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  1. I'm almost half way through my 7th season and, after reading some comments in here, I'd like to offer some thoughts. From the start I called up Laird and Williams as full back cover, both turned out to be starters, well Williams and Shaw are still battling it out 6 years later. Laird is now back up but only because I have a great Regen keeping him out. Other players I promoted either straight away or start of second season:- Tuanzebe - after selling Jones, Smalling, Bailly and rojo, Axel became first choice alongside de ligt and still is. Fosu mensah - did great but sold 3rd season as too much competition. Ramagzani(can't remember the spelling) - did a good job for a couple of seasons. Garner - still here and back up to Pogba Chong, Gomes, Greenwood - all 3 promoted straight away and haven't left the first team since. Chong and gomes regularly get 15+ goals and 15+ assists a season. Greenwood is just a beast from the start. Scored about 180 goals for me, has been named world player of the year. There are loads more I've promoted but can't think right now. But you really don't need to buy lots of players. I've sold loads and replaced them with mostly promoted players. I have bought a few but apart from de light, de jong, rice, foden and Sancho, none of them lasted long because the youth just kept them out if the team. Pogba is a beast as a DLP, scores at least 15 a season for me. I did sell him but bought him back a season later lol. Some outside players I have had who were good that I've not mentioned:- Defenders Marquinhos Midfield Ndombele(awesome alongside Pogba) Striker Kownacki(replaced Sanchez and lukaku and was awesome, like a mixture of sheringham and ole) I've only bought 13 players in 6 and a half seasons and sold 21 of the current first team squad plus a few of the ones I bought. The youth team is a gold mine just have to give players a chance. The 1st season was my worst in terms if league position(2nd) and general trophies (only the 2 domestic cups), since then I have dominated, I've not won everything but 25 more trophies is good enough. Best league season was last season where I won every league game, no I didn't save and reload any. My point is, trust in the youth from the start and you will be rewarded.
  2. Ha ha oops, wasn't looking at names, just saw you responded and soiunded like it was your tactic, sorry @afizzyuk Kudos to you on the tactic. If you manage a big team, or when you turn your current team into a big hitter then you will absolutely love this tactic even more. . It's going to be a while before I try it with a lower league team, I am having too much fun with my United side haha
  3. Have to say I disagree about players with cut inside reduce the performance big time. Also have to say I love this tactic, well done sir. Ok firstly I am Manchester United, so not a small team, but I am dominating everything easily, had like a 70 game win streak in all comps, smashing records left and right. all of my wingers are inside forwards and cut in most of the time and it works great. I know people will say but you are United, you have probably gone out and bought the best players. But no, well apart from Jadon Sancho, who isn't even a starter, I am using players from the youth team. Angel gomes on the left and Chong on the right always cut in but it doesn't affect the performance. They score and assist for fun. I don't have any proper wingers. If you say proper wingers will make it even better then I feel sorry for the rest of the world, I'm already winning everything easily usually by at least 4 goals a game. Another thing I love about this tactic is the inverted Fall backs, they get about 15 goals a season minimum between them and again I am using the youth. What I love is they basically play as attacking midfielders, I use Ethan Laird on the right and most of the time he is more advanced than Pogba, another one who is close to losing his place because the youth players coming through aree doing so well. One thing I would say is you do need quick cbs as you can get caught out a lot from through balls and balls over the top. I am thinking about dropping the Defensive line one notch to counter this but with the team destroyinh everyone, I don't really need to haha I do want to try this tactic with a lower league team and see how it works
  4. So after losing my demo save, I have bought the game and started a new one. Just come up to the end of the 1st transfer window and I have done these transfer dealings: Out:- Lingard - Arsenal 46.5m Smalling - Monaco 21.5m Darmian - Sassulo 5.75m Young - Newcastle 1.7m I tried to get rid of Fellaini and Sanchez but no one wanted them annoyingly. In:- Antonio Marin - Dinamo 4.6m after clauses Victor Nelsson - FC Nordsjelland 6.5m after clause - A potentially good young CB Tyler Adams - New York 6m after clauses - Nicky Butt signed both him and Nelsson. Eden Hazard - 180m after clauses, ok so I don't need him and now I have far too many players up top, but I saw he rejected a new contract and just pounced without thinking bout it haha I have also called up these players from the u23 and u19s:- Ethan Laird James Garner Aliou Traore Ethan Hamilton Angel Gomes Tahith Chong Mason Greenwood. The squad has a lot of depth and plenty of youngsters to start bedding in for the future. Now I have to work out a tactic to make the most of this attacking squad. Hopefully I won't lose this save this time or this has been a lot of work and time for nothing. Anyone know what is the point of the cloud on FM as it seems to be pointless
  5. Makes sense when Ajax wanted 75m for de ligt after my offer went up to 40 yet they accepted 29m from Chelsea... I see FM hasn't changed too much on the transfer side
  6. It is pretty easy to implement Lukaku as a lone striker, just got to have the right set up behind him. I started with him up on his own and he was firing them in, only reason I changed formations was because I had too many attackers that I wanted to play so I set up kinda how United played in 08, Greenwood was my Ronaldo, Lukaku was Rooney and Martial was Tevez. Rashrof came in for either of them, as did Burkhart. I lost that save as the demo just disappeared from from my steam account as did all my tactics and saves for some reason. But I have the full game now so will probably start the save again
  7. I am only on the demo, but I started Greenwood right from the start, scored on his debut and now building a nice partnership up top with Lukaku. So far he has started 8 and made 6 sub appearances, scored 5 and has 3 assists. He is also United's and the Champions Leagues record youngest scorer All I have done transfer wise is sell: Darmian 14m Lyon Lingaard 41m Arsenal Sanchez 35m Chelsea Jones is leaving in Jan if I carry the save on when I get the full game as transfer has been agreed for 17m I think And bring in: Tierney 13.25 rising to 25 in addons Uduokhai (CB) from Wolfsburg 23.5m rising to 76... But the clauses are 34m after 50 league goals(lol) and 19m after 50 league games - I didn't think I was going to carry the save on haha. Top after 11 games winning all of them, only lost 1 game so far against Real Madrid and drew against Galatasaray away as had so many injuries. Won everything else. I promoted: Traore Gomes Chong Greendwood Burkhart All have played a few games and are doing well. The youth team has some talent, no need to buy a load of players
  8. I wouldn't have 2 playmakers in cm, one is enough. I use this formation and I have a mezzala/AP and BBM combo. The BBM get's up and provides extra passing options around the pen box
  9. Loving this thread, good work. Always good to see how others approach the game. Look forward to reading more. And kudos for starting so well with Watford where do you get these? sounds interesting
  10. 415 games 308 goals though over 10 seasons shows he has done very well and played a lot of games still for me.
  11. I was wrong, I had a look a min ago at his injury record, he was out for 9 months one season lol But yeah overall pretty lucky
  12. Not had that problem myself in the 4 saves I have used him. I think he has had 1 injury for 3 months and a few 2 weeks here and there but not often. The main reason he developed so well for me is I played him almost every game, unless he was injured.
  13. As soon as pre season is over I change to average and leave it at that all season
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