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  1. Yes I use him as a SK S works totally fine and VDB has been pretty good for me as a BBM in my 4231
  2. I use a 4-2-3-1 that I started using around the 12/13 version(created myself) . Obviously as the tactic creator has changed each year I have adapted it but it still has the same philosophy. It has dominated for me no matter what team I have used it with. I think FM20 I have had the most success with it though, winning every game in every competition for like 3 seasons or something and being unbeaten overall for longer. I am now using it in level 11 of the english league thanks to a league database I found on here and it is dominating there . SO yeah definitely that one.
  3. I have had wingers and full backs swap before with great success. I found in some games the AI had blatantly set their fbs to mark my wingers as I saw them following them leaving my full backs free on the wings. Not every game but it did happen a lot
  4. I don't think so. On one of my saves I won everything and was unbeaten for almost 4 seasons and I didn't change anything after the initial creation and testing period. I guess it comes down to the level/quality of your team/players and if you way over perform with them. If you feel you have to tweak your tactics as teams are handling you differently, you have to watch games and see whats different to the previous season then adapt it. There's no specific way to change it, you just have to see what is not working any more
  5. I am actually in the process of developing a crazy tactic, you have sparked some creativity in me hahaha
  6. Every player is on very attacking mentality. And you should start a new thread on this as it would make a good conversation
  7. Haha it's ok, I have doubled saved it under a different name to use solely as a tactic tester as I have an amazing side, so I don't lose the actual save. But yeah I am running a few different tests with different tweak. When I find the one that works I will post it up. I am holidaying it to save time but I did watch the first game testing it with a couple of added tweaks of my own and they battered West Brom, not difficult with my team but some of the plays were great. My initial thoughts are it is extremely good in attack but in defence it's lacking support, which is obvious from t
  8. Challenge accepted I'll give it a go with my United team that has been unbeaten in 4 years or something stupid like that
  9. I use something similar and to get the desired mentality you have to, insead of the f9, drop it back into the AM slot and use either AM or AP in fm20. I personally use an AM but I am stil testing
  10. Firstly, what roles is the rcm playing? it's covered There are quite a few issues with this tactic, but need to see what the other cms role is first
  11. If a player has the right attributes you can play them in any position, don't worry about the green circles, just watch out for their traits and if they would conflict with how you want the poition to play out. You can always train them for the role, but just playing them there enough will get them used to the role.
  12. Depends which tactic you're talking about. In one I have the ST and CM switching, FBs switching with the wingers and Libero with the other cm Another I have one of the widemen switching with the striker. And many others. I always have players swicthing in almost every tactic, usually works great, seen lots of space openining up. I am sure the AI has marked my wingers specifically, in some games, as when my wingers and FBs swap, the FBs have so much space as the opposition fbs have followed my wingers
  13. @crusadertsar You should watch this video if you haven't already, interesting total football style, although not totally haha
  14. This is what I am working with at the moment, but it's still a work in progress. Front 3 are set to roam and Rooney to swap with Tevez
  15. I have been working on recreating the style of United during those times, one of the many real life tactical recreations I have been working on, and with this legends database I have that front 3 to play with This is a video worth watching
  16. When I get a chance to get on I'll post them up. I was messing about in a friendly testing a new version last night and won 12-0 but friendlies mean nothing so will be a while before I know if it's any good
  17. I thought that but I've watched a few games and the libero tends to push ahead of the DM or is alongside him like a 2 cm partnership Not had a problem with it. Good players will always find space
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