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  1. I am not sure why this obsession with 442 to be honest. I know it seems such a simple formation but I think actually it takes quite a lot of effort to make it work well, and it’s not one of those formations that you can easily play in every match. Personally if I wanted the easy life I’d just pick an off the shelf 4231 or a 433 and go with that. So many people make so many mistakes with 442 and I think it works better as a counter attacking formation in a lot of scenarios. I’ve had a lot of frustration with it in the past and it took a while for me to understand the intricacies o
  2. One thing that used to be the case with mentality was that it affects the mentality splits, passing and aggression of your players by role. So for instance on counter mentality your defenders passing range would increase and attackers passing range would decrease, the opposite being true of attacking mentality. This meant that defenders would be more inclined to look for long direct balls on lower mentalities but shorter passes ok higher ones. I could go look I suppose but has anything seen that this has changed? It seems simplistic to say that you need to have positive mentalities
  3. Thanks. Well I don't want to do the designers down too much, I think in some ways they have gone the minimalist route with a lot of the interface. It is still mostly a bunch of panels with stats and text with very little 'graphics' outside of the matches. One of the issues is that every year they add new features or try and tweak what was already there. As a long time player I think I use less than 30% of what is in the game, and stick to the way I used to play it. Some of the newest features don't really seem to account for how different users might play the game or focus in on wha
  4. Intro I wanted to start this post by saying that I've been playing Football Manager since it was Championship Manager, so basically when I was a wee lad. I've bought pretty much every second edition of the game and in many ways it has completely changed my life. Firstly it transformed my interest in football, from being something I didn't get or like, to being almost an obesssion. Secondly, and just as importantly, it changed my career in some ways. My job these days is often designing User Interfaces in websites and applications, looking at not only the look and feel, but the usability
  5. As someone who has jumped from fm19, I can’t comment on the previous version of the game. However part of my job is designing UI for applications and I’m kind of shocked by some of the design decisions that have been made in this version in regards to the user interface. It’s early days and I’ve only just started playing, and as a long time FM player I’m obviously stuck in my ways, however, so much of the changes so totally unintuitive and make simple tasks much harder to perform. Ill probably write something in more detail once I have spent more time on it, but just as a general not
  6. I never tend to use these tools in the middle of a game to be honest, I find it leads to me being bogged down in micromanagement and doesn't allow me to watch the games properly. Having said that, I don't see why you would remove a feature if some people want to use it? That never seems like a good model to me. Removing features is a big deal and will almost always be viewed as a negative. A better method would be to add features which interpret that data into actual useful information, mid game, and feed it back to you in human language. Essentially what the Ass Man is supposed to do. Howe
  7. I like the idea as a concept, but I worry that I would personally become frustrated by the lack of information. I can see why SI want to go down the route of making the game closer to how a real life manager would interact with the world, rather than it being a series of spreadsheets. However it reminds me of Attribute masking. That was a feature I think they brought in a long time ago, and I have tried to use it when I wanted to role play and add to the realism. However, that doesn't last long and I've never got longer than 6 months into a save with AM on because I get so irritated at not bei
  8. Great posts Engamohd! I’m really enjoying your write ups! Im still playing a long ball style with my Wimbledon save and i laughed looking at your different variations because I feel like you’ve gone through a lot of the same thought processes as me over time! I also tried a TM on attack with a pressing forward on support for the exact same reasons you did. I noticed that in terms of headers my attacking striker was always getting more sent his way and long balls were going to him. So I just swapped the roles like you did. I didn’t love how it worked though, didn’t really sit wit
  9. A post I spotted elsewhere raised a question in my head: Now I've known for quite some time that there are some roles that have hard coded behaviour attached to them that means they aren't just a selection of PI that are baked in, meaning as above, selecting 'roam' on a CM/S isn't the same as a BBM (actually I didn't know that tbh) As a long time FM and CM player the way I thought about it was like in the good old days where you could select 'targetman' or 'playmaker' to a player and that would mean the ball was drawn to them in certain ways. My question is, what other hard coded
  10. It might help or it might just make it easier for the opposition to defend against as there is less space for them to cover. It would require good players to work in that tight space, and I don’t think it really tends to help a winger. It won’t put more people in the box IMO which I think is part of the issue.
  11. Agree the role is very demanding and you need a very good player to play up there on his own in that way. I also think he doesn’t look like he might be getting enough support or people in the box around him. Winger will go wide, mezzla often wide, playmaker hovering outside the box. Just the way you are set up makes me think he would have to do a lot of work on his own. I might consider changing the winger to an inside forward to get another body in the box to take some pressure off.
  12. Great thread! Loved the write up. Seems very close to what I am hoping to achieve, except I prefer to be a bit more direct with my passing. I'm curious as to how you've found having 2 DMs? Did it lead to more space being given away? How were your possession stats? Maybe I missed that bit but wondered if you were keeping hold of the ball? Any reason you picked wide mids rather than out and out wingers?
  13. Yeah this is something I'm going to have to consider. I recently watched this video by TIFO on Burnley, and how they adapt to teams. Although known as a low block direct side them sometimes push a lot higher up and press up the field. The same could be said of Atletico Madrid who don't always play the same way. I don't really want to have to divert from my main tactic too much so if I could stick to that tactic but just adjust LOE and maybe defensive line to alter it just enough to disrupt teams then I'd be happy. I have also gone down the Beck style as well and saw some sort of success, b
  14. Yeah I’d question expectations of this tactic. If you expect to score a lot of goals then I’d stop right there. The style I was going for was meant to grind out tiny margins in games and try not to concede. It will always be difficult to score goals like this. The enhance your chances I think you need 2 very good strikers, but good at different things. A big and little combination with at least one being a good pacey clinical finisher. I also think you haven’t gone far enough in your tactic to make it properly long ball. Defensive mentality will lead to some cautious passing around t
  15. Give it a try, I think having a DM can be kind of useful in those situations, not just to put in tackles in front of defence but also to just hold onto the ball a bit more. I sacrifice long ball purism for anti football lack of ambition if it means keeping a clean sheet
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