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  1. Same here. Looks like a memory leak or something. Win10-64, 16Gb RAM. It happens with every save game, new or old. In 5-10 seconds the RAM and swap file got filled up, everything hangs and FM&Steam quit. http://imgur.com/gel7xLx http://imgur.com/K7jUz8O http://imgur.com/m05QI37 edit: In my case, I think, it was the Flut skin issue.
  2. Is there any chance to re-introduce loyalty discount at some point? Sadly, missed the deadline.
  3. Yeah, super annoyed that I missed the deadline, wasn't aware of it and planned to buy at beta point. It's a pity, because of that, to hunt discounts on some shady websites.
  4. Thanks for suggestions, tried them last night. CDc -> BPDc I haven't spotted any difference good or bad. I agree on Treq. Changed to AMa. Tried to pair him with Poacher, worked well with lower clubs, but with similar or larger rep clubs he got too isolated. DMd is fine, but because CM dropped to DM position I feel attack is suffering. Also I don't like how my flanks play. Tried WBs and CWs, something does not click. So I'm a bit stuck right now and can't find the right balance. Will experiment more... Hope this makes sense.
  5. I never complain about ME, I know nothing about it. Whether it's a bug or 'my tactic' I can't really tell the difference. I've been playing CM/FM series from 1995 based on my, not usually sensible, sense or using downloadable tactics. But now, I've decided it's time to learn, they say it's never late. I've always played high possessioned football, which I thought is the only way to win. With that Cleon's thread, it spark something in me, so I sought for more information regarding counter-football.
  6. 1. You can take a look at my formation at post #139. Any advice will be appreciated. 2. I watch on comprehensive, frustratingly when my players get the ball under control near our penalty box, they just hoof it upfield.
  7. Well, to be honest, I haven't scored any goals from the counter. All goals came after possession play or set-pieces. And centre backs are having hard times against crosses. Also, opposition usually scores on counters, not me. )))
  8. I'm also interested in that formation. What roles did you choose? Mine is:
  9. Can you post screens of him in-game and in-editor? I wanted to make a test with 90 ca/pa team to see if it could win something.
  10. Tried to change RGA to HB for Champions league game. http://steamcommunity.com/id/timych1980/screenshot/579015388871785576 And next match http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/579015388872459542/82AF0B66226ED99F6A94622C75382243B199EC98/
  11. Russian transfer window gonna shut on 27 feb. But still your new tactic will be very welcome
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