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  1. Thanks for the reply I'll definitely try it. It looks so defensively vulnerable though. I'm a sucker for realism so I'm never completely comfortable with a tactic that I don't think would work in real life.
  2. BEOWULF is the only tactic I can get working on this version of FM. It's really frustrating me because I'm Spurs and 442 shouldn't work this well for a top team. Especially when you have Ndombele and Lo Celso as the two central midfielders. They wouldn't offer enough protection to back four in real life. I've so far failed to make a 4141 or any other formation work though, so 442 is! Thanks Knap for your tactic. It's allowed me to win at last!
  3. F14 version has worked a treat for me. I'm top of the league at xmas with OM, 5 points ahead of PSG. I dunno if other people do this or not, but I always use more of an AM type player in the CF-S role. Works really well for me. Big shout tot he creater BTW, man's an FM legend.
  4. Have Spurs been done as well? What's their team like?
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