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  1. C'mon, tell us the story: who was the player, what was the game situation, what was the foul for, and how did you know to appeal it?
  2. Yeah that was going to be my suggestion, too: try hiring national to continental level English coaches. Make sure they prefer a coaching role over a Manager and Assistant Manager role.
  3. Nev147 - which nation are you? Have you tried low-reputation coaches from the same nationality as the nation you're managing? I'm imagining that if you're managing, for example, Faroe Islands, that any coach from England, Scotland, etc, with any reasonable amount of reputation, would be unwilling to take the position. That's not a bug; its just the way things are. On the other hand, if you're managing England and unable to get English coaches to join you, that's a bug. Personally, I prefer to only manage nations which are active ("Playable") in the game; I've found that to yield a much better playing experience as the international manager.
  4. German National Team

    Sorry, we're not allowed to discuss that on this forum.
  5. Detail level help

    To watch a match, you need to have the Competition on "Full Detail". Then, go to the Competition, find its fixtures, and click the "v" between the two teams. It should change to the word "view"; when that fixture rolls around, you will be taken to watch the match. Unfortunately, SI have made a UI change for FM'10 that prevents us from seeing today's fixtures for big competitions (e.g., Champions League and World Cup); you won't be able to get that functionality back until/unless SI fix that in a patch or in FM'11.
  6. Hi there. You're confounding two issues. First, attribute masking: you can turn attribute masking off in the game Options/Preferences screen; that will ensure that you can see all attributes for all players. If you prefer to leave attribute masking on, then your scouts' familiarity with the nation in question govern how many/few players you have unmasked. For Australia, for example, hiring an Australian-nationality scout will help, and assigning him to continuously scout Australia will help reveal specific players so that fewer of them are masked. Second, gray players. It sounds like you used a Small database. In a Small DB game, inactive leagues will typically only have a few players who are "real"; every other player will be grayed out, as you describe for France. As you've found, that's usually fine for a single season, but doesn't work so well if you're aiming for a twenty-season career game. "Fixing" this would require starting a new game. I recommend making the top division of the seven largest nations "Playable": Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. That guarantees more regens in that nation, as well as a more-active AI for teams in that nation. In other words, Barcelona is going to be much more likely to come after top young talent than they would if Spain were inactive. That will keep the Champions League much more competitive than you would find it after ten seasons with the major nations inactive. In addition, you might make "Playable" the top division from a few favorite nations. From your post, it sounds like you would want Australia and Belgium active, maybe Holland, Portugal, and Scotland as well. You can also bump up the number of real players simply by using a larger DB: Normal DB or Large DB .. but you don't get the more-active-AI benefit. The downside, of course, is that the more players in your DB and the more active leagues, the slower your game will be each time you hit Continue - as the game has more AI decisions to make for each of those teams and players.
  7. Hmm .. I've actually used them as a "note" to myself as to why I was making a specific comment. I do that only when I'm making a "non-standard" answer, one that my players might react negatively to. That way, I can look back and see why I said what I said and judge if the players "recognized" that situation or not; if they don't, then I won't use that logic anymore.
  8. Read This: Just a Thought of mine

    It can't change your save-game, of course - you could have played out to 2015 by the time the patch comes out, so it wouldn't make sense. The flip side to your logic is - would you rather wait through all of November, all of December, all of January, and however long it takes in February ... or would you rather play now?
  9. In my understanding, aussieant32 is correct. If a nation does not have enough "real" players in the DB, then the national team will not be "playable". It will still hire and sack AI managers, but the human manager cannot apply. I think that's a good thing; I've gotten some barely-above-the-limit national jobs and had real squad selection problems. My Nigeria side at one point was starting an 18-year-old GK because that was my only choice, and I had a similar problem with Argentina when the #1 choice retired from international football and the #2 broke a leg the following week; the next-best was some 20-year-old who didn't belong in a World Cup campaign. In general, if you want to manage a specific national team (e.g., your nationality, or a favorite nation) I recommend making the top league from that country "Playable" at the start of the game. Alternately, you can use "Include All Players From .." at game-start to make sure it has enough real players. (That's all but required when managing a nation with an unplayable league such as Jamaica or Nigeria).
  10. Mmm... yeah, in my opinion, a "Small DB" game with only one nation active has some real limitations for long-term play. I find it too easy for the human manager to corner all of the top players in the world; you can literally assemble a team consisting of the 20 best players in the save-game. For a long-term game, I strongly recommend making the top league of seven nations active: England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil; that keeps plenty of regen talent flowing in later years. That advice holds for every DB size, but is especially crucial for those trying to play on a Small DB. (That said, a Small DB, one-nation game does have its place - its place is just more like, if you and your mate want to play a single-season network game where you each manage a top Premiership club and fight for the title .. It'll go quickest on Small with only the EPL active.)
  11. Always backup your save!

    So sorry, Carradona. My condolences. I'd echo your advice, though: there is simply no good reason not to go with a "Rolling Auto-Save" approach. FM save games take up a miniscule fraction of your hard drive space - and it is so gutting to lose a save.
  12. new game question

    My recommendation is, if you really want plenty of quality and not-quality regens from a nation, make the top division of that nation "Playable" on startup. So, for example, I always make Brazil and Argentina "Playable" despite having no intention of managing them; you might make a similar choice for Scotland, or the Scandinavian nations, if you enjoy scouting and recruiting from those locales. Of course, the more "Playable" leagues you have loaded, the more likely your game is to be abysmally slow (e.g., for the save-game size to exceed your total RAM), so if you have a limited amount of RAM, I'd suggest you do the "include all players from" route instead.
  13. Sorry, you can only manage teams in leagues which you marked "Playable" at the start of the game. You cannot add (or disable) leagues once you have a save-game running. So, no, you can't get the Real job. You could conceivably wind up managing Spain's national team, but I've found it very unsatisfying to manage a national team whose league is inactive. This is one of the reasons that I recommend starting every long-term (5+ season) save with the top leagues of England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain all active, no matter where you intend to start your management career.
  14. FM'10 does have some speed improvements over FM'09; I've noticed a fair improvement on my overworked little laptop .. ... but with 1 GB, you aren't going to be able to run very many leagues. Essentially, the more RAM you have, the more "Playable" leagues you're going to be able to run quickly .. but at some point, determined by your RAM, adding one more league tips you from "quick" to "sluggish". Keep that in mind when you're setting up a new game for either FM'09 or FM'10 .. and when you're considering that second gig of RAM!
  15. Hey, my fairly standard advice is: your nation, one division lower than you intend to start, so that you have an active league to loan players to, etc. If you like a long-term game (5+ seasons), you'll want the top divisions of France, Germany, Italy, and Spain also, so that the game remains competitive as you transition from battling for English titles to battling for European titles. For regens, players, etc, I like to have Argentina and Brazil (top) active, as I always enjoy scouting them. If you love picking up players from all over the UK, you'll probably want two divisions of Scotland, plus Ireland, Wales, and N.Ireland top .. that'll be most useful if you're planning on spending plenty of time in the League One/Championship, and less useful if you're going to spend most of your time at the EPL level. For other scouting entertainment, you might like having Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Holland .. ... essentially, with 4GB and a solid core, you can afford to run 20-25 leagues from however many nations without slowing your game down TOO much .. so you might prefer to think of it as: - What nations would I want to scout? - What nations would I want to loan players to? - What nations would I want to manage internationally? And grab the top league from each nation that's an answer to one or more of those questions.