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  1. I'm really hopeful. It all depends on his PA - we've had players come in really good before, but our assistant had massively misjudged their PA and they never really developed beyond their 16 year old self. Hopefully he's right about Morelli. Also, my laptop just crashed, so we're back on the day we've won the league again. Going to delete the European posts as they haven't actually happened.
  2. Season Review! League Okay, so maybe we're not as bad as I thought and we just had an awful season last year. I guess this technically counts as an unbeaten season, and we're back in the Champions League. Cup Really not fussed about this. Schedule Squad Other Teams: Fiorentino lost 9-0 to Basel in the CL, Folgore lost 5-0 to KR from Iceland in the EL but Murata got through the First Qualifying Round like us, beating Trnava from Slovakia 3-2 before going out 3-0 to Lech in the Second Round. Next year: We just need some more talent in the squad.
  3. Thanks Bath! If I need to disappear for any length of time again, I'll actually inform you guys first this time
  4. Youth Intake Day! He needs a lot - a lot - of tutoring, but there's something to work with here. We aren't that strong at CB, so maybe he can come in and contribute down the line.
  5. Thank you, buddy! Really appreciated. To paraphrase a line from Dennis Green: "We are who we thought we were." Good enough to beat the minnows, not good enough to avoid a drubbing by a big team. Yet.
  6. As expected, although we fared pretty well at home. I think it's time for a tactical reshuffle soon. We're still playing a 4-3-3 narrow, but as soon as we get a proper holding midfielder or two I'm going to move in favour of something more defensive for Europe.
  7. There were three winnable ties we could have been given. We got the fourth option.
  8. We should be able to see off the Kazakhs.