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  1. Wow - long time no hear Tyler - your 442 Piranha on FM09 was legendary - lets see if you can crack it again this time!
  2. Finished my season with the new tactic and finished 8th with Newcastle which I think is an achievement! If it wasn;t for my back 5 of: Krul, Taylor, Taylor, Collucini & Bouma I think it would have been much better! I scored the 3rd most goals in the premiership - although my goal difference was only 10+! Really looking forward to seeing how much money I get to help sort the defence out, as it's shambolic at the moment!
  3. Know what you mean about a keeper mate - I'm using Krul who is very average... but I spent my cash on wingers and strikers! I'm up to 8th now...
  4. Also - just beat Liverpool who were top of the league: http://img823.imageshack.us/i/53869274.jpg/
  5. I'm trialling the new tactic as we speak with Newcastle and it's very promising. Just beat Chelsea at St James' Park 3-2. The counter attacking is very fluid and very very effective. I suspect it would be even better if my 2 CB's were faster, and my forward line was quicker too - andy carroll ain't the quickest! Chelsea Result: http://img412.imageshack.us/i/16538652.jpg/ Team Formation: http://img840.imageshack.us/i/95639670.jpg/ I'll update after a few more games - as I've switched to this tactic 5 games ago, so it's going to get better the more the team get used to it. PS: Anyone el
  6. Sometimes too if you start with a team like Spurs like I did - to generate cash I can get rid of players like bentley, lennon & rose as the tactic doesn't use wingers. They're short on CM's and strikers too, so more than 2 players are needed to start with a strong squad. I agree that the team needs to have a strong understanding - so if it's at the start of a season I'll play alot of friendlies in pre-season to make sure the players have played in about 10 games together before the start of the season. Even still it will take till early September until the team is properly gelled and ge
  7. gcs - is your version the tweaked version of the classic or wizard style tactic? I'm interested in trying it if it's a little stronger in defense - but only if it's a wizard style one... can't stand classic ones!
  8. jsolloso - just look at the screenshots of the C Palace game above... how you can say that this tactic doesn't work is an absolute mystery to me... That's WITH the points deduction they start with, and no corner cheat... most goals scored by about double, and 30+ goal difference ahead of any other team. I don't know what you have in your head to accept that a tactic is 'great' - but for me, that surpasses great - that's outstanding! Personally, I'm using the Beta Wizard tactic that Mr Hough is currently using as Palace, and I'm Fulham - 1st season, 3 signings: Djalo, Otamendi & Michel -
  9. Ok - here's my input. I'm using the Wizard style formation (because I don't like classic style ones) and have used it from my 4th game into the season in my 1st season as Liverpool... my only signings were Gamerini & Gago. League table at the end of the season: http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/6668/leaguetablew.jpg - as you can see, it scores a massive amount of goals! Torres (playing as the poacher) did well too: http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/2905/torresend.jpg I was stupid and sold Maxi Rodriguez in January for 20mill, and had to play n'gog for the rest of the season in the cham
  10. I'm Newcastle and when I started, the first thing I did was sell Martins. If you look at the Original Post, you'll see the requirements for the FC's are: "Acceleration, dribbling, off the ball, first touch/flair/technique." Martins doesn't have good dribbling, or if I remember rightly - first touch. I don't think Owen's dribbling is too hot either - but I'm not at my laptop to check. I sold alot of my squad to make sure I had the stats EXACTLY as it says on the Original Post. I'm now in my 3rd season, 20 games in and I'm 7 points clear in the league, and not lost once in the Champions Lea
  11. Tyler, RE: Eagle Tactic. What formation is it? Do the player attributes in OP still remain? Any other instructions to follow? What results have you had? Hope to hear from you soon. Mike
  12. Tyler, What formation is your new tactic? I'm still doing very very well with Piranha to be honest, but interested to see what your developing. Keep up the good work mate! Mike
  13. It doesn't matter. Just look at the Original Post and make sure the people who your planning on starting have the appropriate stats! I have Veloso & De La Red in the centre, both defensive but they have the right stats according to the original post. Hope that helps.
  14. Hi Tyler, Finished my 1st season as Newcastle and finished 5th... 1 pt behind 3rd & 4th so I feel unlucky. New season, and these are my transfers: ttp://img222.imageshack.us/img222/9415/transferss2.jpg So, very optimistic about the season ahead. Will update as I progress!
  15. Hi Tobus, Where do the files need to be saved so I can use them? Mike
  16. Tyler, Now 20 games in, and sitting 3rd with Newcastle. Recent results since my last screenshots: Beat Liverpool 2-1 Beat Stockport 3-0 Beat Stoke 2-0 Beat Wigan 3-2 Beat Sunderland 2-0 Lost to Arsenal in League Cup 3-2 Beat Bolton 2-1 Lost to Man City 1-0 Beat Fulham 2-1 Drew with Arsenal 1-1 Beat Villa 2-0 Drew with Hull 2-2 Beat West Ham 2-0 Beat Portsmouth 2-0 Drew with Middlesborough 0-0 My next game is Man Utd - so I'm looking forward to it! There is only 1 point difference between me and top so it's very tight! I tried the tactic with Chelsea last night and it didn't
  17. Tyler, Brief update for you - 3 more games, 1 loss at home to Man City where I was unlucky and 2 more victories in the Premiership. Still top of the league and morale is high. The OP now makes much more sense and if people follow that then they shouldn't have any problems. I'm going to be playing at a friends house tonight in a shared game we've had going for a couple of weeks and I'm Chelsea - I bought Vagner Love & Bojan so their ideal for the SC roles - so I'm expecting good things tonight! :-) Keep up the good work, your support for everyone is enviable.
  18. Thanks mate - I simply followed your guide on stats in you OP. I figured following exactly what you state then realistically it should give me every chance of success. I think when you get people saying that it isn't working it may be a case of the players not having the right stats. For example: I sold Martins for 6mill, which is an exceptionally low price for him, but I wasn't bothered because he had very little matching stats for your recommendations for a forward - his technique and first touch are poor so he was never going to play, besides - it funded for other options. I'm comforta
  19. Hi Tyler, Thought I'd give an update on V6 (Final) that I'm using for a new game as Newcastle I started yesterday evening... it's going well so far! Firstly, the league after 5 games: http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/907/leaguenew1.jpg Then, my results: http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/2045/fixresnew1.jpg Then my transfers: http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/9881/transfersnew1.jpg Finally, my lineup: http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/9581/lineupnew1.jpg Going very well at the mo, thanks so much for sharing! I'll update further some other time this week.
  20. No not really, I think I've tried a fair few different formations - no preference at all. I'm just interested in what your creating that's all! :-D
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