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  1. Season Review! Not only do we win the league title, but we claim our first ever cup, too!
  2. Youth Intake Day! It's not an awful intake again, but it's hard to pick out any stars in particular.
  3. I was expecting worse, honestly. The Lithuanians are very much favourites, but we might have a chance.
  4. Season Review! We retain our league title We have quite a young squad...
  5. Youth Intake Day! A few decent players, but we really need some more talent upfront.
  6. I knew we were bad, but I didn't realise just how far away we are from being competitive against even the weaker sides in Europe.
  7. We're welcomed back with a horrible draw in Europe, as the Slovenian Champions are 1-33 favourites to hammer us.
  8. Sorry, I only just saw this somehow! I'm using the wonderful Claassen's San Marino League file. It will! I'm glad to hear it inspired you I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to update or how long it'll go for, but I'm definitely planning to bring it back, at least for a bit. In the meantime, if you want to read some of my past threads with San Giovanni: FM16:
  9. So, so sorry to hear that mate. Best of luck with the save.
  10. A slightly different context to @Jimbokav1971's point, but it's something similar I've found in San Marino. Whenever an English player pops up in an intake there, they're almost guaranteed to have the highest PA of the intake (and usually far, far higher than any of the Sammarinese lot), but my assistant will usually disagree, and have them no better than the middle of the pack, if not lower down. The assistant will often rate them as no higher than a 3* PA prospect, only for them to become the best player in the squad by a fair distance.
  11. We're in the Preliminaries, which isn't ideal, but we should be able to beat the Maltese Champions.
  12. Cheers! Short seasons, not many games and holidaying really help
  13. Season Review: We struggled a bit in the regular season and that cost us, as Folgore knock us out by virtue of being the higher seed. Folgore did us in the cup, too. We went to extra time but went there with 9 men, and they promptly stuck 5 past us
  14. Youth Intake Day! Well, we're definitely set at the back now
  15. Yeah, we're a long way off the standard. That'll do nicely though! And with 1.3m in the bank now... Halfway to Professional status!
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