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  1. Hahaha it didn't. I'm trying different things now. I put july 2050 as expiring date and apparently it worked. He still has wages but at least it is a workaround for one problem although I'm kinda uncomfortable to see "1.7.2050" there, let's say it's not the most realistic solution ever.
  2. I really appreciate you took your time to look at it. Well, Bury has "none" marked as president on the editor, it is randomly generated for each save. So when I choose the non-player I created (without any contract with any club) to start employed as president of the club, in his page on the editor says "date signed 1.7.2010" "start date 1.7.2010" end of contract (blank space)" "type of contract Full Contract" "weekly wage 0 (£)". Naturally I have tried to erase the weekly wage, make it a blank space, but it can't be done. I've also tried with date signed and start date blanked (both and one of each sepparately) but still they appeared ingame with a weekly wage of 575 euros and an expiring date set. The board directors that comes with Bury starts alright as my first pic in this post indicates. But when I try to remove them and implement my own directors, the same issue happens. I looked at Abramovic and other presidents to see what they look like on the editor and tried to emulate the same filled spaces in the "contract" section. They all oddly have 1 (£) as bonus for goal as a contract clausule which I naturally tried to emulate but in vain. So to give a more direct answer to your question, I don't initially give them a contract, but in order for them to start the save at Bury I have to set it in the editor and when I set it there's two options (that i could see as potentially the reason of why I'm having this trouble) that can't be blanked: Type of contract (that HAS to be Full, Parcial, Amateur or Junior) and weekly wage that HAS to be either 0 (£) or any higher amount you want to set. And all of the other club presidents in the game has Full Contract and 0 (£) marked in these options on the database. So I really don't know what to do to properly assign a created person to be member of the board without weekly wages and expire date set, I'm gonna try now set a preferred formation on him (because it is the only thing that all the other presidents have and I didn't try yet) and start a new game to see if it solves. (seriously if this is it...)
  3. I'm trying to recreate Bury FC, I changed the colors, name, even moved them to Manchester. So far the only struggle I'm having on the editor area is this. Manchester Academy modifications.xml
  4. Any help? I tried many times now without luck, every non-player I create comes with a salary and an expiring date as if they were coaches or scouts. How do I properly create directors and chairman?
  5. Hi all. I'm just scrapping the surface on the editor, this is my first time actually making something other than change club names. I have a few questions. First, I create a non-player person to be the new chairman of an already existed team in EFL League Two that I am editing. But when I create a save he is showing with wages and a contract to end in 2015 (this is FM11 btw). The other personnel of the board which I didn't touch of course remains without any kind of bond to the club. I looked into other presidents such as Abramovic and Hill-Wood in the editor and they have the same appearance as my created one, except for some tactical atributes filled. Secondly, speaking of chairman, do you ever touch on "board confidence" and "fan confidence"? And on his reputation worldwise or nationwise? Preferred tactic, negotiation, interference, pacience and possession? All of this regarding the editing of a chairman I'm in doubt and would very much appreciate some clarification. At the moment all of these items are marked to '0'. It's not a problem, right? For what the little I understand so far about editing, the smallest number is '1', and '0' is indicated for 'random', probably generated at the beggining of each save. Alright, this already has become too much for one post, I'll save my other questions for later. Thanks.
  6. Thanks mate for the reply. What a beauty team you have morale-wise, age-wise and nation-wise. And appart from Matthew Jones and Mathew Sullivan, the determination levels are on point. Nice one. Nothing beats building a competitive home-nation only, young, professional and determined squad.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm wondering if SI has already added the player's media handling style option for us to add as a column in our created custom view. I should mention that I've not played the last 5 editions of FM (since FM15), so I really hope that, by now, it is already added to the game. It feels weird to me that 'personality' is available and 'media handling style' is not when both of them are so connected and have similar results in helping us reflecting a player's behavior both inside and outside of the pitch.
  8. Well, the Portuguese league should be rated as major, on the first seasons it was 5th in the european rankings of leagues and just at last season it dropped to 6th falling behind League 1 from France. And as I said I'm pretty sure this is the competition that is causing this "misinformation" in my Career Achievements because I keep an eye quite regularly at this tab, and I noticed that the number of golden trophies didn't increase when I won the league mathematically neither when the competition finished. It is the main national competition that can be won in Portugal. It's 4 stars and placed in 6th between the leagues in Europe, while the main cup it's 3 stars and placed 10th between the cups, the supercup and league cup are both 2,5 stars and 34th 35th respectively. On a final note: I quickly loaded my Aston Villa save just to check the 'Job History' to see my previous league positions and it is showing exactly where I finished, no bugs there.
