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  1. They actually played well in the group though, at least offensively. Tons of chances. But they were messy at the back, so the manager then decided if they were going to get much farther, they needed to tighten things up. Worked well enough. It's a bit odd how they can both have been parking the bus, and Ronaldo wasting 50 chances.
  2. This blasted Ronaldo vs Messi thing will keep going decades after they have retired. Neither as good as Maradona in my opinion, but that debate will keep going too.
  3. A fitting tribute when another Black Pearl decided the final Fantastic reception for the guys. The whole country must be well chuffed now
  4. I know, right? Pays his taxes and everything
  5. Relatively speaking obviously. Hardly a 2nd Iceland, but shouldn't be too hard to understand what I meant either. It's the internet though, so it's clearly more important to laugh at people.
  6. 4. It's been poor, but not entirely sleep inducing. And it helps a little that a 'minnow' won it. It's usually fun when an unexpected team upsets the global order a little bit. Too much focus on defensive football, though, and the new format played some part in making that happen. But of course, with the old format Portugal would have been knocked out. Or not, as they might have done a great deal more to try to win the last match.
  7. Congratulations! Many empty workplaces tomorrow
  8. Oh crap. Ronaldo comes out to cheer his team mates on. Probably just wants to be seen or something
  9. This final has been utterly dreadful. Almost as bad as some of the cretins in this thread.
  10. Because it's stupid. It's a team sport. Ronaldo is one of 11 players. He knows better than anyone that he doesn't stand a moth's chance in hell to score or win trophies without those other 10 players.
  11. I swear Ronaldo could cure cancer and people would still be raging at him for getting fame for it. Love him or hate him, but the final as a spectacle has been much worse with him not in it. Portugal are clearly playing for the draw now, and why wouldn't they. They don't stand a chance in an open game. With Ronaldo still playing they would at least have a proper threat going forward.
  12. Ouch! Just seeing that makes my knees twitch.
  13. Hence it doesn't technically exist. Of course the land itself still does, this isn't Atlantis
  14. What is with mods on this site being such bellends? On other sites it's the mods trying to be the reasoned voice. Final has lost most of its interest now, as it will either be penalty kicks or France will win before then. Saw France as clear favourites pre-match, but with Ronaldo out it's not a real contest any more. Would like to utter the usual phrase that you never want to see players get injured, especially the very best ones, but some in here are clearly loving it
  15. ****. Sits down now Game over with him out.
  16. Didn't he get injured 12 years ago too, in the semis perhaps? Seem to recall him hobbling off in tears. Hope he recovers in this game, but it doesn't look good. Not moving like he usually does.
  17. Doesn't look great for Ronaldo. Looked like the knee twisted a bit. Hopefully he can shake it off, or we may just call it a day now.
  18. Zaire doesn't exist any more, so that would be quite an achievement.
  19. Roy Keane should get it, just for the laughs.
  20. Most exciting/enjoyable doesn't feel right for anybody, but Germany have played some good stuff, as they have done for several tournaments now. Loads of teams have played on the defensive, so tied between a whole heap of them. Then you have the teams that just outright sucked, like Russia and Ukraine.
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