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  1. Can I change squad numbers on other clubs with this year's version of the IGE? This is literally the only feature I care about because I hate it when players have stupid numbers.
  2. I figure that most of the tax rules are fairly self-explanatory, but I'm having doubts about one aspect: when it's asking for the higher and lower amounts for the tax range, is it referring to weekly salary or annual salary? I feel like it's weekly (I've got the editor set to weekly right now), but I had a bit of a crisis in looking at it again. Can anyone confirm if it's weekly or not? Or if it matches your settings in the editor preferences? Thanks in advance!
  3. Awesome! Thank you! I was looking in the wrong file, heh.
  4. Thanks. I'll have a look around in there, but do you have any idea where to start?
  5. I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to rename any of the currencies in FM. That is, I'd like to create a custom currency for my created nation by renaming a currency that's not used. Since I can't seem to do it in the editor, would it be possible to do it using an LNC file or something like that? I'm pretty sure it's a purely cosmetic change. Thanks in advance for any help/advice/suggestions!
  6. I was wondering if anyone has made a fix for the FM16 editor that will allow normal shift-tab (i.e., go back to the previous field) function. It doesn't appear to be working in mine, which is far more annoying that it should be. Thanks in advance!
  7. I can't even think about how to describe this in a few words, so here it goes: in the little news blurbs in FM, it always uses the club's long name. Is there such a thing as a file that either uses the short name for those blurbs and/or has increased the variety of blurbs? It might be an LNC file, and I think I saw one a few years ago but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. Any ideas?
  8. First, I'm still using FM14, so please keep that in mind. My question has to do with the finals and semi-finals of cup competitions. I want to know if there's some way to choose a number of stadiums that will be rotated over the course of years. For context, right now I have it set as "national stadium" in the vanilla editor. The problem is that it keeps choosing stadiums I've designated for the U-23/U-21/U-19 national teams and not the senior teams. So the cup finals are played in less than ideal stadiums. I realize that I could simply get rid of those U-23, etc. stadiums, but I don't want to do that because I want to have my cake and then eat it, too. So, could this be solved with the advanced editor? Or is this a problem that's going to exist until SI decide to actually do something about it? Thanks in advance!
  9. Is there a tutorial somewhere around here re: using Notepad++ for editing, kingrobbo? EDIT: I'm esp. interested in any way to add a ton of players relatively quickly.
  10. Is there a comprehensive list of new features available somewhere? Really, the only feature I care about is ending automatic second nationalities in current/former colonies/dependencies. Is it possible to edit it? Also, how easy is it to create new nations? Is that possible yet? Or are we still stuck swapping nations around?
  11. I tested out FM15 and it seems that that feature only prevents players from acquiring a second nationality. I'm not sure if it does what you said re: picking players with a second nationality. In the Caribbean, the problem is that anyone who's decent will choose to represent the other country (i.e., England or Holland or France or the US, in the case of Puerto Rico) because it has a far better chance of actually making a World Cup. What I want to do is not give Caribbean players the option to have a second nationality so they have to represent the country of their birth. I realize this is a long shot since SI doesn't seem to care about anything other than UEFA, but I'll keep hammering on it, heh. Another option would be to put 40 or so empty nations in the database. What I mean by that is that these would be nations that could be swapped into the game without having to touch other nations, like pre-1922 Ireland or West Germany or East Germany and so on. That way, I could just copy, say, the Cayman Islands data to this new empty nation and it wouldn't have an automatic second nationality. It's a roundabout way of solving a problem SI could fix by adding a tick box that says "Automatic second nationality yes/no", but I'm getting kinda desperate.
  12. Interesting. Is that in the FM15 editor? I'm still working with FM14 as I'm currently waiting for FM16 to be released. If that works, that'll be the solution to my biggest complaint. Everything else is just gravy after that, heh.
  13. As I never bought FM15 (I'm waiting for FM16), I'm still working with FM14 and I've encountered a problem with local regions. I've added a bunch of new local regions (33 to be precise) but now if I add more than two or three to a given nation, the editor crashes. So, I'm wondering if there is an upper limit to the number of local regions we can add. Also, has this been addressed in FM15? Thanks in advance for your help!
  14. Some way to edit the automatic second nationality of nations. For example, some Caribbean nations get automatic English/Dutch/French second nationalities and if I make the Caribbean nation better, the best players will always declare for England/Holland/France. What I want is some way to prevent that from happening, without swapping in "empty" nations like the CIS or pre-1916 Ireland, etc. The other option is to allow the creation of entirely new nations, similar to how entirely new cities can be created. With this particular issue, I think there were hard-coded issues in the past, though. Another thing is to allow different numbers of teams in the various confederations. Currently, CONCACAF has 42 nations, but only 35 are full FIFA members. I'd like to be able to convert some of those non-FIFA members into full FIFA members without completely wrecking World Cup Qualifying. Of course, I'd also like to be able to edit World Cup Qualifying in a much easier fashion, but that's probably not high on the list of the priorities. On the other hand, it seems to me that being able to edit the second nationality would be very, very easy to implement.
  15. Some way to get edit automatic second nationalities. They're infuriating if one is working with North America and, in particular, the Caribbean.