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  1. Was sure player comparison stats could be changed from graph to 1-20 layout. Is this still an option in this years version, or has this changed. As I can't figure out how to change it (forgot) TIA J
  2. Why are Celtic's Home European Matches being played at Murrayfield? It was a one-off scenario for the Commonwealth Games? Bit Silly that it was even programmed into the game TBH.
  3. WOW! Have a read back at Your post. Then tell me London isn't further away from "most of the country" than Manchester. Unless of course you believe that most of the country is from south of Luton? Dear old Lahnden Tahn!
  4. There are i5's better than some i7's, so that doesn't really cover it. You don't know the guys processor.
  5. Tbh, It Isn't a hinderance. Just annoying watching the same stuff again and again. thanks for the reply, though.
  6. Can I delete these start-up movies? And will it make the game load up quicker?
  7. A 1 year contract signed In May will expire In May. Just as if signed in January will end in January. Unless you select month of expiry in contract negotiation.
  8. In all Honesty. In NZ, It's going to be difficult to Increase rep. Not a lot more can be said.
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