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  1. Czech Republic up next, for our hardest (but still easy) game so far.
  2. The best player in our history has retired. He had chances to move to the Championship (and even a couple offers from the Premiership) and to a multitude of European teams, but (aside from one game with Viktoria Plzen because my assistant was a moron) he stuck with us throughout his entire career. He played 393 games for us, scored 66 times, got 81 assists, 76 MOTMs and an average rating of 8.10. What a player.
  3. I'm in no mood to mess about. We're going to Macedonia, and we're going to win big.
  4. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: Table Schedule ****. 26 shots to 4 in the final, but we couldn't put them away. What a joke. Coppa Titano: Table Schedule Don't care. Squad Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Stefano Albani (YP118) - 7.84 This was probably his last season as a starter. Top Goalscorer: Luca Gatti (YP124) - 39 So, so good. Manager's Player of the Year: Michele Ciacci (YP129) He's looking like being a more than adequate replacement for Gabriele Muccioli (YP115). Aims for next season: Win back the damn league. I also want to make it to the Europa Groups this year regardless, because we should be seeded for every Qualifying Round. If we do that, I'll be less annoyed at losing the title. Other teams: League Winners: Folgore. Cup Winners: How the team in CL qualifying did: Basel beat us 8-2 in the Third Round. How the teams in Europa qualifying did: We came third in our group. Juvenes Dogana lost 4-3 to Armenian Banants, Murata lost 3-0 to Moldovan Zimbru but Tre Fiori carried the flag for us, beating EB/Streymur from the Faroe Islands 4-2. They lost 4-1 to IFK Goteborg from Sweden in the Second Round. San Marino National team: 2106 Results -- 2107 Results Getting just one point off Luxembourg is pathetic.
  5. I can't seem to click on it or get any information about it, but it seems so. I wonder how good their teams are
  6. We're 172nd in the world. No new small teams have qualified for any international tournament.
  7. I see what you mean - being behind the Scottish Juniors League probably isn't a good thing. I'll start paying a lot more attention to the competition rankings, and hopefully we can start to climb up them at a steady rate. Thanks for your help
  8. Youth Intake Day! Have we finally found a CB? I hope so. His technicals are good, and his mentals and physicals will hopefully grow with time. I'm going to be giving him loads of gametime in the league to make sure he hits that 4* PA as soon as possible.
  9. You'll keep earning a significant amount of money just for playing in Europe, even if you are getting knocked out because your players are all getting nicked. I'd say just save this all up without spending it on anything until the board let you become Professional, because that's what's going to make the biggest difference for you right now.
  10. Club Reputation Comparison Screen: Coefficient Table: Competition Reputation Comparison Screen: Structure Coefficient Table: Our structure rep is actually a lot better than I thought it'd be, and surely good enough to let us improve our Youth Recruitment from 'Limited'. I'm wondering if San Marino and Italy are actually separate in terms of youth recruitment, and the hard-coded requirements to improve it are very high in terms of reputation to counteract the location.
  11. I've been looking, but the only options for feeder clubs that come up are to share training facilities with, or to loan players out to, and I don't think either of those help with youth intakes I'm pretty sure there's a third option that we're not getting, be it because of reputation, location (who'd want to go to San Marino?) or, most likely, a combination of the three.
  12. I do, that's actually a constant worry. We're in a decent spot now because the spine of our team is pretty young but our recent intakes haven't been great, so we're going to need to start getting some players through to become future starters for us. Usually at about the time that I think we're screwed some of our past intake players begin to hit their potential and things work out, but like you said, we have had times in the past where our team's ability significantly decreases over time as we don't get enough good youth players through to replace them.
  13. Unbelievable stuff! Congratulations, that's an incredible season
  14. I tried to, that's what twisted his ankle in the first place
  15. No surprises there (although two own goals weren't expected). The question is - did Braga win? Yes, comfortably. It's disappointing to go out but we only have ourselves to blame for that horrific performance away to Braga. Still, we need to look on the bright side - our coefficient for next season is now up to 21.525, which should be enough to be seeded for the CL Third Round. That means we'll get much easier draws, and as long as we don't mess anything up means we should be in the CL Playoff every year, giving us a much better chance to make the CL groups (and, at worst, be guaranteed Europa groups). Good work, guys.
  16. What a disaster. We didn't just lose - we got destroyed. We're going to need some help from AaB if we want to go through now (unless we can somehow beat Udinese).
  17. Thanks Jimbo I'm still working on getting my keeper to score a goal though So far I've only been brave enough to send him up for corners if we're losing late on!
  18. His stats aren't great for Europe, but they're not terrible either. 16 finishing comes in very handy when he feels like decapitating a keeper
  19. A really weird game. We were awful, but they were stupid. We created very little, but they insisted on shooting from long range. If they'd been more patient with their buildup, they could easily have got a point or three, but I'm not complaining. Braga lost 1-0 to Udinese, so here's the table: It's good, but it's not as good as it may look. We're 5 points clear but Braga have already played Udinese twice, meaning they have us and AaB left. If they beat us and AaB, they'll go up to 8 points and overtake us, unless we got a result against Udinese. We're never going to draw/beat Udinese and I don't see Braga failing to beat AaB again, meaning that we're going to need a point in our game against Braga. A point will send us through presuming Udinese beat AaB, but a loss likely means we're relying on AaB to help us out.
  20. A superb performance. We were in control from minute one and didn't let up. Unfortunately, Braga managed to get a point against Udinese, which means the group looks like this at the halfway point: As long as we don't mess up against AaB, I think it's going to come down to our match against Braga.
  21. The game hasn't been particularly kind to me this season, it's true. It's probably a Brugge fan doing the draws
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