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  1. If you could PM me then maybe you could link me up with these or add me on skype at firetruck14 to link me.
  2. I know the feeling, my RWDM was in the second league in Belgium and went bankrupt, fans satrted it again but in the 4th tier and waiting for them to go up to the 3rd tier so I can manage them but yeah maybe next year for me cause in real life they are top of the league with our biggest support ever xD
  3. Is there anybody kind enough out there that would be willing to teach me some 3D modelling and design so that I could give some ideas to SI? I've been really into this designing thing and tried looking youtube tutorials but don't find any for FM, would be very welcomed if anybody has the time to teach me some basics
  4. I was on EFS but I guess they don't count champions league then in attendancies.
  5. Didn't know all that except about the seat colour in the editor, yes there is but it only changes once you start a new fresh save, I'm 7 years in my save and would love to change the colours to green instead of grey or black.
  6. Also what would be great and easier to do, a stadium seat colour editor, because alot of times the seats aren't like the club colours or sometimes they have a design pattern, so with a small and easy to use editor to edit the design that's easy to do and affordable in time and money easily for SI.
  7. Hey, I'm the manager of Maccabi Tel Aviv and whenever I play a Champions league qualifier league or friendly game I'm I check our fanbase and its up in the 22,000 but when we play friendlies or league games we never exceed 100 people and in Champions league we can't play in our home stadium Bloomfield which is category 4 by UEFA we need to play in Cyprus for our home games and only there we get about 500 fans each time, why does it do this? It's not true in real life Maccabi get much more.
  8. Hello, what do you guys think if SI should implement a "free movement" camera where you can move around to see the game from better angles from high up or from different part of the stands etc? Also I would love to be able and edit the way a stadium looks for example in the editor, kind of like the FIFA manager Editor, and please don't tell me " no it's not a manager's job to do that" that's what the editor is for, its where you aren't the manager but the editor, I think it would be fun to build some funny looking stadiums or the ones like your favorite football team looks, or if this already exists as a mod can anyone link me please?
  9. Not really, I'm pretty certain they always have money left over because they make benefit each year... so they don't need to cut anything but add something...
  10. But I'm not saying an animated cut scene, all I want is to see the players walk onto the pitch from a TV camera view for example, I'm not asking for a close up animation like fifa but just where you see the players walk up to the pitch and stand in a line while the music plays.
  11. Then why do people moan so much about those? SI probably have enough ressources to do that in addition to what the members wanted.
  12. Well asking for stadium expansions isn't a manager's job either yet it's in the game, having stewards in the stadium doesn't affect the manager either, but ut's in the game... tthere are lots of useless things in FM that is already in the game, yet somehow nobody complains about that, also if the game stays like this I'm pretty sure in the future generations maybe 5-10 years from now nobody would want this game, it's old looking, they add very few each year and you need to constantly add mods for it to look half decent in the menus.
  13. Why the hell should I offer my services to a community that treats new-comers like crap and refusing every single idea that could potentially attract new customers to the damn game, when FIFA add stadiums and make it more realistic people go mental, if FM added some little details it would attract more people into thinking that FM isn't only just a boring tactical game.
  14. Much much more useful such as what? They already do useful things so they could always add some small details, and I'm not asking an animation like FIFA, just the players running on the pitch and lining up not a close up visual experience but you see them from the same camera angle you'd watch the match with, all that might just take them about an hour to animate... There's nothing hard in that at all...
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