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  1. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    That went pretty well.
  2. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    Pretty decent result, and they had a chance in the second leg. Jack knew that his excuse of being scared of flying hadn't landed - the chairman had looked at him suspiciously, and pointed out that he was fine when they flew to Andorra, but Jack didn't care. He was back home. In San Marino. Not really home at all.
  3. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    Jack had managed to collect himself enough to get on the coach to the airport, but as he waited in line to board, his mind was going 180mph. He thought about turning back, but he was sandwiched between Marco Benedettini (YP21b) and Andrea Bollini (YP22a). He couldn't leave. It'd be fine. He'd just go to sleep on the plane, stay in his hotel room until the game, and they'd leave right after TNS hammered them. It'd be fine. The plane had taken off. It wasn't fine. It was fine, Jack thought. It was fine. There was nothing to worry about. He was just going to Wales. That was it. Nothing to worry about in Wales. He took deep breaths, trying to compose himself, but it wasn't working. His hands had gone clammy. Despite the deep breaths, he was struggling to breathe. It felt like his head was going to explode. I think I'm going to die, Jack thought. Jack spurted out his seat, and locked himself away in the solitude of the plane toilet before slumping down to the floor. There were only two hours till Wales. He could hide in here until then.
  4. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    Jack didn't know. He didn't know anything. He was in a haze. Wales?
  5. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    Oh, f***!
  6. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    At least it wasn't in f***ing Wales.
  7. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    Santa Coloma were rubbish, Jack thought. Didn't make us any better. And TNS had won, which meant going back to Wales if they were drawn away from home. TNS was close to the Welsh border. Maybe Jack could just stay in England and manage the game from there? No, that wouldn't work. What if he faked an illness? Yeah, Jack thought. That's what I'll do. I'll fake an illness. I won't have to go back to Wales if I'm ill. I could say I had a cold? No, not enough. The flu? TB? I cou... Jack was interrupted by the sound of a text coming through on his phone. It was the club secretary. They'd been drawn at home against TNS. Thank f*** for that, Jack thought.
  8. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    Jack knew a little about Santa Coloma. He'd read about them on a forum once, he thought. Some bloke named @shaunvamos? He didn't know how good they were, but his mind was filled with worry. He didn't think his team were fit enough. They definitely weren't technically ready. What if they got battered? The game was going to be televised, and hipsters from all across the world would be watching. What if he cried on TV? Fans were be travelling 1,000 miles to watch them play. He couldn't let them down. Jack felt like he'd let enough people down to last a lifetime. He knew that he was loved by the fans, but that just made things worse. Why couldn't they hate me, Jack wondered? I wouldn't mind if they hated me. I could deal with it if they hated me. Oh, please let us be good. But we won't be good. We're rubbish. We're going to get battered. Jack would be surprised if they could keep the score below 10. These guys had won their own league. They had a real manager. What was Jack even doing here? He didn't belong here. He was going to get found out as a fraud. He wasn't a football manager. Why was he here? I should just resign, Jack thought. Jack looked at his watch. F***. They needed to get to the airport. No time to resign. They were actually going to Andorra to play in the Champions League. It was actually happening. He'd have to resign later.
  9. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    Jack appreciated the compliments, but they didn't stop him feeling like a fraud. A fake. What business did he have in the world's most prestigious club competition? It'd be different if Sam was here. He'd think rationally. They'd be a force together - but they weren't together. Far from it. Fraud. Fraud. Fraud.
  10. Jupjamie

    One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Gutting against Levski, but going great so far
  11. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    Wondermaker? Best manager around? I don't even belong here, Jack thought. But of course, all this meant... The bloody Champions League.
  12. Jupjamie

    [FM18] San Marin-oh no, not him again...

    It is, but there's a newer (current) version here!
  13. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    15 years and 335 days? That one might never be broken...
  14. Jupjamie

    [FM18] Addicted to FM

    The first silverware in the club's history. Back into at least the Europa League. Surrounded by adulation. So when am I going to feel happy, Jack thought?