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  1. Great posts Engamohd! I’m really enjoying your write ups! Im still playing a long ball style with my Wimbledon save and i laughed looking at your different variations because I feel like you’ve gone through a lot of the same thought processes as me over time! I also tried a TM on attack with a pressing forward on support for the exact same reasons you did. I noticed that in terms of headers my attacking striker was always getting more sent his way and long balls were going to him. So I just swapped the roles like you did. I didn’t love how it worked though, didn’t really sit with how I wanted to set up, and was kind of a situational change From my experiences I’ve found that Hoofball is often not a consistent method of winning football matches. It relies heavily on where the opposition is leaving space ( if behind then it’s quite simple, but if they are sitting deep then it makes things far more complicated) You end up relying on individual bits of skill or the odd set piece to create chances for you because your set up isn’t designed to create space and drag sides around. Ive also found that I need to tweak a lot in games and between opponents. My 2nd season was a bit of a disaster as I was rigidly sticking to my guns and playing low block long ball. Since then I’ve gone with 2 tactics and swap between them in match. Im Wimbledon so I’ve gone full crazy gang. Attacking 424. And then a low block Burnley style tactic. Swapping helps to preserve energy in game as well. Anyway, congrats on a great thread. Love any attempts at Hoofball, because it seems to the opposite of how most seem to play. One thing to note, I personally feel a bit unwell using counter press with my side. You could argue it makes them more aggressive which is on brand, but at the same time Counter press describes a more sophisticated pressing style that I don’t see many traditional English long ball sides employing.
  2. A post I spotted elsewhere raised a question in my head: Now I've known for quite some time that there are some roles that have hard coded behaviour attached to them that means they aren't just a selection of PI that are baked in, meaning as above, selecting 'roam' on a CM/S isn't the same as a BBM (actually I didn't know that tbh) As a long time FM and CM player the way I thought about it was like in the good old days where you could select 'targetman' or 'playmaker' to a player and that would mean the ball was drawn to them in certain ways. My question is, what other hard coded behaviour is attached to roles that isn't just a consequence of a role being the culmination of position and selected PIs? The big one I can think of is the HB that moves into defence and pushes apart the centre backs a bit. Apart from that I wasn't aware of too many others.
  3. It might help or it might just make it easier for the opposition to defend against as there is less space for them to cover. It would require good players to work in that tight space, and I don’t think it really tends to help a winger. It won’t put more people in the box IMO which I think is part of the issue.
  4. Agree the role is very demanding and you need a very good player to play up there on his own in that way. I also think he doesn’t look like he might be getting enough support or people in the box around him. Winger will go wide, mezzla often wide, playmaker hovering outside the box. Just the way you are set up makes me think he would have to do a lot of work on his own. I might consider changing the winger to an inside forward to get another body in the box to take some pressure off.
  5. Great thread! Loved the write up. Seems very close to what I am hoping to achieve, except I prefer to be a bit more direct with my passing. I'm curious as to how you've found having 2 DMs? Did it lead to more space being given away? How were your possession stats? Maybe I missed that bit but wondered if you were keeping hold of the ball? Any reason you picked wide mids rather than out and out wingers?
  6. Yeah this is something I'm going to have to consider. I recently watched this video by TIFO on Burnley, and how they adapt to teams. Although known as a low block direct side them sometimes push a lot higher up and press up the field. The same could be said of Atletico Madrid who don't always play the same way. I don't really want to have to divert from my main tactic too much so if I could stick to that tactic but just adjust LOE and maybe defensive line to alter it just enough to disrupt teams then I'd be happy. I have also gone down the Beck style as well and saw some sort of success, but I was never happy because it didn't feel ugly enough. I got some very nice looking goals out of it but I dropped it to focus on something worse to watch. It might be I need to create it as my secondary tactic again though.
