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  1. Hahaha it didn't. I'm trying different things now. I put july 2050 as expiring date and apparently it worked. He still has wages but at least it is a workaround for one problem although I'm kinda uncomfortable to see "1.7.2050" there, let's say it's not the most realistic solution ever.
  2. I really appreciate you took your time to look at it. Well, Bury has "none" marked as president on the editor, it is randomly generated for each save. So when I choose the non-player I created (without any contract with any club) to start employed as president of the club, in his page on the editor says "date signed 1.7.2010" "start date 1.7.2010" end of contract (blank space)" "type of contract Full Contract" "weekly wage 0 (£)". Naturally I have tried to erase the weekly wage, make it a blank space, but it can't be done. I've also tried with date signed and start date blanked (both and
  3. I'm trying to recreate Bury FC, I changed the colors, name, even moved them to Manchester. So far the only struggle I'm having on the editor area is this. Manchester Academy modifications.xml
  4. Any help? I tried many times now without luck, every non-player I create comes with a salary and an expiring date as if they were coaches or scouts. How do I properly create directors and chairman?
  5. Hi all. I'm just scrapping the surface on the editor, this is my first time actually making something other than change club names. I have a few questions. First, I create a non-player person to be the new chairman of an already existed team in EFL League Two that I am editing. But when I create a save he is showing with wages and a contract to end in 2015 (this is FM11 btw). The other personnel of the board which I didn't touch of course remains without any kind of bond to the club. I looked into other presidents such as Abramovic and Hill-Wood in the editor and they have the same appe
  6. Thanks mate for the reply. What a beauty team you have morale-wise, age-wise and nation-wise. And appart from Matthew Jones and Mathew Sullivan, the determination levels are on point. Nice one. Nothing beats building a competitive home-nation only, young, professional and determined squad.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm wondering if SI has already added the player's media handling style option for us to add as a column in our created custom view. I should mention that I've not played the last 5 editions of FM (since FM15), so I really hope that, by now, it is already added to the game. It feels weird to me that 'personality' is available and 'media handling style' is not when both of them are so connected and have similar results in helping us reflecting a player's behavior both inside and outside of the pitch.
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