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  1. I’ll post a pic when i get home. Was more wondering about general ideas as to how you would go about beating high pressure systems.
  2. In my save with Arsenal i play a heavy possession system (41221) which has worked wonders through out the season but I've sensed a pattern playing against very high pressing teams: they simply cancel out any short passing style my team has (which i know is the very reason for exercising the high press). Now, I know it might not be entirely possible to dominate games with 60+% possession and 15+ shots, against high pressing teams playing this kind of style but I was curious as to how you could counter it without disrupting the possession based playing style too much.
  3. As an example, how would you setup against a team like Manchester City away from home?
  4. How do you setup defensively against stronger opponents and difficult away games? I often find myself winning with ease against weaker or equal teams, even against strong teams at home but it seems impossible to win against the big teams away from home without abandoning the tactic.
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