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  1. Thanks Yes actually I normally play them as WBs but the screenshot I put here is from the final minutes of the match against Bayern, when I decided to change them to FBs.
  2. Hello (This is FM18) So I keep facing a problem whenever i'm playing narrow formations. Pretty often a situation like this occurs: My 4 midfield players all run for the same opposition player, instead of leaving a gap on the left side. I understand that maybe lowering the mentality will help, but I still want to press.. And i'm not so keen on using 'stick to positions' because i still want freedom of movement. How can I prevent this from happening so often?
  3. I don't see myself as a real expert on tactics but maybe I can help, I think your role/duty selection is very balanced but a bit too conservative, the use of a deep lying playmaker and a wide playmaker means that both of them will want the ball to their feet and won't be running forward enough to help your lone forward - leaving only the attacking cm to close that gap. I'm not saying it's necessarily wrong but it means that he needs to have very good attacking qualities. At the end, it all comes down to the players. Do they have the attributes that each role demands? Is the forward capable of holding the ball under pressure until he receives support? Etc..
  4. Found out about him a few days ago just because of this thread. Amazing writer..
  5. Questions about width. As far as I know, the "Play Wider" and "Play Narrower" TI's affect only The attacking phase, is that correct? And does "Play Wider" tell the players to focus their passing on the flanks, and "Play Narrower" tell them to focus passing in the middle? Because in the game loading screen I remember that it says something like "Play Narrower tells your team to play in central areas of the pitch" something like that.
  6. Very nice, keep it up! With those high Technique, Passing, Vision And Flair ratings, Asensio looks like a player who can do some magic on the pitch. He will surely come useful for you as you do better and teams start playing defensive against you. Looking forward for some tactical analysis!
  7. If you're playing with 3 central strikers it will naturally be more attacking, but you can always tweak it and choose defensive roles for the strikers so it's really up to you
  8. According to the online manual : "Technique is the aesthetic quality of a player’s technical game – how refined they appear to be with the ball. A player with high Technique will be more likely to pull off a tricky pass or a cross-field ball with greater ease than someone less technically able. This in turn affects a number of technical attributes – poorer Technique will let a player down." So, what is technique? If I understand correctly, it is an attribute that affects all the other technical attributes. But a player with 20 passing will be more "likely to pull off a tricky pass or a cross-field ball" with ease anyways, wouldn't he? So why does he need technique? If I have a player with good passing, crossing, dribbling, but poor technique, and a player with poor passing, crossing, dribbling but good technique, which one is preferable? And why is this attribute in the game, if all it does is affect the other technical attributes?
  9. During one of those staff meetings, I got informed that a certain player of mine now possess a higher potential ability than he used to. How does that make sense? I thought that potential ability can't change.
  10. To what extent does PPM's have impact on player performance if the player is already instructed a matching PI? For example, a winger (with dribble more PI) with "Runs with ball often" PPM. Does the PPM affect anything in this situation?
  11. What exactly does the PI "Get Further Forward" shout affect? Does it simply increase mentality? If so, does it affect both attacking and defensive positioning? I'm asking this because I instructed my DM to get further forward and it seems to make him more aggressive in defense also. He seems to stand in a more advanced position in defense and close down more than before. Or maybe I'm just mistaken?
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