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  1. I would say that Wilson at NUFC is one of the effective players in game. In a 2 season save I ran with them he got 84 goals and 16 assists in 92(3) games, helping us finish 3rd in the first and second seasons, as well as win the Champions League in Season 2 & the Carabao Cup in both seasons. But Nkeitah should do as back up.
  2. Not for an Arsenal save, but I signed Angelino as backup for Atletico Madrid & he was pretty good. 16 appearances, 6 assists and an average rating of 7.18 playing as a WB-Support. Cost £9.75mil, and was happy enough with his limited game time.
  3. Yannick Carrasco (A. Madrid) has his contract due to expire on 31/12/2024. I think this is meant to be 30/06/2024.
  4. I'm a Newcastle fan, so getting to cup finals is something of an anomaly for me. About to kick off the EL final, Saka, Saliba, Nkeitah, Willock and Smith Rowe all away on international duty...
  5. In May, my team has had to play 11 games. This includes the two legged semi-final for the Europa League, the FA Cup Final and the Europa League Final. Not played the EL final yet, but both Pepe and Aubameyang have picked up injuries in this period and will miss it. Is it a bug or a feature?
  6. Reiss Nelson is so so good. First season, 20 starts and 6 appearances as a sub he's managed 13 goals and 10 assists playing as an IF-A in a Gegenpress 3-4-3/3-2-2-2-1 Auba is on 28(6) appearances with 25 goals (4 pens) and 8 assists, so it's not as if he's miles ahead of Nelson.
  7. I really hope Wilson is as overpowered in FM21 as he is in this. 2.5 seasons in, 122 starts, 5 sub appearances, 125 goals. 16 goals from penalties, so 109 goals from open play in 127 appearances total.
  8. Just finished my first season with Dortmund, played Sancho on the right in a 3-4-3/3-4-2-1 as an Inverted Winger on attack. 42(2) Appearances 16 goals 9 assists 7.27 average rating.
  9. Depending on how far along you are after the first season, I've found Hakimi regularly gets transferred listed by Madrid once he's came back from Dortmund, think for around £15m.
  10. He's good, versatile, picks up new positions quite easily I've found. A major utility player for my title winning Newcastle team. Has played CM, RM, DM & RB for me, all to a decent standard. Only cost £5mil in the first season too.
  11. Muto has had a few little injuries for me, but I've managed to get a run of 6 games out of him where he's scored 9 goals, including 2 v Man CIty and another v Spurs.
  12. FM19 already better than 18, end of October in the first season and we've just been taken over by an American investor who's just invested £129mil into the club. Wants us to become one of the greatest forces in football. Also wants us to qualify for the Champions League at the end of the season. No pressure.
  13. Belotti is insane - playing a 3-5-2 with Arsenal, and he has in 98 games he has 95 goals playing as an Advanced Forward. 52 of those goals are so far this season, in 39(2) games. Cost £46mil.
  14. This looks fantastic. Just out of curiosity, how many goals & assists does Ozil manage in this tactic?
  15. How many chances does Suarez miss though? Or hit the woodwork? It's not a surprise his finishing is low. Or perhaps it should be lower composure?
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