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  1. I can recommend Chelsea. Transfer banned initially so you can concentrate on just the team and tactics. Good squad that should at least be pushing for the top 4 but also not too easy with Liverpool and City in the league and the strength of the Premier League in general. Also could develop well into a long term save if you chose to as they have a good chunk of money once the ban ends and a glut of young talent to develop, most of which are good enough to play immediately.
  2. The other one I can think of is Atalanta but I think Leverkusen is the more intriguing option as they have a more sounder footing but will still be extremely difficult usurping Bayern and Dortmund.
  3. Are there any teams in the top 5 or 6 leagues in Europe who are an top half team with good transfer budget, players, etc (i.e. potential to kick on) but have never won their league? I wouldn't mind doing a save like such trying to get a team to win their first domestic title, especially in the top leagues. The one that springs to mind first is Bayer Leverkusen, but any other suggestions?
  4. I generally try to tweak the team to suit the players rather than the other way around. With the gegenpress style, I feel it's important to have a pressing forward which Tammy is suited at and also Werner who I purchased in January. As I mentioned I sold Giroud and will look to also sell Batshuayi as neither seem to suit this. The full backs all seem to be fine with a simple full back and attack role. I've then usually tried rotating my defenders to have one ball playing (Tomori or Christensen) and one defending centre back (Rudiger or Zouma) although I've no issue with mixing and matching if I have to. The defensive midfielder has always been a deep lying playmaker, mainly Jorginho but sometimes Kovacic. I've not tried Kante in that role. Jorginho I believe had the highest average rating through the season in my team so he definitely seems suited to this role. The two midfielders in front I've used mainly the Mezzala role, usually one with support and one with attack which all Kovacic, Mount and Barkley (and Loftus-Cheek for this next season) suit. The only one that I change when he plays is Kante who I use as box to box instead. The two wide players I started with two inside forwards but found into the season I had more joy using Hudson-Odoi as an inside forward on the left and Pulisic as a winger on the right with Willian and Mount in support. I may need to review this next season with Ziyech who will be more suited with an inside forward or inverted winger role on the right hand side.
  5. Leroy Sane is transfer listed on my game in summer 2020 for £34m, and he seems willing to join me on about £150k per week. Do people recommend I go ahead with this?
  6. Finally started a Chelsea game on the new database. Finished the first season and agonisingly lost the title on goal difference to Liverpool, despite amassing 98 points. Not really much more I could have done and I've found Liverpool to be pretty much ridiculous to go up against this season. Played them 6 times and only beat them once at home a couple of games from the end of the season to take the title race to the final day. They beat me in the Super Cup Final, 3rd Round away in the Carabao Cup and the quarter finals of the Champions League. I also lost away to Man City in the third round of the FA Cup so had some pretty wretched draws in cup competitions and paid the price. A silver lining however is that it has formed a base from which to build long term. I played a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide formation with the Gegenpress tactical style. Hudson-Odoi and Pulisic both performed well in the wide roles and got stronger as the season progressed (Pulisic 14 goals in 38 starts, Hudson-Odoi 12 goals in 38 starts). One other player that surprised me was Barkley who hit a rich vein of form in the Spring after I had almost given up on him. With Kante and Kovacic both out injured and Loftus-Cheek still not fit, I played Mount and Barkley both as Mezzala's in front of Jorginho and they both played really well. Barkley finished the season with 10 goals in 23 starts, and Mount recorded 6 goals and 11 assists. I'm looking forward to Ziyech coming in who will replace Willian who wants a new challenge and therefore won't sign a new contract extension. The only player I purchased in January was Werner for his £52m release clause and he suits the pressing forward role that I want him to play. He failed to hit the ground running but I'm hoping he'll be much improved next season competing with Abraham for that spot. In January I sold Giroud to Lille for £6m, Lewis Baker to some South Korean team for £3.6m and Pedro to CSKA Moscow for £6.5m. Not quite sure yet what I'll do in the transfer market this summer. I don't really have an alternative to Jorginho at the midfield base as Kovacic doesn't seem to perform there. I guess the obvious choice here would be to look at signing Tonali. I will probably look to also work on my defence with possibly a new left back and centre back if I can get good money for Alonso and Zouma who would likely be the casualties. I really like the potential of Upamecano at centre back long term to play alongside Tomori. Any other suggestions though please let me know!
