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  1. He has! He's got 29 caps so far with one goal. I was training him to be our replacement Roaming Playmaker in case Mattia Giovagnoli (YP36) left, but he's slotted in seamlessly as our Box to Box midfielder instead
  2. Win 1-0 away, completely kill the game for 90 minutes at home before Claudio Fabbri (YP32) bangs in a free kick in the 95th minute to rub it in We played Liege in the Europa Groups twice last year and had a stalemate. If we can overcome them this time, we're going into the Champions League Group Stages for the first time in our history.
  3. This is pretty neat - San Marino have a female manager! She started at Virtus in 2019, and has bounced around the Sammarinese league for a while before getting the NT gig. From what I can tell, she's the only female international manager there is in the game currently.
  4. Just about We've played them twice and they battered us both times, but it's been 12 years since our last meeting...
  5. They actually weren't as easy as the 6-2 scoreline suggests - they were probably the better team in the first leg, so I'm glad to see the back of them. We've played them once, 8 years ago, and they beat us 4-0. Let's see how much we've improved.
  6. No real improvements sadly, but he's still outrageously good for this level
  7. Should be a relative walk in the park.
  8. Good question! Unfortunately, the only one is our old player Andrea Valli (YP20)... He's played a lot more Premiership games than I thought he would, but he's also never played for the Sammarinese NT as he's presumably rejected a callup every time in order to wait for an England one that never came If San Marino Calcio get promoted into Serie C, I'm tempted to load the Italian leagues and chuck a bit of money at them to try and help them progress, as that'll be our best chance of getting promising Sammarinese youngsters from other places. If we can become a European Group stage regular with lots of money in the bank, I'd also like to chuck money at one of the other Sammarinese teams to try and help drag them up a bit, as well. The ideal aim would be to have all 15 teams being really strong and producing lots of decent talent, but that's quite ambitious right now
  9. In League 2, two teams got over 100 points and missed out on promotion!
  10. Slightly pricey, but we've got 20m in the bank after our Europa League run, and unless a Sammarinese wonderkid pops up there's nothing else we really have to spend our money on
  11. Season Review! Even with the added games from Europe we had a near perfect season, although Tre Penne caused us some stressful moments in the final! A much more comfortable cup defense Are there any pictures anybody would like to see? Any of our players, our tactic, any records, winners from various competitions, the Cambodian U21 squad, stuff like that?
  12. Cheers! If we'd beaten Liege just once, or not conceded late on to Fenerbache
  13. Our best performance in the Europa League yet!
  14. Easily through into the groups
  15. I was desperately hoping for Valur Reykjavik, but Kobenhavn scored in the 90th minute to win on away goals
  16. That's a pretty rough draw this early on.
  17. The Kosovans shouldn't give us any problems.
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