. I don't like using in-game editors but if the likes of Saka and Martinelli (who only has 13 determination anyway, have they not seen him play?) have ***** mental stats I will have to start again
  9. Still some rather unatural wingplay, especially continually shooting when there's a man with an open goal next to them etc. but not quite as bad as it was. The shooting from the byline thing is annoying everyone.
  10. There's been loads of discussion about that in the beta thread. It's just really, really hard to replicate real life football. Once a few are fixed you get another few.
  11. Yes, I know. That's kind of my point. In my experience if you travel 20 years into the future the pool of talent is nowhere near as diverse in terms of positions and never have as good mental attributes as those who start the game. Although it's been probably since 2017 that I got that far, so I'm willing to be corrected.
  12. Indeed, which is why I put 'whingers' in quotation marks as I think his idea of whingers are those who criticise the game. Rightfully so in this instance given the determination thing, unfortunately. And I say that as someone who has bought every version that has ever existed, going back to CM 93.
  13. For me this has always been a problem when we go into the future. Presumably newgens don't have determination set to the extent that players who start the game do, and thus you tend to get even the most talented players with lower determination that the players they replace. I might be wrong about that but that's how it has always seemed to me.
  14. Is that unrealistic? Martinez is one of the brightest talents in the world and Salah got near 50 in a season all together...
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