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  1. We've had to make do with a 5 year one for now
  2. Youth Intake Day! Now that's a FB! Ignoring the fact he's absolutely tiny, Arias is great physically, has really good defensive stats and superb attacking stats for a 15 year old Sammarinese FB. He's going places. We still don't use wingers, and I don't see where else he really fits right now.
  3. Well they shouldn't have hired a manager with such an impressive CV and the high wages that comes with it
  4. We were holding out, and then threw it away in the space of about 45 seconds. So disappointed,
  5. Just like the last time we played them, we were 2-1 up away from home before making stupid individual mistakes. Not hopeful of getting a result at home.
  6. Malmo were a lot better than I thought they'd be. We were never really in this tie at any point.
  7. Off to Albania. I'm a big fan of their badge.
  8. Season Review! League That's our lowest points total for 18 years, but we've held onto the title. Cup We had a slightly easier go of it in the cup. Schedule Squad Other Teams: Pennarossa lost 6-0 to AaB from Denmark, Cosmos lost 5-0 to Stjarnan from Iceland but Faetano did us proud, scraping past Differdange from Luxembourg 2-1 before losing 8-0 to Lech from Poland in the Second Qualifying Round. Next year: It'd be nice to make it back to the Europa League groups.
  9. Aye, definitely some tutoring that needs to be done on them.