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  1. Player stats should go?

    I for one do feel that the stats can sometimes be misleading, there have been plenty of times where a player with drastically higher stats than another, just doesn't perform as well. But we still rely too heavily on the stats of the player. I realise it's just a game but as CP said, everyone asks for realism, so why not take it to the next stage of realism?
  2. With FM12 not far away, and every year new features are introduced that make it a bigger and better game, I wondered, how long is it until the only way to make it a more realistic game is to remove player stats and replace them with, or rely more on, scout reports, form, reputation, recommendation etc etc... I'm not at all suggesting this should be in FM13 or that it's an awesome idea or whatever, just thought you guys would have some opinion on this
  3. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Probably like Colin Kazim-Richards but the other way round
  4. Funny Screenshots Thread

    So you renamed your regen Bogdan Stancu? Or that was the name he was 'born with'?
  5. To reach the top level with Thurrock (started unemployed) and I would like to take a country to the World Cup Finals.
  6. Funny Screenshots Thread

    That wasn't what I was getting at but hey ho Stop being provocative!
  7. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Well you shouldn't have made provocative comments then should you Mr Sharp
  8. Third Round with Thurrock, away at QPR. We lost
  9. Managerial Rivalries

    What is the relationship status like after so long? The 'Has a poor opinion of you?' thing.
  10. So Stupid :@

    Fantastic post This a thinly veiled, I have enough money to break my laptop and buy a new one the next day?
  11. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Jamie Day gets my vote every day of the week, what a season he has had
  12. What does this mean?

    As far as I'm aware, Tribunal means that they can sign him on a 'free' but have to pay compensation to you?
  13. I've got my A-Level exams coming up soon and my revision is failing miserably due to the amount of time I spend on FM I will have to give up FM for a while soon if I want to have a chance of getting into uni.
  14. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Doh! .
  15. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Screenshot the clubs landmark history thing That just doesn't seem right, why would they sack Sir Alex and his assistant leave then employ Ancellotti and Mancini? Both who would have been employed themselves :confused: (or is that not fm11?)