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  1. Of course he wants to get the best players possible building a squad. He shouldn’t need to restrict any signings on his own, as that is something the game should be handling. OT: yes! It seems odd and unlikely that those players would sign for a low league team in Scotland. Nothing we don’t know here? Like a major takeover? Or fiddling with the editor?
  2. Wow!! I really want newgen faces like these in the game! SI listen up!! 🙏😄 And btw, can I have them with the help of a skin or something in FM20?
  3. The discussion in this thread has seriously strayed from ”feature announcment blogs”.
  4. This alone will make me buy the game! Finally decent regen faces for proper long term saves. Love it!
  5. A question for SI regarding the club vision: would that radically change for a club if it got taken over by new owners?
  6. Hi mate! I just added a similar suggestion the other day:
  7. I believe it's about time that SI added more statistical overviews to the game. To best explain what I mean, I've listed a few examples below that would bring more life and enjoyment to the game: * My faithful player with years at the club ends his career and I can see that he is seventh on the list of players with most Premier League appearences with 515 games * Ahead of a game I get a newsflash telling me that if player XX scores today he will be moving into fourth place among scorers in Serie A through all time * Years into the game I would like to check the statistics at my club. How does my new playmaker compare to the legends of the club? I should be able to go into a list and see assist makers at the club through time. At least top 20. Same goes for appearences, goals, cards, etc. * Years into the game I've had some good runs in the Champions League. I would like to see if my loyal striker can match the numbers of legends like Messi, Ronaldo, Raúl or Van Nistelrooy? I should be able to go into a similar statistical overview for this competition (like I did at my club in the previous example) and see where my boys are at! * In my international side, I would like to do the same. Even if I don't manage my own nation, I would like to see if that new striker has been able to beat Ibrahimovic's goal record. Or see if he's in second spot. Or how far gone he is from second, third or fourth place. All in all, I think you understand what I'm aiming for. It's nice to be able to go through various statistics, personally I love it. Such a database would be very nice to have in the game, for clubs, nations and competitions. I realize that the main obstacle for such a statistical overview is the (size of the) database - especially for long runs - and not the actual display itself. SI could just add a "Statistical center" in the menues of the game, showing "all time appearences" or "all time goal scorers" for any given competition, club or nation. I made this request years ago and still haven't had any feedback from SI on the topic, and I do believe that it's about time to add it now. Whenever I'm watching football matches (or the studio talks) I'm fed with this kind of statistical information. It has become a part of the footballing world, and I believe it belongs in Football Manager as well!
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