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  1. Youth Intake Day! Hello! I'm toying with the idea of moving him back to CM, but I think he could do a really nice job for us as a link up striker.
  2. I forgot to take a picture of the group at the time, but I'm happy with that return - especially with a draw against Hoffenheim! These forays into European football are doing wonders for us!
  3. Not the best full debut for Lorenzo Stefanelli (YP20)
  4. Cheers! I plan on updating the hall of fame, but I don't think there's anyone who deserves to be in it just yet
  5. We were pretty poor, but job done I guess. I like to think this should be winnable.
  6. Youth Intake Day! Finally a decent intake too! He looks very tasty.
  7. Okay, they should probably see us off easily enough.
  8. Not the easiest draw, but there were some horrendous teams in there.
  9. There hasn't been much to report on National Team wise until now... Two wins over Andorra and two solid displays against Luxembourg to hold them out means that we win our group!
  10. We did pretty well! I think this means we'll be in the Euro Cup II? Not the easiest group (I was hoping for another TNS), but we'll give it a go!
  11. We tore Astana apart away from home, so I was able to rest a lot of our players for the second leg. Job done Oh dear
  12. I'll take that! I think the Romanian Champions are definitely the favourites, but there might be room for an upset?
  13. We should be able to ease past the Maltese Champions.
  14. Youth Intake Day! A few interesting nationalities in here, and we also have our first player worth tagging in a few years:
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