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    I've been a huge fan of FM for YEARS and am a massive hockey fan!

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  1. I've been having this problem where every time I save and quit, the game shuts down, but then quits unexpectedly. I'm using a 2018 Mac Mini, so the hardware is pretty much standard, there's nothing weird about it. There's no data loss, so it's something that I can live with, but it is repeatable. fm20-crash-dump.txt
  2. When you have a lot of stuff loaded in the editor on the Mac, it does get a bit laggy. I was editing a Level 10 database on my Mac Mini 2018, which has 16GB of RAM and an i7, and if I'm in the advanced editor, it can take a couple seconds to recognize a change.
  3. Yeah, there are a couple of database edits out there now that go down to Level 10. @TheFmEditor85 (Twitter) has one that's always really good.
  4. The bug that's preventing teams in the Vanarama North and South from being relegated and Tier 7 teams being promoted in their place apparently won't be fixed with a hotfix, but with the next patch. Some guys are saying they've figured out a workaround, but I've not seen anyone describe it - it seems to do with the advanced rules.
  5. I've been having this problem - every time there is a hotfix released, I get errors on startup with Catalina. I'm running the latest version of everything - Catalina, FM20, Steam Client, etc... Because of the size of FM20 and how big it can get with facepacks, logos, etc., I store it on an external drive and play from there. It looks like there is some kind of bug (don't know if it's FM20 or Catalina) - the new update for FM inherits the same files and folders permissions, so the Removable Volume has a checkmark beside it on the latest build, but it's not working. If you go int
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