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  1. Probably like Colin Kazim-Richards but the other way round
  2. So you renamed your regen Bogdan Stancu? Or that was the name he was 'born with'?
  3. That wasn't what I was getting at but hey ho Stop being provocative!
  4. Well you shouldn't have made provocative comments then should you Mr Sharp
  5. Jamie Day gets my vote every day of the week, what a season he has had
  6. Screenshot the clubs landmark history thing That just doesn't seem right, why would they sack Sir Alex and his assistant leave then employ Ancellotti and Mancini? Both who would have been employed themselves :confused: (or is that not fm11?)
  7. He has scored an excellent amount of goals this season
  8. dbfinch Just a quick question but does your computer put that shadow on screenshots automatically?
  9. These are nice little features, there are a few more around, think there is one to do with your birthday too, but I may be wrong. John Forber?
  10. Seems a bit far-fetched to me, edited database or something?
  11. Same response as me until I noticed that the news headline looks like it says "Sveen set to sign for Bumley"
  12. Has he got any other nationalities? Maybe his family is african?
  13. Never quite understood why people do it. I could understand if your manager name was like; John Smith, Smith Lane, Smithtown, Smithly, 5M1 TH, card number 78909482291029 etc etc etc
  14. All my players seem to have car related injuries :confused:
  15. Think it's quite good how his name is "A Baby" as well
  16. Always knew Lewis Hamilton was a rubbish driver
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