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  1. Selling: N'Golo Kante ; Buying: Sergej Milinkovic-Savic Club: Chelsea Season: Start of Second Season Price: £75m Sell ; £65m Buy Selling: Willian ; Buying: Jadon Sancho Price: £55m Sell ; £60m Buy Buying: Andrea Belotti Price: £38.5m Second season with Chelsea. I won everything domestically and the Europa League in the first season, playing 4-3-3 DM Wide formation with a 'Vertical Tiki-Taka' style. PSG have made a move for Kante and unsettled him which is a huge pain. He plays as a box to box midfielder for me and managed to get 15 goals and 7 assists in 47 starts with a 7.22 rating. I'm reluctant to sell but he seems to be digging his heels over wanting a move and whilst a different profile, I've identified Milinkovic-Savic as the best possible replacement unless anybody suggests otherwise. The Willian deal may seem an obvious one but he scored 25 goals in 34 starts (17 sub) last season so was a good source of goals. However he has one year left, will be 31 in August and wants a new deal on nearly double his current wages. I do have Pulisic in for the new season, and Hudson-Odoi is developing nicely so in theory could probably get by not replacing him. However I also need to replace Pedro likely within the next year too. Arsenal are sniffing around Sancho after selling Iwobi (to Man City for £90m!!!) so I may need to move on this now if he's as good as he looks at his age. Finally I need a replacement for Higuain who has gone back to Juventus. I've identified Belotti although my striker last year played as a deep lying forward and not sure if he's suitable for this role, or if I changed the role to a pressing forward to suit him if it would disrupt what was successful last season.
  2. Just finished my first season with Chelsea, and won everything (Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League) playing a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide formation with Vertical Tiki-Taka style. I didn't buy anyone in the first season and used what I had at the club which is always my preference in the first year. Second season though I have some big decisions to make, none more than up front. I benefited from Higuain in my first season. He scored 20 goals in 41 games overall and led the line well as a deep lying forward. I have an option to purchase him for 32.5m but am reluctant to do this for a player soon to turn 32, not to mention the need to offer a multi year contract for around £300k per week. My transfer budget is £60m starting before selling any players, so I can be somewhat flexible with who I bring in. Any suggestions? I looked at Icardi who is transfer listed and I think I could buy for a structured deal around £60-65m but he is best as a poacher and I would rather not upset the balance I already have in the side, so my preference initially would be to find a similar replacement for Higuain (playing the deep lying forward role). Kovacic was also on loan but I have managed to agree a deal for Rabiot who looks a great player for a free transfer and who like Kovacic I think is capable of filling in all the midfield roles in the side (Regista, Box to Box, Mezzala). Barkley and Loftus-Cheek have also both developed well in the first season to add additional depth in the squad. PSG however are sniffing Kante. I don't want to sell, but I have a feeling PSG might manage to unsettle him. I will do my upmost to keep him but in the event he kicks up a stink, are there any recommendations on how to replace him if it ever came to that? Is it worth bringing Bakayoko back from his loan at Milan? My other query and partly why I don't want to go and spend my entire transfer budget on a striker is if there are any younger players I should be eyeing up to bring in before they move to a bigger club or develop further? In particular I'm thinking of Tonali (who I assume could operate as a perfect understudy to Jorginho) and from what I've read De Ligt will develop into the best centre back on the game and would likely suit as the long term replacement for David Luiz and complement Rudiger and Christensen already at the club. There's a good young element at Chelsea already - Kepa, Christensen, Loftus Cheek, Hudson-Odoi, Pulisic to come back, etc so if there are a couple very highly recommended to go for and add to that list I'd welcome any and all recommendations.
  3. Would certainly be a way of making the save more difficult. I think I'll leave it though, the club has enough of a rebuild job to do as it is!
  4. With the new update out, I plan to have my first 'long term' save with Chelsea. Any idea if their looming transfer ban has been included in the update? If so, will it be for the 2019/20 season as planned, and if it is, will it be possible that Chelsea appeal it on the game which they're doing IRL? Usually I work with the team I have already in the first season and refrain from buying players but if they're subjected to a transfer ban I may have to change my thinking a little!
  5. I've always struggled playing saves beyond Chelsea because they just never seem to mean as much without the affinity I have. However, I am massively tempted to try a save with HSV. They look a team way too good for Bundesliga.2 but will need work when they get promoted. They have some very promising young players who can afford to be blooded and developed in the first season too. Looks to be a save which would initially be a pretty easy challenge but develop into a much more difficult challenge.
