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  1. Youth Intake Day! He's got some growing to do. We're absolutely loaded at CB.
  2. The first leg was just painful to watch, but we enjoyed the second a little bit more.
  3. Really good question. Little bit of weirdness on SI's part
  4. Gyazo is being slow again, but we've retained the title and won the cup as well
  5. Youth Intake Day! Holy... The last time we even had one 5* PA player in an intake was five years ago, and that just so happened to be one Alessandro Tamagnini (YP31a), who's the best player we've ever produced (in any iteration of the save) and is currently Anderlecht's starting RB. We've just gotten four of them... He's ridiculous, apart from his size. If he grows he'll become a damn fine CB, and if not he'll be a damn fine FB. Win win. We've got a pretty good starting GK now, so Rossi isn't just going to be handed the job. He does look good, though. Granata might be my favourite of the bunch. He's got a hell of a lot of tools. The most raw prospect out of the four, definitely. Only 4.5* PA? Pathetic! In all seriousness, he looks pretty tasty too. Nice physicals. Could this be the greatest intake we've ever had? I hope so...
  6. Season Review! League Woo. Cup Oh well. Schedule Squad Other Teams: Faetano lost 3-1 to Stjarnan from Iceland, Murata lost 6-1 to Trnava from Slovakia and La Fiorita lost 3-0 to Pyunik from Armenia. Next year: Win the league again.
  7. Youth Intake Day! We seem to be getting a fair few FBs in.
  8. We've signed our first player for money... Our scouts reckoned he had 5* PA, so we're taking a punt.