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  1. Why do you use cloudfront? Have to enable one of their crummy sites now for the forum to show up correctly. When you have quoted something, the "11 minutes ago" etc doesn't update properly either. Unless I enable the same cloudfront crap it seems. How come the tags show up so darn harshly on the forum pages, much more so than the title of threads? They stick out like very sore thumbs.
  2. I tried to find some settings, but there is basically nothing apart from how much spam you want to get in email and notifications. Clicked on edit profile, and if I had longer arms I could have done that from across town.
  3. We can't even make any kind of customisation? I'd like to have more than about 3 topics per page. And like I mentioned, I could sit across the room and still read the forum fine now. Why make everything so damn BIG?
  4. Looks horrible, everything is too darn big. Avatars was a really bad idea too, especially as people can use animation/video.
  5. Technology these days. Very impressive. Handy when you wake up and go "WTF".
  6. People are weird. ****ing weird. Almost wish somebody stole that guy's car Anybody remember Tamagotchi? I hope this will be similar to that. Suddenly "everybody" are doing it, and a few weeks/months later it's dead in the water.
  7. Same here, with a few more "stop spam" and phone-home add-ons. Wouldn't use anything Google has had their hands on. I try to take care of my own privacy, although it's a somewhat impossible task these days. Liked Opera back in the day, and they were very early with mouse gestures, which is now everywhere.
  8. There are other metrics too, like spending. The rich tend to largely invest and, like we have clear evidence of now, hide away their money, while the general populace spend their money, and that's what makes the economic wheels keep turning. The US economy / economic distribution is also one of, if not the, most unbalanced in the so-called Western world. When the rich have the lion's share of the cake, it's pretty much a given they'll pay more income tax than most others. One of the consequences of this is the middle class is shrinking and poverty is on the rise. It's not a great situation t
  9. Although I'm sure that is true for some, it usually is, I highly doubt that is the crux of the outrage across many countries on the globe. People avoiding tax on such a massive scale is a big problem. Not just for the poorer countries on the globe, but even the richer ones. It's only natural that people are upset when those that have the most don't even pay their taxes, like everybody else are doing. It's not about being envious, but about injustice. Even more hilarious in the UK context, with the Tories claiming "We're all in it together" on a routine basis.
  10. If there are backdoors it won't matter much, like there has been in the past. These are the same companies that cooperated with NSA et al, so I wouldn't put much faith in their claims. These spy agencies have routinely wanted to hollow out safety standards, and mostly been successful, and I won't be surprised if that is still the case. It's even at hardware level now. Despite all the huffing and puffing, there doesn't appear to be all that much actual change in the aftermath of the Snowden revelations, and I won't be the least bit surprised if it will turn out to be the same after these Panam
  11. So the idiocy on Iceland continues then. What a nutter that guy must be.
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