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  1. @claassen could you fix Euro U-19? In FM 19 the closest are in Northern Ireland in 2020 and were omitted in 2019 in Armenia.
  2. @claassen Have you taken -54 points AO Acharnaikos in Greece Football League ?. The Greek league has made that decision or did you do it?
  3. @claassen Do you have plans to add South Korea National, Challengers and U-League? I ask you to add these leagues :)))
  4. Hello Look at this picture first : https://zapodaj.net/47565f52012d1.png.html I dont know what's im doing wrong, but i can not confirm a squad. I tried to remove players from the squad, but nothing helped. I tried to change the budget but nothing helped. Does anyone know what's going on ????
  5. Hello. I have one question. Can anything be done so that I could manage in this game team reserves ? I would like to start a game at Borussia II , but in choosing the club , the team is highlighted in gray and can not be selected. I tried to change something in the editor, but not much is possible. Let's do something about it ? Please help. Sorry for my english, i little small know this language.
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