  7. Yeah I’d question expectations of this tactic. If you expect to score a lot of goals then I’d stop right there. The style I was going for was meant to grind out tiny margins in games and try not to concede. It will always be difficult to score goals like this. The enhance your chances I think you need 2 very good strikers, but good at different things. A big and little combination with at least one being a good pacey clinical finisher. I also think you haven’t gone far enough in your tactic to make it properly long ball. Defensive mentality will lead to some cautious passing around the back so you need to use roles and instructions to counteract that: Choose only no nonsense defenders, go extremely long passing, use wingers not inverted wingers, use two strikers not a shadow striker. Then if you still aren’t seeing the right football go in and change individual players passing style. Also try training defenders with ‘hits long passes’ traits etc. Now do I expect to win the champions league with this style? Probably not. It might be possible however to get some sort of success. Leicester city won the prem playing a defensive 442/4411 that mainly involved long balls over the top to Vardy so it’s possible if highly unlikely. But that isn’t really the reason I’m playing the game. I prefer the challenge and creating something unusual, using the features in the game to sandbox rather than trying to beat it. It is actually kind of easy to win at FM if you play it the right way, the game allows you to over achieve. So I look for something else to do
  8. Give it a try, I think having a DM can be kind of useful in those situations, not just to put in tackles in front of defence but also to just hold onto the ball a bit more. I sacrifice long ball purism for anti football lack of ambition if it means keeping a clean sheet
  9. Are you making any changes during the end of games? What are your players body language looking like? Usually by about the 75th min I will often swap to hold shape and slow pace. There doesn't seem to be much point in hoofing it long only to have it come back to you so often at the end of the game if you are already 2-0 up. I also have a third tactic which is a park the bus tactic for the end of games, which I occasionally use. It is very similar but just moving to a 451 with a DM as anchor man and changing the striker to PF Defend. I slow the pace and increase time wasting. It will often be able to hold onto leads.
  10. Yeah I think the balancing with these types of tactics is the real key. If you go too passive and too defensive then eventually they will find a way through. Thats why I think a higher LOE when under press is helpful. Also in terms of pressing, I think that it can be helpful to press a bit more rather than less. I notice that direct counter preset has a pressing intensity of 'more' and if you watch Burnley they will press intensively in their own half, so they aren't completely passive. It's something I'm not completely sure as to what the right answer is, but some pressing somewhere is useful. You need to be able to win the ball back somehow. Also, I think this tactic is highly reliant on the right players. Playing narrow defensively means you need very tall and strong defenders with good mentals. The strikers also have be very good at their job because they are your real goal outlet. I don't think I've had many goals come from midfielders since using this tactic, only a couple from defenders from set pieces. But yeah, in some ways the challenge isn't about winning, but creating an identity.
  11. @Brother Ben , nice , I really like the changes you made to it. I would never have considered moving strikers over to one side. It makes some sense, though I personally prefer to have some sort of visual symmetry in my tactics. How did you find the much lower LOE? Did it concede too much space or did you find your team was the right level of compactness? Also be interested in you defend duty on the right winger. How did he play? I did think about doing that as well but wondered if it wasn't defensive overkill.
  12. Thanks! It is a very good question though, and not sure I have the perfect answer. I notice that many sides who play this way really do struggle to score once they go behind and it has happened to me a few times. First thing I do is try to make sure it doesn't come to that situation. I tend to play with my LOE a lot if I find I am coming under too much pressure, pushing it up to standard or maybe even high for a bit. But if I do concede early then I do at least have a secondary tactic that I swap over to which is a bit more attack minded. Its on my other machine so can't screen shot it right now, but it's built off my main tactic anyway with a couple of tweaks. Main changes are moving from Defensive > Balance mentality Changing Def Wingers to normal Wingers Support mid becomes a BBM with 'gets further forward' Left Fullback > Support Switch off regroup and counter. Target man to Support High LOE Its all a little bit of a balancing act, because on one hand I know the sort of tactic that would be good to create space and score goals, but also it goes against what I am trying to create. So instead of passing through the opponent I really just want to batter them with desperate attempts to score by lumping the ball into the box and hoping it finds somebody. As the match progresses I also find if I'm getting more and more desperate I'll try more things. For instance just going to Attacking (rarely seems to work) or changing LW to a IW and changing my left fullback to attack. Basically I just want more people near the box and get my fullbacks to hit crosses in. I have a def winger who can also play wingback so he sometimes fills in in that role.
  13. Yeah that’s my thinking too. The size of the pitch means little to this style of play when you aren’t trying to create space by moving the ball around and the main area of the pitch you are interested in is right in front of their goal. So compressing the space and making it as hard as possible for them to score goals seems the way to go
  14. I honestly don’t know how much difference it makes. Last year I set it for large and wide thinking I had wingers and I wanted to get men running in behind but it rarely worked out. This year I set it to minimum and possibly it’s had some effect in defence but it’s hard to say
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