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  1. The NT club in Italy makes sense now, and I'm starting to think it has it's benefits, but would they be strong enough to play at a Professional or even Semi-Professional level? They're in Serie C for now on my save, so hopefully they stay at that level
  2. It's disappointing that San Marino Calcio is mostly Italian, surely that defeats the purpose of the club? It'll be interesting to see how much difference it makes, because Mattia Arzilli, who was far, far too good to play for San Marino was actually generated at San Marino Calcio. I'll add in the Italian leagues for next season, and we'll see if there's any noticeable differences
  3. Thanks for the kind words! I might possibly be able to get over there in Summer, so fingers crossed
  4. Youth Intake Day! Ugh. He's not bad, but he's not great, and CM is the position we least need. Yet again, it's a really disappointing intake.
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/download/wm4a2f61ck4y3s3/San_Giovanni.fm This should hopefully work.
  6. Mediafire is playing up, I'll upload the new one ASAP for you.
  7. It's taken me a while and I'm not sure if it's done it properly, so let me know if it works: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wm4a2f61ck4y3s3/San_Giovanni.fm
  8. If we had done better in the first leg, this win might have meant something.
  9. I'm really disappointed with this. We played well, and matched them for most of the game, but our marking was absolutely woeful. We desperately need a good CB through an intake, because our current ones are way below par.
  10. We struggled at home, but got the job done away. Ferencvaros await!
  11. We've been drawn against another new Maltan team, but again this should be a relative walk in the park. But the real fun is with the Second Round Draw, so let's take a look: This is huge! Usually there's only one or two teams in the pot who I think that we could maybe, maybe sneak something against. This year, we've got two impossible teams, but then four teams who I not only think we could maybe sneak something against, but some teams that I genuinely think we could beat - Rabotnicki are the main ones, but I also think I have a shot against one of the other three smaller teams. Please, FM. Please. They were the hardest of the four, and they've made it past the Second Round for ten years in a row, but I'm still fairly confident.
  12. Just something to note here, this has gone up from about an initial £51,000 last year. More matches will get added to the TV schedule as the year progresses, so we might even be able to crack the 100k mark for TV revenue!
  13. Yeah, the database is just the San Marino League, plus then players from Continental Competitions in Europe. If I was to load any other leagues it would slow the game down too much
  14. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: Table Schedule We made hard work of the playoffs, but Thomas De Angelis (YP26)'s goal in the final was enough to see us claim another title. Coppa Titano: Table Schedule We absolutely dominated here, making this the first time we've ever won every game in the tournament. Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Marco Battistini (YP34) - 7.87 He earned himself a starting spot late in the year, and didn't disappoint. Top Goalscorers: Paolo Tessarin (YP31)/Michele Zafferani (YP2) - 20 Youth prospects: Two strikers reaching 20 is pretty pleasing. Marco Bernardi (YP1) - He's getting old, and Manuel Gentile (YP16) is really pushing to take that first team place. Michele Zafferani (YP2) - He only started games due to injuries, and he'll be back on the bench next year, despite scoring 20. Nicola Romanelli (YP6) - He broke his leg, and we'll have to see if he can return to form. Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) - Solid but not spectacular. Giacomo Mancini (YP9) - Good, but not as good as usual. Marco Gatti (YP15) - Played rarely and poorly. It's sad to see how quickly he's flamed out. Manuel Gentile (YP16) - He's not far off becoming our full time first choice LW. Matteo Valentini (YP17) - He's superb. Michele Pelliccioni (YP18) - Had a good year for once, but he still played horrifically in some games. Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) - Solid at RB. Luca Conti (YP21) - Played well when called upon. Marcello Manfredi (YP22) - I'm releasing him when his contract runs out. Jacopo Bernardi (YP23) - He's lost his first team spot. Gabriele Cirelli (YP24) - Left to join Cosmos. Thomas De Angelis (YP26) - I stupidly went on holiday before the transfer window had shut, thinking because my players were all under contract nothing could happen. Instead, my genius assistant manager decided to loan out De Angelis until I could recall him in January, meaning he didn't play much for us this year. Massimo Zafferani (YP27) - I doubt he has a future here. Andrea Bacciocchi (YP28) - He does just enough to stay in the first team, but he's really not great. Paolo Tessarin (YP31) - Played really well. Simone Maiani (YP32) - Left to join Fiorentino. Pietro Buscarini (YP33) - I gave him a chance, and he got sent off for an off the ball elbow five minutes into the game. He didn't make my squad again for the rest of the year. That should have taught him his lesson. Marco Battistini (YP34) - Absolutely superb, and was able to steal Jacopo Bernardi (YP23)s first team spot. Simone Podeschi (YP35) - He's good, but I just can't find a way to let him crack the rotation. Paolo Rosti (YP36) - Played awfully. Simone Dionisi (YP37) - I'm not sure when he'll ever get a chance to play. Renzo Bellini (YP38) - Likewise. Davide Muccioli (YP39) - Was our first choice LB, and fared well. Mario Zonzini (YP40) - We've got too many wingers ahead of him. Mattia Muraccini (YP41) - If he wasn't so small, he'd have a chance of becoming my #2 CB, instead of now becoming about my 5th choice FB. Special mention: Nicola Rattini - As good as ever. Aims for next season: Making the Third Round Qualifying, but failing that I'd like to get a good youth intake to make up for the last few years. Other teams: League Winners: Cup Winners: How the team in CL qualifying did: We had no chance of getting a result against Red Bull Salzburg, who went on to make the Group Stages again. How the teams in Europa qualifying did: Cosmos lost 9-0 to Swiss side Luzern, Murata lost 5-0 to Vojvodina of Serbia, and Domagnano lost 7-0 to Stabaek from Norway. San Marino National team: 2030 Results --- 2031 Results I can't help but feel I would have done much better with that Nations League group. Caps for our players: Marco Bernardi (YP1) has 87, Giacomo Mancini (YP9) has 51, Nicola Rattini has 49, Pier Marino Valentini (YP19) has 41, Matteo Valentini (YP17) has 33, Nicola Romanelli (YP6) and Jacopo Bernardi (YP23) have 30, Michele Zafferani (YP2) has 25, Manuel Gentile (YP23) has 23, Marco Gatti (YP15) has 15, Paolo Tessarin (YP31) has 12, Marco Battistini (YP34) has 8, Thomas De Angelis (YP26) has 4, Andrea Bacciocchi (YP28) has 3, and Davide Muccioli (YP39) and Fabrizio Lo Russo (YP7) have 2.
  15. It would probably take me an hour to write down all of the countries If it's easier, I can just upload my save game and you can look at it there? The Philippines are 149th, between Malawi and St Kitts and Nevis. Eritrea are 174th, between Malta and Macau (China PR). The Philippines domestic leagues aren't doing so well - it won't show me the number it's ranked, but your top league is behind the Syrian Second Division.
  16. There are, but it would take me a lot of pictures to post them all I'll show you the top and the ones just above the bottom, and after that if you want to know where any specific country is ranked feel free to ask
  17. Haha, I can just imagine the confused locals as they hear faint chants of 'England', slowly getting louder and louder It really does seem like a beautiful place, which is probably part of the reason why I've fallen in love with them, and why I'm determined to make them at least slightly better than they are now!
  18. Youth Intake Day! Oh look, another undersized CB. Not only that, but he's the only one worth tagging. What a poor intake.
  19. I decided to play my reserves for the second leg. 5 minutes in, Pietro Buscarini (YP33) decided that the best way to impress me was to elbow someone off the ball, and got himself a red card. He was wrong, because he's probably not going to appear in another game this season. We drew 3-3 on the day, but seeing as it was only my 10 man reserves, I'm not fussed. They've made the Champions League group stages five years running, so double figures is probably likely.
  20. How are the Serie D side in real life? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they have a few foreign players/lots of Italians?
  21. Maltan side Hamrun Spartans shouldn't prove much of a challenge for us, considering they aren't even one of the better clubs in Malta.
  22. That's an insane amount of money. I wish the board would take it back though, I need that for my facilities
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