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  1. Would be interested what you recommend for the 2 Support Strikers and the Treq - I'm finding it hard to work out if they should be attacking midfielders, wingers or strikers - just an idea of what stats to look for would be great!
  2. Thanks! Are you going to release some recommended attributes for the positions? What do you use for training?
  3. I'm going to plug this in my Newcastle save, 4th season - just to see how things to. Do you use any OI?
  4. dave byrd - just going to start using your tweaked tactic in a new save (14.2.2). Just wondering, did you ever change from the Counter strategy at all?
  5. Wow - long time no hear Tyler - your 442 Piranha on FM09 was legendary - lets see if you can crack it again this time!
  6. Finished my season with the new tactic and finished 8th with Newcastle which I think is an achievement! If it wasn;t for my back 5 of: Krul, Taylor, Taylor, Collucini & Bouma I think it would have been much better! I scored the 3rd most goals in the premiership - although my goal difference was only 10+! Really looking forward to seeing how much money I get to help sort the defence out, as it's shambolic at the moment!
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