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  1. Sounds very interesting, and a good start too. I think your plan is pretty solid - junior coaching is definitely the main thing to improve at the start, and after that it's all about just getting the cash together to turn Pro. Good luck! I'll be following
  2. Aye, it does. It's definitely giving me food for thought about our tactics! That's some impressive knowledge. I'm going to run with the story that he got banned from sports for life for nefarious activities, changed his last name slightly to avoid recognition and we've just had his son come through our youth academy. Sounds plausible, right? If it happens, I called it first I haven't had much time to play lately, but this save is still going, even if updates are going to be verrrrry slow for a bit while I catch up on work
  3. Youth Intake Day! Another winger... hmm. We don't need defenders badly, but he does look very decent. And another winger...
  4. Y.... wha.. what team is our team? *Passes out*
  5. We were just lucky we didn't have that annoying distraction of a 4 goal lead. I like the sound of that a lot better than conceding 12 against them Now that's some positivity. Are you available for motivational speaking sessions with the team? Thanks guys
  6. Our defence may need some therapy.
  7. Cheers guys! Much appreciated. The groups haven't exactly gone to plan so far, but I'm still a bit surprised we actually made it there. Credit goes to @Jimbokav1971 for the spreadsheet. He suggested it and was the one to send me over the prototype for it. I'm loving it
  8. I don't expect any points from that.
  9. Hey, we beat the Germans. Wait, what?
  10. Hey, we drew with the Germans.
  11. We probably didn't deserve to win, but some clinical finishing (helped by super-sub Mattia Muccioli (YP40b)) has given us a narrow lead to hold onto in the second leg.