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  1. I should be more careful next time. Please don't go and lay any turkeys.. just stay in and play FM!
  2. Yeah I'm definitely in the 'Build your own camp'. I've been playing the game since Champ Manager 2, and funnily enough back then I think I did 'cheat' a bit. There were ways to get loads of money and buy brilliant players for teams well below their stations. I did enjoy that for a bit, but the fun lasts about a season and then its boring again. The game was simpler back then and buying players was easier and there was far less to do tactically. With Plug and Play I feel like its ripping out the core of the whole game and just sitting on the sidelines looking at the screen. I know the game is intimidating and scary and quite opaque in some ways, but one of the joys of the game is trying to figure out how it works. I've learnt more about football from FM than I ever could from even watching loads of games, sad to say. Its given me a passion for football that I probably wouldn't have gotten if I could just plug in a tactic, because now I watch games and try and figure out the patterns of play. I know thats not for everyone but for me its exactly what the game is about. Back in the day when the game was mostly just about getting amazing players and winning things I can see the appeal, but now the game has so much depth I appreciate things other than straight winning. Having a young player develop into a world beater or having a good cup run, or building up a club against the odds, theres satisfaction in that I wouldnt get if I felt I'd cheated. For me the game is about trying to simulate reality, its a role playing game more than anything else. So I give myself limitations when I play in order to make it more realistic or to inhabit a certain style I see in real life. Playing a tactic with AFs upfront on attack takes me right out of that and just reminds me I'm playing a game. And if I know its a game I can crack it. I urge everyone to go cold turkey with Plug and lay
  3. This was a brilliant post. Thank you for it. Ive been playing for over a decade and I still was never entirely clear about when to use tight marking or hard tackling. Very clearly written and has really helped my mental model of how to construct my defence
  4. This is actually an answer to a question I wanted to ask! Thanks. I’m really interested in how Simeone adapts his tactics to opponents, mostly we just hear about what he does in big games against Barca, but clearly that’s not how he lines up against everyone. Id be really interested in you expanding on this if you had the time, like how exactly he tends to adapt.
  5. The guy uses automatic roles on his fullbacks.. what a noob!
  6. @jackane24 I like the look of your tactic. It does look like a Counter tactic in the sense of it being more Klopp counter than Jose counter. How deep is deepish, because it looks like with an attacking mentality your LOE and LOD would be pretty high.
  7. I’m not quite sure what it’s doing in fm19 without checking, but there did used to be changes to passing ranges across the team on different mentalities
  8. Quite obviously being on lower mentalities doesn’t mean you can’t exploit space or beat big teams. Team mentality is simply a global bunch of settings across the side. How you set up your roles, formation and personal instructions will all affect how your team plays too. A defensive mentality might lower the overall mentality of players and also lower tempo, as well as change passes length for some players.. but that doesn’t mean that’s all that happens. It will also exploit countering opportunities if they are presented, defensive players have longer passing ranges than on higher mentalities too. You can absolutely set up a killer tactic on lower mentalities with all the other settings.
  9. I think it’s the exact opposite.. which is why that doesn’t make sense 😀
  10. People should be free to play how they wish. If you want to play with 3 strikers , knowing it’s unrealistic and basically an exploit, then go ahead. But I don’t see the appeal, it makes almost any decision you make in the game irrelevant.
  11. Well I’m sure you are more than aware that if you don’t post your tactic then nobody can give you any sort of constructive advice
  12. Scoring against teams that play deep defensively can be frustrating. It is in real life too. Are you watching your games in full? Where are your moves breaking down?
  13. Well I thought this was a tactics forum. I don’t really class these as tactics any more than I would class typing in a cheat code to making winning games automatic. I’m not sure they have a place here is all.
  14. I mean , a serious question, where does the enjoyment come with that? Every aspect of the game becomes pointless. Why buy good players, why bother with training, team talks.. all elements of the game become completely redundant
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