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  1. Well then. Earlier I posted about Mancini taking over Man Utd. I think he's still working for City!
  2. Sigh. That new 24-team format is going to suck major arse
  3. I saw Jonh Lennon yesterday (yep, spelled like that).
  4. He sure did, the little rascal. He's bought and sold less idiotic players so far, though, so there is that. Got rid of Fellaini on the cheap too, which was a bit odd actually as he had been pretty brilliant for 4 seasons or however long it was. This is going to get confusing The DC is from Brazil, the striker from Portugal
  5. FFS Money well spent on a man that can't possibly back-fire.
  6. A good new youth is injured by Love. Out for 8 months... I can assure you I did not laugh
  7. Not followed the discussion, but I think it gets reversed in the screen. So when the results show, the team that played last leg away is listed at home. Maybe that's how the draw was or something, which is why it shows like that.
  8. One of my juniors. You gotta love that name!
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