  6. Speaking specifically as a Chelsea fan I would expect Callum Husdon-Odoi and Ethan Ampadu to have very high potential abilities on this year's game. I firmly believe both are good enough IRL to be playing regularly for any team outside the top 6. Mason Mount too I would be expecting to see upgraded significantly after his season with Vitesse last year. Interested to see how good Kepa and Jorginho will both be, as both had excellent seasons last year away from Chelsea. In terms of downgrades I expect Barkley may be downgraded after his injuries last season, although he does seem to be back on the up IRL. I also wouldn't be surprised to see small downgrades on some of our squad players such as Moses, Zappacosta, Emerson none of which did much last season. Although on loan, Bakayoko's technical stats should be lowered to be in line with a league 2 player. And I can't recall what the finishing, composure and determination were for Morata last season but they should definitely be lowered!
  7. My understanding is that short passing is possession based, slower build up...think Barcelona. Direct is better suited for a quicker tempo or counter attack game where you look to get the ball forward much quicker. I could however be completely wrong!
  8. It's been like that for years mate, it's only between 2 English teams. Therefore if a player's contract was expiring say in France then an English team could approach him in January to sign him for free. As an example Emre Can's contract at Liverpool is running down in real life. English clubs cannot negotiate to sign him until the summer, whereas Juventus or anyone else interested could try to sign him now ready for the summer.
  9. I haven't played the last two years of FM, but really starting to get the itch again now! I think I'll wait until the January update is done before I jump in as there should likely be a bit of activity beyond Barkley IRL (so long as it's not Carroll or Crouch!).
  10. Glad it's not just me then. I'm assuming it's a problem everyone might be having and will be fixed in the patch. A couple have moaned about too heavy a schedule which I would expect as normal but that tactical thing is a massive pain. It got to the point where Courtois was moaning about it every week! I also had Cahill become unhappy on transfer deadline due to interest from Man City. I can understand the unsettling process and don't have a problem with that. My issue was that he wanted to leave because he felt he would have a bigger role at Man City...he had played every game for me so far with an 'important first team player' status. Going on to things more positive though, the team looks good and the obvious additions of Courtois, Costa and Fabregas (and Remy) make the team look much stronger and more well rounded compared with last year's game. £50m in the kitty should also help to snap up some of the best young talents early in the game!
  11. Just dabbling with the Beta for now and won't start properly until the official release patch. Agree about the slowness on my laptop though. My laptop should comfortably cope but it is dreadfully slow, even clicking on new pages, etc outside of games. Hopefully this is just the Beta because if not I can see it being a big problem in me getting into the game. The one issue I seem to have, and maybe it's just me being thick with some of the new features, is the number of players complaining about a lack of tactical training. I take tactical coaching at 4 1/2 stars and have also changed the focus to tactical in training but still some players moan. Am I missing a trick or something?
  12. Right just finished my first season with new update, and seem to have finally got myself into a Chelsea save I'm happy with this year. Ended winning the League, FA Cup and Super Cup. We stormed the league for much of the season, but ran out of steam at the end of the season (mostly because I flogged to death quite a small pool of players who just lost form and fitness at the business end). This allowed United to take us to the last game of the season but we beat Norwich and ended up winning the title by 5 points. The FA Cup final we beat Stoke 3-0. We got to the champions league semi final (which included a 1-0 aggregate win over Real Madrid in the quarters!) but it came at a time when we were struggling and lost 6-2 on aggregate to Juventus. I don't like to make too many changes in the first season and therefore sold nobody, and only brought in: Zivkovic (Groningen) - £750k Werner (Stuttgart) - £5m Verratti (PSG) - loan Ocampos (Monaco) - loan Balanta (River) - £8m (loaned back to them for the season) I particularly struggled up front. Eto'o scored 16 goals in 33 starts for me which wasn't bad but with about 10 league games to go I realised if he played again he'd trigger an extra year in his contract which I was reluctant to do. I therefore took the risk not to play him again in the league, just playing him in the Champions League and FA Cup. Luckily the rest of the team ground out results because Torres and Ba were awful! Stand out player was definitely Hazard, scoring 14 goals and making 26 assists in all comps. Salah and Schurrle both surprised also, as Willian broke his leg and was out for a long stretch of the season and therefore I needed to use these two more. I played a 4-2-3-1 with two central midfielders (not defensive) with a control mentality and fluid style and it seemed to work well. I don't think we ever had less possession than the opposition and much of the time we had 60% or over, therefore the board seemed very pleased. Lots of decisions to make now this off-season. I'll probably let Eto'o leave, but still undecided over Lampard and Cole, particularly as both have performed well this season. Terry has signed a new 2 year contract at £100k per week.
  13. Really struggling to get into a Chelsea save. In the first season I like to do as little as possible in terms of changes, although Mikel always seems to become unsettled when PSG come calling and therefore he will probably need to be sold. With he being my only solid DM at the start if I wanted to play a 4-5-1, I will either need to buy a replacement or employ a different formation. Can people give me some ideas of how they've got success with the formations, player roles and team instructions they've been using that would be greatly appreciated
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