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  1. 42 minutes ago, Motlhen said:

    Loving the thread so far! Incredible progress & what a coup it is getting Man City.

    Cheers Motlhen! Really glad you're enjoying :D I must admit, I'm a bit stunned by how far we've come so quickly!

    I'm sure City will put us back in our place...

  2. 6d084dd97aa75c897ca439f3547b889c.png


    I have no idea what happened. I expected Lincoln to be 3 up on us by halftime, but instead we were the ones 3-0 up at halftime! We absolutely cruised past them, and we're into the Third Round with the big boys! An away draw against one of them would probably see us ship double digits, but would fix our finances...



    Well... I hope our keeper has a good councillor :lol: 

  3. 9918b65580a307aea5610d98fe45314f.png

    Into the First Round Proper for the first time in our history! :D 



    That's a great draw! With L1 and L2 teams joining us non-league lot, not only have we avoided any Football League teams, we've managed to draw one of the few teams left in playing at a lower level than us!

  4. 3 hours ago, OldManGravz said:

    It'll only take another 207 sales at £1.2k to get you back into the black.

    The board has a plan :idiot:

    They did manage to get us a 40% sell on clause... which, considering he's only valued 2.2k at Plymouth, doesn't help us all that much :lol: 

  5. Okay, so this has been a weird season...


    I didn't think we were good enough to be real title challengers, because I think we're still a year of development away from being able to really compete at the higher level. However, we lost just 7 games this year - the least in the league - with the best goal difference in the league, and if it wasn't for Halesowen getting a ridiculous 92 points, we'd have smashed the league. As it is, we're into the playoffs - and even though it's only the Quarter Finals, we probably have an okay chance of winning them.



  6. Season Review!


    I thought we'd probably be a lower midtable side this year, but we had a really strong season, finishing just a few points outside the playoff places. I think we're in a really good position to push a bit higher up the table next year - we were able to give a lot of young players a lot of playing time this season, and 5 of our 6 best players are aged just 18 or under. 



    We could really do with a new keeper coming through, though - our best option is currently just 1.5* CA, and our best CB options just 2* CA. If we can get some new blood in those positions, we'll be in really good shape.







  7. 20 minutes ago, CPFC,Moses said:

    The progressions through the leagues have been amazing, well done!  

    Can you still only offer amateur contracts or are you on the cusp of part time contract territory?

    Cheers CPFC! It's taken me a bit by surprise too, if I'm honest! :lol: 

    We can offer part time contracts, but only for a year at a time, and a lot of the players are reluctant to sign up on those terms, wanting non-contract deals (at expensive appearance fees!) instead. It's definitely a lot more financially draining than being a completely amateur club!

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