  7. Simply not had enough time to have a proper go at a game yet this year. Should have a bit more time to play moving forward but do people think it's worth waiting for the final transfer update to be done over the next couple of weeks? I'm just wondering if the update would include the Ziyech transfer now it's been confirmed tonight that a contract has been agreed and the deal sealed. I know it won't be set up to go through until the 2020/21 season but the fee Chelsea are paying for him looks like it could be as much a steal on the game as it does IRL.
  8. Is this a regular occurrence that the transfer ban is lifted prior to January?
  9. As the title states, please post staff recommendations in here. As Chelsea manager, I can't buy anyone in the first season but the staff needs a bit of an overhaul so any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!
  10. Fair play mate, hopefully you can keep it up. I'm going to start properly tonight and my idea was to use Kovacic as a mezzala in a midfield three with Mount as an alternative so it's good to see that both have been effective for you in that role. Agree with the sheer number of players, you will have such a bloated squad next summer when everybody returns from loan. Your wage bill may soar too if a number of those are having their wages paid by the loan club. However if you can sell a few of them it helps inflate your transfer budget a little more. With a bit of luck getting rid of a lot of those players will help you raise funds for a couple of your targets before you even dig into your transfer budget.
  11. Well done mate. If everyone is fit what would you deem your strongest XI? I'm surprised that 4-4-2 is working so well because on the face of things the strongest area of the pitch for Chelsea is utilising the midfield 3 of Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic, whilst using 2 from our striking options sounds like hard work!
  12. Having reviewed the staff I think a good overhaul is needed here. It's nice having old legends at the club in these positions but you also need to strike the right balance with this and good quality staff. Any good staff to recommend to get on board? With the transfer ban I don't mind paying out some compensation for the right staff if they are interested in making the move. I'm curious for people's suggestions in all departments to be honest except head of development as Neil Bath is quite rightly very well rated on the game.
  13. Good spot it looks like United are prepared to buy Pedro at the start for approx £30m. It does leave things a bit short in that first year but i think once Hudson Odoi is back fit it shouldn't be too much of an issue as you'd still have Willian, Pulisic, Hudson Odoi and at a push Mount and Barkley can also do that job. Having spent a bit more time now looking into the squad in more detail, I think left back will be my priority next summer. My initial thought was Chilwell but I think there are better options available for similar prices. Jose Gaya looks top drawer and Alex Grimaldo looks very good too. Otherwise Alex Telles would also be a good option and his release clause seems pretty low at £34.5m. Hopefully these options are still on the board to cherry pick from next summer.
  14. Looking forward to getting stuck into this, although will likely be a slow burner over the next couple of weeks due to work commitments. My plans for the off-season will be (1) re-haul my staff if necessary. I haven't had a good enough look yet, but based on past FM games Chelsea have never been blessed with the strongest crop of coaches. With the transfer ban, I won't be afraid to splash some compensation to re-shape this area moving forward. (2) sort out contracts - I'll look to extend Tammy, Tomori and Reece James to longer term deals. I've noticed because of the club's policy for one year deals on over 30 year olds that a new contract that goes beyond the current year cannot be offered yet to the likes of Willian. My plan currently is to extend Willian, and let Pedro and Giroud leave at the end of their contracts in summer 2020. However I'm prepared to keep an open mind if things take a change through the season. I'm planning to go into pre season with a 'vertical tika-taka" style and a 4-3-3 formation, although I am keen to also get the team being familiar with a 4-2-3-1.
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