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  1. Hello. Have you had time to look at this yet? Kind regards
  2. Many thanks for your reply and I apologise for the delay in replying but I have been away. I have attached two files. Players.png shows Dahoud and the AM rec is DLP-S. Players Players.png (Dahoud is fourth on the list) shows the team where the AM rec is AP-S. Interestingly the last column shows the Scout's rec which is also DLP.
  3. In some cases the Assistant Manager's opinion of a players best role is diifferent on the Squad Screen from that on the Tactics/Player/Personalised screen. The AM is set up to give Coach Report Advice and to Handle Auto-Picking.
  4. Kaiserslautern? Near 50,000 seater stadium playing in German third tier.
  5. Why is this still a debate? Does nobody watch real life football? The game is so fluid now (particularly at the top tiers) that teams drift into and out of Strikerless positions throughout the game depending on the match situation. SI have not been able to replicate this satisfactorily with Strikers that drop into SS positions.
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