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  1. It's not just about overall market share. For example, there is a disproportionate number of students who use Macs. And young people with time on their hands are just the sort who might play FM. But, yes, the Mac is clearly a minority market for SI. I appreciate the fact they make the game for the platform but it would be good if they put a bit more effort in.
  2. They didn't bother with Lion's Fullscreen mode so I doubt they'll make any effort to make the game Retina-friendly. Sadly.
  3. FM looks far from great on a Retina MBP. All elements are fuzzy when played in windowed mode due to not being optimised for a retina screen. It is upscaled so the antialiasing is obvious and distracting. Of course you can play it fullscreen at 2880x1800 and it looks perfect but absolutely tiny.
  4. I've found this to be about the best tactic I've tried on 12.2. Capable of scoring a lot of goals without often getting caught out at the back. Only real issue I've found is that the two central midfielders tend to do poorly. I have Sigurõsson and M'Vila but they rarely get above a 6.xx. Would be nice to get a bit more out of them.
  5. Couple more: surely it is within SI's powers now to make the referees and linesmen leave the pitch with the players at full time. It looks shoddy when they play musical statues as the players depart. might be a good little touch to have the tunnels located in the corners for those grounds like Old Trafford that eschew the traditional half-way line entrance and exit. perhaps, when there is a penalty shoot out and the player is taken to the screen to select their chosen takers, there could be an indication of those players that have volunteered to take one. Whether they do so or not will be based on their mental atributes and whilst you could still ask someone to take one that hadn't volunteered, he would be less likely to score than somone of similar calibre who had stepped up. have mind games options that actually work. Everything is taken at face value at the minute. There should be a greater variety of ways to say things, so that it is clear when I am actually praising another team and when I am being devious and trying to pile the pressure on them. on a similar note, there should always be an option to refuse to be drawn on a matter. Many's the time that a manager slags me off and I'm left with the abilty to either praise or criticise him. I understand that if I wish to do neither that I can just ignore the news item, but it's most emmersive if I actually make it clear that I've heard what he has to say and that it's beneath me to respond. That way, the story and interaction can continue.
  6. What a ridiculously arrogant thing to say. It assumes that because you expatiate the most you know the most or have the greatest understanding. Breathtaking naivety from one who proclaims to be so clever. As for suggestions for FM 07, here's a brief outline of my twopenneth: - must be a way of having players in the first team squad regularly turn out for the reserves if I so decide. Not only to maintain match fitness but to aid injury recovery. - all aspects of the media model need huge development, as opposed to the piecemeal progression of 2006. - still greater variation in the match engine. There needs to be more mistakes, more sparks of genius, better goals and cleverer football. However good a team you create or however you set them up tactically, you could never recreate the way Arsenal play IRL in FM. There is very little quick incisive passing, little vision or creative flair. Ronaldinho just looks like any other decent striker on the game because there isn't the scope in the engine for his class to be portrayed. Viewed independently the FM match engine is excellent, when viewed in relation to a real match there is no comparison. Whilst parity is impossible, SI can and must close the gap with each release. They're what spring to mind instantly.
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