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  1. I picked up a player called Mads Mikkelsen from the Faroe Islands on a free in my second season for forest green he's stayed with me and is now a starter for me in the premier league 6 years later.
  2. Hi - I'm trying to locate the section where you can select multiple players at one time and rest them. T he only options I can locate is when your assistant tells you he recommends you rest a player and you can go through a conversation with each individual player whereas previously there was an option within the team selection sub-section where you can select multiple players and toggle 1/2 week rest etc.
  3. I've done this - all files were successfully validated; unfortunately the issue remained.
  4. I started a thread on this subject too; it was appearing at one point however since updating it's gone!
  5. I updated the game today and for some reason the in game editor has disappeared? I can't access the in game store because of overlay or whatever still?
  6. I don't mind too much maybe a lower league in England? Forest Green with no attribute masking or something
  7. Keep up the good work Ross - looking forward to seeing what other tycoons pop up.
  8. All joking apart who the **** has time to sit and watch a youtube video - I'd rather reading a list or see a few photos.
  9. I saw Sean Dyche get sacked by Burnley in October, hired by Stoke in November and then sacked by Stoke in March!
  10. That's my biggest complaint really I requested a scout report on a player and then I don't know without dismissing 100s of reports whether they have been scouted or checking the player directly after every continue
  11. This is a big frustration having to click discard on 50 useless players my scouts recommend to get to one I requested a report on.
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