  9. First time playing in Portugal and I noticed this strange glitch. My league trophies doesn't count as 'golden trophies' in my 'Career achievements' section under my Profile tab. I've won a total of 12 trophies but only 9 is shown. And I've been noticing since first season when I won 3 trophies and only 2 appeared on my career achievements. Later I found in my 'Job History' tab that in the 'Position' column, appears as if I were finished in 72nd position in the league. Maybe this is the reason why it doesn't count as golden trophy. I have no idea why this is happening though. This is the first time that happened to me and I have played in several countries already. These are the only 2 sections of the game that are affected by the glitch as far as I know, as you can see in the 'Club Manager History' my 3 leagues are shown as normal, sepparated from the cup wins. And in the Primeira Liga past winners section everything is normal too. Although not a big deal of a glitch but I found that this affects a little my immersion in the game, and although FM15 is done and dusted I felt curious to see if this is a known-issue of the Primeira Liga that I was unaware of, or if this happens too maybe in another leagues.
  10. I had this problem too brother, in one of my saves. This is on my extensive list of bugs/issues in FM15 that I want to see solved in a newer version of the game before I make the jump.
  11. I've just played the Colón match and the funny part is, the Argentina manager was at the stadium watching the match... at the same time that my players were travelling back! So he just took a jet plane to spot more players of mine while my other 12 players were taking a normal flight back home. Incredible!
  12. So basically the game is unplayable in South America. I'm going to finish this season at River and move on to some other european save. I've just checked the Sudamericana finals and World Club Championship finals and once again the 2nd leg of Sudamericana finals conflicts with the semi-finals of World Club, so if I reach the finals I will have to play the 2nd leg after the World Club and therefore the Supercopa of Argentina will probably be played after the Sudamericana again when my players will already be on holiday and for the second straight season I'l be forced to play the Supercopa with non-existent gray players just like I said to you on another topic here. Too bad I paid the full price on a game with clubs of all over the world that is only actual playable in 1 continent.. As for FM 2018, because of contractual disagreements between Sports Interactive and the clubs in Brazil they don't sell the game here. I can't even see the page on Steam Store.
  13. Okay, enough is enough! The stupidity of the calendar is probably the most unfair and infuriating issue on FM 2015 that I ever come across. Other issues are more explicit and obvious but in their own way they happen for both teams (engine bugs like the goalkeeper staying on the ground after every save for a good 3-4 seconds allowing so many goals from rebounds) making them not so unfair in the end. No, what I'm talking about is pure injustice, is being punished for being good at the game. Not punished in a shooting game when all your enemies starting to target you because you are the best of them, no. The game itself is punishing you, the stupidity of the calendar is punishing you. The problem here is in South America. I have other saves with european clubs and I did not have this issue except once at PSG with... (guess what?) my south american players. And I had a lot of them (Neymar, Lamela, Pastore, Lucas Romero, Rafael, Marquinhos, Alex Sandro). Unfortunately I deleted the screenshot that I had of this. But basically I had to play a match without all of these 7 players because they were travelling back from a Brazil vs Argentina match and if I recall I had at least 4 days until the next game with PSG so if the calendar was a little more smart they would postpone the match for a day, it would be sufficient to my players to return and be available and I'd still have at least 3 days before the next match. Now with River Plate this issue began to really affect my experience with the game. I don't know if it's because in real life south american clubs don't tend to have many of their players called on international duties, or if it's because our calendar is a mess compared to the european one (for example: on FM 2015 Argentinian clubs have the chance to play the 2 continental cups in the same year, it's like Bayern or Real Madrid or whatever plays UCL and UEL on the same season without having to be knocked out at 3rd place in the group stage of the bigger one to get kicked to the smaller one, but playing with actual chances of winning both of them). This was actually possible in real life but was changed recently by Conmebol new rules (in 2017 I believe). In the case of clubs here that don't tend to have more than a few players called away, if FM is going to be so realistic in this way they should not allow any save to have more than 50 years of duration, because you have to retire or die anyway so it's not realistic. So, if you can make a save with more than 50 years of duration, and you surely can take charge of a 4th division club and lead them to the glory of winning a UCL (two examples of things not so realistic), I think it's not that difficult to imagine a club in South America starting to build a squad so talented that begins to cross this