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  1. Alan Butterworth

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    Kaiserslautern? Near 50,000 seater stadium playing in German third tier.
  2. Alan Butterworth

    Striker-less formations still an exploit?

    Why is this still a debate? Does nobody watch real life football? The game is so fluid now (particularly at the top tiers) that teams drift into and out of Strikerless positions throughout the game depending on the match situation. SI have not been able to replicate this satisfactorily with Strikers that drop into SS positions.
  3. It is not just me. See a selection of comments from the forums: Please listen to your customers the UI is awful but the game is great. AfternoonsHat 18 points 11 days ago There’s lots of good stuff, but I feel like it takes longer to do basic things that previously took seconds. For example pre match and half time team talks have now become even more tedious, why add an extra 3 clicks to tell your midfield they weren’t good enough? [–]BloodyMess111 4 points 11 days ago I get the feeling they're just changing things for the sake of it. ]SirArchieCartwheelerSir Archie Cartwheeler - I'm on YouTube 30 points 11 days ago The entire tactics screen has become more awkward. Especially in matches. You can only open a basic tactics screen with a button in the top left mid match, and if you want to do something like opposition instructions you then have to click another button in the top right to open a tactics screen that's fully functional. Why doesn't this second screen just open immediately it does everything the first one does and more. When you are on Opposition instructions in a match you cannot hover to view player attributes and have to click and exit the match to look at the opposition players. During a game where is the timebar to go back and view an earlier highlight? Has that disappeared? Shouts are now more awkward, previously the shouts menu opened up a mini screen which showed your player's body language. This allowed you to work out what shouts you want to use and then implement them all from the same space. This no longer happens and you have to have an in-match widget telling you your player's body language open, ad then go into Shouts. Also, if you have a player under pressure and another player who is looking complacent you cannot tell the first 'No Pressure' and the second to 'Concetrate' in the same go. Only one type of shout at a time. You would have to say 'No Pressure' and then wait ~10mins until you are allowed to make a new shout for the second player. The countdown to allow a new shout is no longer based on individuals, any shout to anyone will require you to wait before you can shout another instruction. Pretty much everything that occurs in a match now is less intuitive than on the previous game and I hope that a lot of these issues are oversights which will be corrected. I've posted all of these as 'bugs' on the SI forum, even though it seems like some of them are intentional but poorly thought out. [–]MorningRoosterSeverely lacking in match fitness 12 points 11 days ago If you, like me, used the full screen pitch with minimized floating boxes to keep up with your matches, you’ll be infuriated by the fact that minimized boxes don’t hug the bottom of the screen any more, instead floating in nothingness. The “panels” they tried to replace them with are truly hideous hacky UI. [–]knitro 7 points 11 days ago I don't like the majority of the UI changes, **** done for the sake of saying they did something. My personal pet peeve is the ho hum screen when people score goals - I want a portrait there damnit [–]VidicMUFCVålerenga Oslo 7 points 11 days ago The game is better, but it looks terrible imo. Scouting screen, tactics screen etc. I can't stand it. Hopefully some clever skin creators can make it look ok asap. [–]PenguinKennyArsenal | Shrewsbury Town | Rangers 7 points 11 days ago Really looks like the design went back 5 or so years. Why are there gradients everywhere? etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
  4. As with so mant things with this UI you have to make more mouse clicks just to get what you had readily accessable in FM17.
  5. Alan Butterworth

    Worse ever user interface

    I forgot to mention that the swap positions box only seems to appear when you do not have any players selected in that postion.
  6. Alan Butterworth

    Players swap positions

    The swap position box only appears if you do not have any players selected in that position.
  7. Alan Butterworth

    Worse ever user interface

    1. Scouting. (two points here) Previously able to use arrow keys to scroll through inbox. Now have to click on "Acknowledge" which dodges around the screen depending on whatever else is shown in the box. Searching for players in previous versions used to be so easy with a nice big area at the top of the screen to add various drop down boxes with what you were searching for. Now there is a small cramped box which disappears when you click "ok" so that you constantly have to go back to the hidden box to see exactly what you are seaching for or to amend it. 2. Opposition Insts. Have to be entered individually. Unable to mass edit as previously. 3. Match. (two points here) Have lost boxes showing current tactics/mentality being used along with number of team instructions currently in force. So important if you are in a game where you have to keep changeing one or the other. Similarly it used to be so easy to switch tactits seamlessly on the match screen. Not anymore. 4. Tactics screen does not show number of team instructions. See above re match. I have played EVERY single version of FM since it came out in the 90s (including the terrible John Motson "live" commentary) and although there are many quite brilliant things in this iteration of the game the UI just feels so wrong.
  8. The user interface is attrocious. Everything is so clunky and requires so many more clicks than in previous versions. Whoever decided that clicking on the scout reports was better than scrolling through them should be made to sit in a corner for 24 hours clicking on a mouse button as punishment. I am just too peed off to write any more about this UI. If it is not VASTLY imptoved by the time of official release I am going back to FM17.
  9. Alan Butterworth

    Unreadable text

    AC Milan --- Dark Red on Black. Just guessing what to click on.
  10. At interview I stated I would not need to make any changes to current staff before taking over. On taking post team is short of four coaches as per the "Board" screen. The board now block any attempt to sign new coaches to bring team upto staffing level.
  11. At interview I stated I would not need to make any changes to current staff before taking over. On taking post team is short of four coaches as per the "Board" screen. The board now block any attempt to sign new coaches to bring team upto staffing level.
  12. Can only edit/change oppo instructions one at a time. Previously could hold down shift or control and edit multiple lines with one click.
  13. Unable to instruct Adavance Player with attack duty to "Hold Up Ball." Clicking on it brings up an arrow pointing south that disappears immediately.