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  1. Would be interested what you recommend for the 2 Support Strikers and the Treq - I'm finding it hard to work out if they should be attacking midfielders, wingers or strikers - just an idea of what stats to look for would be great!
  2. Thanks! Are you going to release some recommended attributes for the positions? What do you use for training?
  3. I'm going to plug this in my Newcastle save, 4th season - just to see how things to. Do you use any OI?
  4. dave byrd - just going to start using your tweaked tactic in a new save (14.2.2). Just wondering, did you ever change from the Counter strategy at all?
  5. Marcelo, Great job with the latest tweak - I'm on an 18 match unbeaten run - truly amazing! What stats would you recommend for each position? I'm coming to the end of my season and just wanted to make the most of any reinforcements I can afford!
  6. Fuss, In your OP you said: "This tactic uses an extremely high line and requires a very good technical team. This is not a tactic for lower teams, or even average premier-league teams in it's current state. This is a tactic for the big/capable teams to play beautiful football." Yet your using Swansea as your test currently - surely they're classed as an average premier league team?
  7. Trying this in a new save as Southampton... not working for me at the moment. 7 games into the premiership since having the tactic loaded in from pre-season and the record is: P7 W3 D0 L4. I have made a lot of signings but on paper I've got a decent team... GK: Gordon DR: Osorio DC: Shawcross DC: Huth DL: Fox DMC: Hargreaves MC: Shelvey MC: Davies SC: Owen SC: Rodriguez SC: Fletcher Not great but it's decent - not sure where I'm going wrong, I'm replicating everything from the OP.
  8. Where's JP Woody's 442? That is by far the most consistent on the latest patch, simple attractive football. No exploits. 442 version in the OP here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/303472-Arsene-Wenger-style-tactics-12.2.2
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