statement of "south american clubs will only have few players called on international duties". I think FM should allow us as managers to try and sign the best players we can, independently of what region you are and what reputation your club has (you will understand what I meaning. Trust me, keep reading). So, without using the editor and with good management of finances I was able to build an excellent squad for my River Plate, not that difficult though, after all I have the better sponsorship income of 1st division, so you see, is much more realistic than take a 4th division club to UCL or having 100 years of your life managing a club in football. And what is my reward for build such a quality squad and elevating the club finances at the same time? Play important knockout matches with more than half of your squad away representing your country! In less than 5 months, three times this occurred! First and the most important one: On a quarter-final of Copa Libertadores 2nd leg (this is our UCL, it's the obsession of every club here, in fact River Plate fans have a chant entitled 'Libertadores is my obsession'). As you can see in the pictures below I had to play the game without 10 of my players, and I can consider myself "lucky" I guess? Because it was the World Cup calls and I originally had 12 players in the list of 30 and after the cut Correa and Boye missed the final call and I could play them vs Palmeiras. It's worth to mention that the Argentina friendly for preparing for the World Cup would take place only on 02/06, so definetly there was time for my players to be available on the Libertadores game at 30/05 and travel afterwards to meet the rest of the Argentina squad in time for the friendly. I mean what's more important: play a decisive game for the club that pays your salary and arrive tired for a friendly but with 2 weeks to recover for the World Cup OR miss the game and arrive fresh for an unimportant friendly? https://i.imgur.com/RAxYbDA.jpg https://i.imgur.com/MvtqnEE.jpg Second case: Against rivals San Lorenzo on another knockout match. 13 of my 23 unavailable. And there was nothing I could do! Not a single option to postpone for a day! Argentina had just played on 11/09 on a friendly (again), and my next game was only on 16/09. Why WHY not postpone for a day (13/09) so my players could arrive in time? You could say that still it wouldn't have enough time for them to rest but as you can see in the screenshot some of them were close to become fit enough to play (91~92%) and most of them were already fit. Three days to rest for the next match on 16/09 is fine, it's the standard these days but nooo! The game was unflexible. https://i.imgur.com/qbZPHEM.jpg https://i.imgur.com/OcFkyCl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/JNFB9Dw.jpg Third case: Literally the next stage of Argentinian Cup vs Colón. The exact same situation of the case above. Argentina played on 16/10, my game was 17/10 and the next game on 21/10. Twelve players unavailable and if Gil Romero weren't injured it would have been the same 13. Now, what is this? Tell me. What kind of intelligence the schedule of this game has? I'm not a game developer (far from it) but it seems to me that the draw of Copa Argentina is fixed to be on Thursdays after every round and it is something unflexible. SI should prevent this kind of thing to happen, and should have a more efficient system to ask for postpone a match (or, have intelligence enough to read when your team should need to have a match postponed and do it automatically) and postpone the draw of the cup for the same amount of days that the actual match was postponed. https://i.imgur.com/70sUNIM.jpg https://i.imgur.com/nSi76bT.jpg https://i.imgur.com/hUz82dW.jpg You're punished for being good. You are punished for having an international quality squad. What is the message the game pass? Go and sign mediocre players to avoid having this kind of troubles? "Yeah, sign a bunch.. oops. Not a bunch because you can't have more than 22 players in your squad without them to instantly start to whining about lack of first team game time even if they are rotation or backup players. So.. uh, sign 22 mediocre players and stop complaining! And don't forget to accomplish the board expectations otherwise you will be fired! Good luck!" On a final note: I have 2,146 hours of FM 2015 on Steam. I love this franchise. I've played CM 01/02, FM 2008 and FM 2011 before. I don't know even guess how many hours I put in all these games together. We only care so much about the things we love. This is absolutely true. I can't see myself on another game forum doing what I am doing here. I've been on my chair for 4 hours now (literally) typing this post (I have some english knowledge but I want this to be closest to perfect so I'm being careful with translations). I had so many frustrations with other games and I rarely went on official forums to let the moderators and staff know. FM is different. FM I care, and the things we care we want to see them going well, we want to see them with the fewest amount of flaws possible. No other game would take 4 hours of my day to make a post about an issue from a version 3 years old. I just had to do it, and if I was stressed enough during the main post is because I were really stressed typing this, because I care about FM. And because the match against Colón happened right now so I had to close the game and make this post, I couldn't keep this frustration inside of me anymore.
