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  1. As the title states, please post staff recommendations in here. As Chelsea manager, I can't buy anyone in the first season but the staff needs a bit of an overhaul so any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Fair play mate, hopefully you can keep it up. I'm going to start properly tonight and my idea was to use Kovacic as a mezzala in a midfield three with Mount as an alternative so it's good to see that both have been effective for you in that role. Agree with the sheer number of players, you will have such a bloated squad next summer when everybody returns from loan. Your wage bill may soar too if a number of those are having their wages paid by the loan club. However if you can sell a few of them it helps inflate your transfer budget a little more. With a bit of luck getting rid of a lot of those players will help you raise funds for a couple of your targets before you even dig into your transfer budget.
  3. Well done mate. If everyone is fit what would you deem your strongest XI? I'm surprised that 4-4-2 is working so well because on the face of things the strongest area of the pitch for Chelsea is utilising the midfield 3 of Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic, whilst using 2 from our striking options sounds like hard work!
  4. Having reviewed the staff I think a good overhaul is needed here. It's nice having old legends at the club in these positions but you also need to strike the right balance with this and good quality staff. Any good staff to recommend to get on board? With the transfer ban I don't mind paying out some compensation for the right staff if they are interested in making the move. I'm curious for people's suggestions in all departments to be honest except head of development as Neil Bath is quite rightly very well rated on the game.
  5. Good spot it looks like United are prepared to buy Pedro at the start for approx £30m. It does leave things a bit short in that first year but i think once Hudson Odoi is back fit it shouldn't be too much of an issue as you'd still have Willian, Pulisic, Hudson Odoi and at a push Mount and Barkley can also do that job. Having spent a bit more time now looking into the squad in more detail, I think left back will be my priority next summer. My initial thought was Chilwell but I think there are better options available for similar prices. Jose Gaya looks top drawer and Alex Grimaldo looks very good too. Otherwise Alex Telles would also be a good option and his release clause seems pretty low at £34.5m. Hopefully these options are still on the board to cherry pick from next summer.
  6. Looking forward to getting stuck into this, although will likely be a slow burner over the next couple of weeks due to work commitments. My plans for the off-season will be (1) re-haul my staff if necessary. I haven't had a good enough look yet, but based on past FM games Chelsea have never been blessed with the strongest crop of coaches. With the transfer ban, I won't be afraid to splash some compensation to re-shape this area moving forward. (2) sort out contracts - I'll look to extend Tammy, Tomori and Reece James to longer term deals. I've noticed because of the club's policy for one year deals on over 30 year olds that a new contract that goes beyond the current year cannot be offered yet to the likes of Willian. My plan currently is to extend Willian, and let Pedro and Giroud leave at the end of their contracts in summer 2020. However I'm prepared to keep an open mind if things take a change through the season. I'm planning to go into pre season with a 'vertical tika-taka" style and a 4-3-3 formation, although I am keen to also get the team being familiar with a 4-2-3-1.
  7. Never felt the need to change when 3d became an option. Some things are just nice to be kept in their classic original way! Having said that, it took a while to get used to the 2d option compared to the Championship Manager 2 text commentary.
  8. What's the worst case scenario on the game with regards to Brexit?
  9. The best crop of players are the ones coming through now. James, Tomori, Mount, Hudson Odoi, Pulisic, Loftus Cheek and Abraham I think are all good enough to become the long term spine in a team. There do appear to be some more promising young players coming through after these (I'm talking FM not real life) - Anjorin is an attacking midfielder/forward who looks like he could develop well. Guehi should become a good centre back and Billy Gilmour should develop into the Jorginho role in midfield. Maatsen and Tariq Lamptey both have potential as very attack minded, pacy full backs too. Ampadu out on loan should also develop into a very good player and covers multiple positions. The other thing to bear in mind with Chelsea is although there are a couple of older players that will probably be moved on fairly shortly, it's only Azpilicueta and Willian who would potentially be first choice players on the wrong side of 30. The core of the team are all in their mid-20's and could play for years at the club (Kepa, Emerson, Rudiger, Zouma, Christensen, Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante, Barkley, Batshuayi). As always with Chelsea too, there is a glut of players out on loan in their teens, early 20's (even others such as Drinkwater and Bakayoko) who could possibly be used in the future as squad filler.
