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  1. That's the hardest group game out the way, and we didn't embarrass ourselves too badly.
  2. Privately, I was a bit worried we might struggle for points in this group, but I needn't have worried. I've never seen us destroy a team in a group game like we just did. We created 5 CCCs and 5 half chances, and we were 3-0 up after just 15 minutes. 6 or 7-1 wouldn't have surprised me at all. What a start!
  3. Two costly defensive mistakes saw us 2-0 down early on, but we fought back and a 2-2 draw away puts us in a decent position for the home leg.
  4. We're still seeded for this, and as long as we avoid Saint-Etienne, we should be fine. That'll do me.
  5. If they hadn't scored from 30 yards, we'd have been going through. We still could have, but our comeback just started too late.
  6. We were even going into HT, but they absolutely dominated us in the second half.
  7. I think these second legs show just how bad our squad depth is. Our starters absolutely destroyed them, but our backups struggled to just get a draw. Anyway...
  8. 'Wait, hold on a minute Jeff... I'm hearing that a 'Sam Giovanni' has scored? I can't find his name on the teamsheets anywhere, I think I might have missed his substitution...'
  9. We've lost our seeding, and these are who we can get. I want to avoid Celtic and Basel. We meet again.
  10. And... erm... we've got a bit of an upset here, Jeff...
  11. Yeah. We did so well five years ago that this was always going to drop, but I didn't realise how low the CL coefficients actually were. There's not much of an increase in the coefficient points for making the CL groups than the Europa groups, and because it's a lot harder to get points in the CL groups, it might actually be easier to improve our coefficient in the Europa League.
  12. Make the CL Groups, drop down in the coefficients. Sigh.
  13. Season Review Campionato Sammarinese: Table Schedule Another good season. Coppa Titano: Table Schedule Yay. Squad Key Players: Highest Average Rating: Michele Ciacci (YP129) - 8.44 That's an unbelievable rating. Top Goalscorer: Paolo Buscarini (YP125)) - 37 What are we going to do when Buscarini and Gatti get too old? We've never had a strike partnership anywhere near as good as these two, and we won't for a long time after they're gone. Manager's Player of the Year: Federico Cervellini (YP130) Cervellini is great at RM, but could he play upfront for us? I never noticed before just how good he actually is in the air. Interesting... Aims for next season: Back to back CL groups? Other teams: League Winners: Cup Winners: How the team in CL qualifying did: We made the groups! (We also got a point when we were there). How the teams in Europa qualifying did: Pennarossa lost 5-1 to Icelandic Valur, but we had a lot more success with the other two games. I think both were seeded, because Murata beat Irish Bohemians 2-1, and Tre Fiori won 4-0 against Britannia from Gibraltar. Tre Fiori lost 3-0 to Hungarians Debrecen and Murata lost 5-0 to Dinamo Bucharest in the Second Round but those results should really help our nation coefficient. San Marino National team: 2110 Results -- 2111 Results A disappointing Nations League campaign followed by a terrible start to qualifying.
  14. Our own stadium is bigger than the NT stadium, so that shouldn't be the issue. SoloTitano is FM's researcher for San Marino and he told me it was hardcoded, so I'll trust him on that
  15. Youth Intake Day! He looks pretty good - I just wish his potential was higher.
  16. I actually haven't been the San Marino manager for ages (I don't know the exact dates, but I don't think I've managed them at any point in the last 70 years, and I was only there for about 8 seasons). Our current manager is this guy: He looks pretty good, actually - it's just a shame he's not from San Marino. Here's our ranking: There's not much point in showing you the roster, because it's pretty much just our players
  17. That's a great question. This is just my opinion, but I think it'll make it harder in the short term, but easier in the long term. Progress will be a bit slower at first (although maybe not, if the league is already 1*!) because neither team is on top, but having two teams competitive in Europe will really help the league and country.
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