  14. I appreciate your answer but you didn't need to tell about the "Guardiola days" thing, as It's quite clear that I don't follow his style of play, I hate it, I hate useless possession and that's why you can see I'm not using the 'Retain Possession' 'Shorter Passing' 'Work Ball Into Box' instructions. I find it hard that some people think that sterile possession is entertaining but... I don't know if the players roles has such an impact on the direct style, never thought about it, but anyway I use one Advanced Playmaker (Attacking), 2 Wingers (Attacking) and 1 Complete Forward. I'm not a big fan of a TM specially if my CF has some technique abilities and pace. Lastly I wanted to say that over the weeks the confidence bar of 'Direct Football' slightly increased from 38% (moment that i took this screenshot) to 46% moment that my board offered me a new contract and I asked to remove and they agreed. I still think that this feature could be worked on for the next FM because I can't think in a way to play more direct than I'm playing now with two wide open fast wingers running and crossing the ball all the time. I think I deserve at least 55% on that matter, but that's my opinion.
  15. This must be a bug. How can I play an entertaining football without being direct? How can I check the 'More Direct Passing' and 'Higher Tempo' boxes and still not be able to play a direct football? HOW CAN I LEAD THE GOALSCORING TABLE AND HAVE THE TOP SCORER AND TOP ASSIST PLAYERS WITH ASTON VILLA ON THE FIRST SEASON and still my board thinks I'm not performing a direct style of football. It's a broken feature this 'board philosophies'. Fix it or remove them from the game.
  16. I'm with PSG, and I lost a World Class Physio for Wolfsburg, my Head of Youth Development for a club named RB Leipzig from Germany, the excellent René Meulensteen for Hamburger, lost Andy Renshaw for QPR and another coach for AS Roma. There was another coach that went for Chelsea too. All in the same transfer window. Very frustrating to lose great staffers for smaller clubs. (except for Chelsea)
  17. I understand the reasons for them to leave when they take part in a function like Manager or Assistant Manager in other club. But when I have a coach and they leave to become a coach in another club it bothers me, specially because the wage offered by the other club is equal. Yes, I'm trying to offer a new contract as soon as other clubs approach my staffers but it isn't working. I'm gonna try to renew the contract of all my staffers 2 years before expires, I think I'm losing the staffers with 1 year left on their contracts, I'm gonna try to renew earlier and see what happens. Yeah, when they have my name on the 'Favoured Personnel' they generally stays with me, it seems correct.
  18. How to maintain your staff when some other club makes an approach? I remember when I used to play FM 11 in the good old days, it was easy to hold your best staffers, just when some club offers a contract all I had to do was renew the contract with the staffer and he ALWAYS accepted my terms and remains in the club. But now in FM 15 I try to renew in the same circumstances but most of them leaves the club either way.. so frustrating, you hire the best staffers earlier in the game and then few years later they left and there is NO REPLACEMENT as good as they were.
  19. Thank you michael, it's all cleared up. At the moment I do not need much hard drive space so I'll leave the stad pics where they are. Cheers!
  20. NavyWolf, I think this is the screen you referred. There's nothing above the stadium name and capacity but thanks for the help anyway.
  21. No, all the images (stad and team) are 1920x1080 and I play full screen, that's why I thought it would be a background. As the skin I use the 'dark base 2015' which I downloaded from your site michael it was helpful for me to replace the logos with kits on the Split Screen Overview, thank you very much for that btw. Now, I dont know if I get it right (english is not my birth language), but you're saying to add this piece of code at the end if I would be interested in have background images on the match screens, thx for the info but i was more curious about where the stad-pics are in the game and dont have the need to add background images on the match screen. Plus I think it would be one more distraction to the match in have these backgrounds haha, I already got used to the default view.
  22. all the pre-match, build-up and 'during the match' screens has this default background, I wonder when the 'stad-pics' are shown cause the pack has almost 2GB and i'm using probably 1GB. lol
  23. [/img] right, i noticed now, config file: "<record from="juventus-team" to="graphics/pictures/team/1139/background"/><record from="juventus-team" to="graphics/pictures/club/1139/background"/><record from="juventus-stad" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/1209/stadium"/>" I noticed now that isn't a background but is there any occurrence in the game where this stad-pic will be shown? I am attaching 2 pics, first one shown the background working perfectly, the second shows the stadium where there is no ID and no background. I confess I have not noticed the match screens yet but I believe that doesn't shows the stad-pics as well, I'll play the next game here and tell you later.
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