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  1. Well, seeing as the tie's already over, he might as well get to the shower before the hot water runs out. Unlucky against Silkeborg. Once you manage to topple Jeunesse Esch, things will really start to get going. Europa Qualifiers are a pain in the neck.
  2. If there is, I haven't worked out how to do it yet.
  3. It's definitely worth your time, it takes a picture in under 5 seconds ready to put into a post.
  4. Gyazo is the quite possibly the best invention ever. Makes adding pictures to a post so much easier
  5. BATE aren't pushovers, either. Such a good win for them. Does anyone remember an Irish team ever making it to the groups of the Europa League? I can't remember it happening, certainly not recently. EDIT: According to wiki, Shamrock Rovers made it in 2011. Did not know that.
  6. Upgrading youth recruitment is absolutely superb. Means it is possible after all - and it clearly paid off looking at that last intake!
  7. Interesting findings. Seems like only commentary and full match speed is the way to go until you become at least a midtable top division team. IIRC, that's what Makoto did during his original San Marino save.
  8. Marinucci looks absolutely superb (and he has a decent beard to go with it). Just hope your chairman doesn't get rid of him too.
  9. Chairman panicking for money after his own stupid decision and selling your best players for peanuts?
  10. I've got no idea how you're doing so well with the NT so quickly. Not even 15 years in and you've qualified for a Euros, gotten out the Euros group and gone unbeaten in a WC Qualifying campaign. It's ridiculous
  11. Richards looks superb. I wonder how much impact the 'Basic' rather than Limited recruitment is having, because you've had some superb players come through, even if some of them want to leave to the Spanish Second Division
  12. Your progress is just ridiculous! Beating Bilbao 4-0 when you're not even 15 seasons in...
  13. 3-0 against Belgium is ridiculous! Good luck in the Playoffs, with the way you did in that campaign you could actually do this!
  14. Selling players is a great way to help out the league (As I say that, watch how one of your ex players scores in the league final to beat you )
  15. Bad luck on the intakes lately, but that 3-2 away at Valencia is something to be proud of.
  16. Very interesting look at your squad. That's actually a pretty strong team, some of those players are really solid (I especially like the look of your keeper). Out of interest, how do you train your players?
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