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  1. Pangaea

    This hurts my eyes

    Why do you use cloudfront? Have to enable one of their crummy sites now for the forum to show up correctly. When you have quoted something, the "11 minutes ago" etc doesn't update properly either. Unless I enable the same cloudfront crap it seems. How come the tags show up so darn harshly on the forum pages, much more so than the title of threads? They stick out like very sore thumbs.
  2. Pangaea

    This hurts my eyes

    I tried to find some settings, but there is basically nothing apart from how much spam you want to get in email and notifications. Clicked on edit profile, and if I had longer arms I could have done that from across town.
  3. Pangaea

    This hurts my eyes

    We can't even make any kind of customisation? I'd like to have more than about 3 topics per page. And like I mentioned, I could sit across the room and still read the forum fine now. Why make everything so damn BIG?
  4. Pangaea

    This hurts my eyes

    Looks horrible, everything is too darn big. Avatars was a really bad idea too, especially as people can use animation/video.
  5. Kagan and neocons prefer Clinton over Trump. https://theintercept.com/2016/07/25/robert-kagan-and-other-neocons-back-hillary-clinton/ Not exactly shocking giving their fetish for war, and Hillary will give them that, but it's kind of a wake up call anyway. These are the same guys who had a veritable love affair with Bush and his wars. Project for a new American century and all that jazz. If I lived in the US, I'd honestly be hard pressed in who to vote for. Somebody I could live with (not named Donald or Hillary), or close my eyes and grit my teeth and vote for Clinton if I lived in a flip state? Seems like this is the question many Sanders voters struggle with. The devil we know, or something else?
  6. Pangaea

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Technology these days. Very impressive. Handy when you wake up and go "WTF".
  7. Don't do it. There is a season coming up now, and van Gaal is gone...
  8. Pangaea

    Shots fired in Munich shopping centre

    Not sure how you managed to get that from what I wrote, but whatever. Think it would take pretty strong willing blindness to not draw some connecting dots between all the wars on the Middle East over the last 15 years, and a spike in terrorist attacks in Europe. Actions have consequences, and that is essentially what we are seeing. But as horrible as these attacks in Europe is, it's just a drop in the ocean compared to the virtually daily terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not only do you have the very real fear of going to the market to buy food and maybe getting blown to smithereens, but you also have the drones flying overhead constantly, with the risk of them blowing up your house or whatever else they fancy that day. It's a very different situation to the situation in Europe, and it's not that odd it has become easier for extremist groups to expand and recruit in such an environment.
  9. Bet she feels like an utter idiot now. Runs out of car in a tiger spotting area, another woman runs after to try to save her, and then she is killed. That's some guilt to live with. Sometimes natural selection takes out the wrong one
  10. Pangaea

    Failed Assylum Seeker Suicide Bomb in Germany

    Sounds like another case of severe depression, perhaps as a result of whatever he experienced in Syria prior to coming to Europe? Read he had tried to kill himself twice already, and was getting treatment. Somebody shooting at people in the US too. It's not called a terrorist attack yet, so I guess the guy may be white, or at least not a Muslim? That's usually how these things work.
  11. Pangaea

    Shots fired in Munich shopping centre

    If you'll excuse the pun, terrorism has exploded since the invasion of Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq. ISIS didn't exist before that. Yes, there was Al Qaida and 9/11, which was a massive attack, but now we're seeing terrorist attacks almost on a daily basis. That simply didn't happen before, and part of the reason is that generally the West has been waging war on the Middle East ever since. And of course part of the reason that 9/11 happened to begin with was that the West wasn't exactly best buddies with Muslim countries/populations before then either, propping up dictators and whatnot as well. The "War on Terror" has been a colossal disaster, at least if you believe the intended goal was to reduce the threat of terror.
  12. Pangaea

    Shots fired in Munich shopping centre

    In other news, there has been a bomb attack during a demonstration in Kabul, killing over 60 people (could still rise), with over 200 injured.
  13. All the batshit crazy speeches and statements aside, I'm actually not entirely sure Trump will be much worse than Clinton. Which probably says more about Clinton than Trump tbh. But then Obama has been pretty darn bad too, even for guys like me who had very low expectations to begin with. He took over Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and have more or less kept those going, while expanding with new (de facto) wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, and now active drone programs in almost every country in Africa. It's been a very bad ride, and I don't think there will be massive differences between Trump and Clinton in these fields. Trump is all over the place in what he says, but if he wins, I would expect more of the same madness to continue.
  14. Pangaea

    Shots fired in Munich shopping centre

    Like with cops shooting black people in the US, when does it stop being an "accident"? As if we didn't know it already, the recent Chilcot report confirmed that the people in power knew before the Iraq war that a consequence would be terrorist attacks in Europe. It's no surprise at all that we've seen more of that the last 15 years, at least from Islamic sources, however you want to define that. Way back, countries didn't have to worry much about blowback of this kind. You could wage war on Korea, Vietnam, half of Africa, and they wouldn't show up in your cities to kill people. Now that is a side effect, and that won't change until the wars stop. In addition you also have that groups like ISIS wants to create a divide between loosely speaking Christians and Muslims in Europe, so well done all the people out there spitting at random Muslims and such, you are playing right into ISIS' hands. Same with Hollande. Utter idiocy to "bomb harder" after the attacks there. Once again, playing right into the hands of extremists, and making it yet harder to at some point in the future solve this damn mess. Spain were much more sensible after the attack on their soil years ago. They pulled out of the war and made some conciliatory efforts. The US should be bloody happy about being protected by two great oceans, or crap like this would happen much more frequently over there, considering they are by far the worst offender when it comes to bombing countries to smithereens in the Middle East.