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  1. Haven't been back on this month due to work commitments so still in pre season of season 2. I found inconsistency to be the case in stages of the first season, and actually started again after my first Chelsea save reached October. What formation are you using? I wanted to play 4-3-3 with Kante as a holder and then 2 of Mount, Havertz and Kovacic as more attack minded midfielders but it just didn't seem to work well so in my second save I changed this to a 4-2-3-1 which was much improved. I also scrapped the idea to play Werner from the left as I don't think he's very effective there
  2. Not the beta, first proper version of the game. They were in the relegation zone pretty much the whole season. Flittered between 17th and 18th and went down with a game to spare. Mourinho was sacked after about 12-15 games and Laudrup took over. Kane wants to leave, Son has put in a transfer request and teams are circling the rest of the group - Lloris, Moura, Alli, Dier, etc.
  3. I've been able to drive the wage budget down to around break-even point and I have a couple more I'm trying to get rid of. Updated Players Out : Giroud - Marseille - Free Rudiger - Man Utd - £38m (rising to £51m) Jorginho - PSG - £46.5m Alonso - Sevilla - £26m Moses - Inter - £12.5m Zappacosta - Ajax - £8.75m (rising to £11.5m) Azpilicueta - PSG - £30m (didn't really want to sell him but for the fee, a near 32 year old with one year of contract left and £150k per week wages, it was too tempting) Drinkwater - Galatasary - £1m (thank god) Kenedy
  4. Might be worth you looking at Hudson-Odoi's situation at Chelsea. On my Chelsea save he ended up playing himself into my team a lot in the first season (not started second yet). 26 starts and 19 sub appearances, he got 15 goals and 8 assists and his output seemed consistent across both wide positions. His wages are big, but you may be able to pick him up on a loan if he's struggling for game time at Chelsea. It's worth looking at Chelsea in general, there's a quite ridiculous amount of players at the club as so many start on loan. They can't all play so you might be able t
  5. I'm still in the summer of 2021 at the moment. Really struggling to manage the wage bill, I'm currently £360k over it which is restricting my ability to bring new players in beyond Donnarumma and Alaba. I have a bank balance of £360m and £175m transfer kitty with no means to use it! In terms of the first team squad, I've so far managed to sell: Giroud - Marseille (free) Rudiger - Man Utd £38m (could rise to £51m) Batshuayi - Arsenal £27.5m jorginho - PSG £46.5m Alonso - Sevilla £26m Zappacosta - Ajax £7.75m (could rise to £10.25m) I also have
  6. Just finished my first season and what looked like petering out somewhat has ended up finishing excellently. I finished (a distant) second to Liverpool in the league on 84 points. Liverpool finished 10 points ahead on 94 so was always going to be a tall order with that. My problem was drawing too many games (9). There was a period just when Champions League started back up and the team was jaded and struggling for form where in a 4 game stretch we lost to Liverpool, drew 0-0 at home to Brighton and then drew 2-2 with Arsenal where Tammy came off the bench to score 2 goals in the last 10 m
  7. I didn't disable first window so just had my summer budget rolled over which was about £12m. I'm not sure if there is a glitch of some sort when disabling first window that it leaves you with no money for January too.
  8. Loving the saves above boys. I've finally started getting into a good save on the game. Just reached January and I've settled on a 4-2-3-1 in the Gegenpress style and haven't really moved away from that so far. Currently 2nd in the league after 17 games with 36 points, 2 points behind Liverpool. Although City are one point behind with a game in hand, and Leeds are also level on points with me. United and Wolves are 5 and 6 points further back respectively and then there's quite a gap thereafter. Spurs are in a relegation battle in 17th, 1 point off the bottom three and Arsenal aren'
  9. That is two outstanding purchases on free transfers. Did you do anything to declare your interest or attempt to unsettle them prior to January as I would have assumed their clubs would look to get them signed up as a matter of urgency.
  10. Cool, if everyone is available what is your strongest XI and their roles?
  11. How are people getting on so far, I've been very stop-start I must admit struggling to get out of the first month or so of the season before ripping things up and starting again. Unlike Frank in real life at present, I'm struggling to be honest to find the right formation and style to suit everyone within the team. I've mainly been flipping between a 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1. I'm particularly struggling to get the new boys (Havertz, Werner, Ziyech) clicking. I'm sure I'll find what I want eventually and get stuck into a good game with the team but currently it's been very frustrating.
  12. I usually use a modified database with between 20,000 - 25,000 players. I prefer my game speed to stay in the 5 star range. Yeah I'm surprised with Werner given the season he had last year. I'd have to have a proper look again, but he doesn't appear to be anything better to last year. I just wonder with Tammy whether his whole skillset is just suited to people using - he's quick, he's tall, he has high work rate and good finishing so he offers a number of different positives.
  13. Pretty decent start made to my save. I opted for the 'no opening transfer window' option so there have been no transfers in or out yet. I drew away at Man City 1-1 in the first game of the season and have since won my next 4 games in the league and both Carabao Cup games. It's left me joint top after 5 games on 13 points with Leeds. United and Spurs are next with 10 points whilst Liverpool and City have both struggled somewhat and are sat in midtable so far. Champions League group could be potentially tricky - Juventus, Ajax and Marseille. I've started with the 4-3-3 DM wide tac
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