  10. Had a little play around, but will be starting properly next week upon the game's official release. I try to resist buying players (at least first team players) in the first season anyway, but the reliance on the younger players stepping up this season is very exciting. I will be trying to do similar to what Super Frank has done IRL and give ample chance to the likes of James, Tomori, Mount, CHO and Abraham. Longer term, if the youngsters can do the business then I would probably look to add to them and move on the likes of Pedro and Giroud. Haaland definitely looks an enticing prospect, and long term a left back will probably be necessary. However in last year's game Emerson was phenomenal for me, I think he got something like 10 goals and 25 assists from left back in the first season so I will aim to replicate this first.
  11. As usual will be playing as Chelsea, but this year definitely feels different. With the transfer ban, losing Hazard and key injuries to initially contend with. And I also don't expect the youngsters to quite hit the ground running like they have in real life, I think the first season will be much more difficult than previous versions. Just having a quick look of the BETA too, and the board's expectations look pretty similar to usual, so it should provide a bigger challenge. Having said that if the first season can be navigated then the future looks very bright as there are a lot of highly rated and high potential young players at the club.
  12. Will make a Chelsea save that much harder this year, because I can't see the young players being rated as high as their performances so far this season would suggest.
  13. Selling: N'Golo Kante ; Buying: Sergej Milinkovic-Savic Club: Chelsea Season: Start of Second Season Price: £75m Sell ; £65m Buy Selling: Willian ; Buying: Jadon Sancho Price: £55m Sell ; £60m Buy Buying: Andrea Belotti Price: £38.5m Second season with Chelsea. I won everything domestically and the Europa League in the first season, playing 4-3-3 DM Wide formation with a 'Vertical Tiki-Taka' style. PSG have made a move for Kante and unsettled him which is a huge pain. He plays as a box to box midfielder for me and managed to get 15 goals and 7 assists in 47 starts with a 7.22 rating. I'm reluctant to sell but he seems to be digging his heels over wanting a move and whilst a different profile, I've identified Milinkovic-Savic as the best possible replacement unless anybody suggests otherwise. The Willian deal may seem an obvious one but he scored 25 goals in 34 starts (17 sub) last season so was a good source of goals. However he has one year left, will be 31 in August and wants a new deal on nearly double his current wages. I do have Pulisic in for the new season, and Hudson-Odoi is developing nicely so in theory could probably get by not replacing him. However I also need to replace Pedro likely within the next year too. Arsenal are sniffing around Sancho after selling Iwobi (to Man City for £90m!!!) so I may need to move on this now if he's as good as he looks at his age. Finally I need a replacement for Higuain who has gone back to Juventus. I've identified Belotti although my striker last year played as a deep lying forward and not sure if he's suitable for this role, or if I changed the role to a pressing forward to suit him if it would disrupt what was successful last season.
  14. Just finished my first season with Chelsea, and won everything (Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League) playing a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide formation with Vertical Tiki-Taka style. I didn't buy anyone in the first season and used what I had at the club which is always my preference in the first year. Second season though I have some big decisions to make, none more than up front. I benefited from Higuain in my first season. He scored 20 goals in 41 games overall and led the line well as a deep lying forward. I have an option to purchase him for 32.5m but am reluctant to do this for a player soon to turn 32, not to mention the need to offer a multi year contract for around £300k per week. My transfer budget is £60m starting before selling any players, so I can be somewhat flexible with who I bring in. Any suggestions? I looked at Icardi who is transfer listed and I think I could buy for a structured deal around £60-65m but he is best as a poacher and I would rather not upset the balance I already have in the side, so my preference initially would be to find a similar replacement for Higuain (playing the deep lying forward role). Kovacic was also on loan but I have managed to agree a deal for Rabiot who looks a great player for a free transfer and who like Kovacic I think is capable of filling in all the midfield roles in the side (Regista, Box to Box, Mezzala). Barkley and Loftus-Cheek have also both developed well in the first season to add additional depth in the squad. PSG however are sniffing Kante. I don't want to sell, but I have a feeling PSG might manage to unsettle him. I will do my upmost to keep him but in the event he kicks up a stink, are there any recommendations on how to replace him if it ever came to that? Is it worth bringing Bakayoko back from his loan at Milan? My other query and partly why I don't want to go and spend my entire transfer budget on a striker is if there are any younger players I should be eyeing up to bring in before they move to a bigger club or develop further? In particular I'm thinking of Tonali (who I assume could operate as a perfect understudy to Jorginho) and from what I've read De Ligt will develop into the best centre back on the game and would likely suit as the long term replacement for David Luiz and complement Rudiger and Christensen already at the club. There's a good young element at Chelsea already - Kepa, Christensen, Loftus Cheek, Hudson-Odoi, Pulisic to come back, etc so if there are a couple very highly recommended to go for and add to that list I'd welcome any and all recommendations.
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