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  1. Recky_D

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    Royal Rumble Sweepstakes Sign-Up: Confused Clarity Andyinuk Recky_d
  2. Recky_D

    Merry Christmas, OTF

    Merry Christmas you filthy animals
  3. Recky_D

    OTF Big Fat Quiz of The Year 2017

    Will send in a bit
  4. Recky_D

    OTF Big Fat Quiz of The Year 2017

    Why don't I get a point, that is the exact wording of my answer
  5. Recky_D

    OTF Big Fat Quiz of The Year 2017

    Thought it was an alias account
  6. Recky_D

    Depression (and other Mental Illness)

    This will probably be deleted, but wanted to offer an unbiased view on things. It's playground stuff from two sides, sidetracks every thread. Whilst I understand you aren't in the greatest of places right now, please do not try and claim you are an innocent victim and you are being unfairly treated. I've seen on multiple occasions that you will post to deliberately bait someone, I have also seen you make passive aggressive posts to users who don't share your opinion. I have seen you call people idiots, yet say you've been bullied when someone calls you one. Maybe if you don't like trolling you probably shouldn't do it yourself. I mean if you don't want to read superman's opinions about Man Utd, maybe stay out of the thread rather than bait him? I have no problem with you, and you're probably a nice guy in real life. But if you are going to insult other users you should probably expect they will insult you.
  7. Recky_D

    The Ashes - 2017-18 (*spoiler* Australia win 5-0)

    Oh my god you are dull
  8. Recky_D

    Day thread

    Yeah, too many users calling each other idiots, then crying when they get called an idiot.
  9. Not sure if this is the right thread, but I was walking home after work today and I saw a ghost.
  10. 2GAME10N is the code I used when I bought in 2 hours ago if the above code has expired or something
  11. Recky_D

    Werewolf 50 - DEAD THREAD

    I would have played if the sign up stayed open. Was thinking about it then Fizzy closed the sign up
  12. Recky_D

    The Pengest Munch

    Well channel 4 have given him a tv show. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/oct/05/chicken-connoisseur-youtube-elijah-quashie-channel-4-peng-life