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  1. Quality wise at the start, I'd compare it to the National League North/South and TNS to a National League, maybe lower League Two team. Finances are rubbish, low TV money, low attendances etc. You need to rely on Europe for any serious money. Where to start, it depends what type of challenge you want. If you want to go straight to the top of Wales and a team already in Europe, then it has to be TNS. I'd avoid Cardiff Met Uni as they're hard coded to stay amateur. I like Bangor City though as they had the highest average attendances in the league before I took over (I was managing in
  2. I'm currently doing the same with Bangor City. I depend on Europe too keep the flow of money going. So far I've got the league reputation up from 1 star to 2. I've noticed slight changes as I go on. When I took over, TNS were the only full time club, now, including Bangor and TNS there are 4 full time clubs in the league. I always keep an eye on the nations coefficient and next season we will gain an automatic place in the 2nd qualifying round of the Europa League and still a chance that we can get an automatic 2nd qualifying round spot in the Champions League too but like kingjericho said, it
  3. I read this forum a lot but don't post much. I've had every FM since the first one in 2005 and most of the CM's before that. Yeah, sometimes I get annoyed with the results when I lose 1-0 even though I had 20 attempts to their 1 and yeah sometimes I rage quit and yeah once I broke a laptop because of it (I've worked on my issues since then just FYI!) but I'll still buy it and clock of a load of hours on it every single year because the positives far outweigh any negatives and the hours of enjoyment you get for thirty quid or so is damn worth it! How about a "thank you SI" hashtag?
  4. When you get the regens coming through, do they have only Romanian as a nationality or English too? I'm just thinking there could be an issue if you get the super hard brexit.
  5. My only agreed philosophy in my save is to produce players using my youth academy. After the first season with the club (3rd season in game overall) my first choice keeper was from the youth academy and that put the rating at 100% as I had no other youth players in my first team. I ended up selling him to a bigger club in the January transfer window of my 3rd season with the club and immediately it fell to 45% so I started work on getting other players ready and by the start of the following season I had two first team players from my academy yet the rating fell further to 5%. I'm now wonderin
  6. Going through the world war years would be a challenge with players getting called up to serve and limited games.
  7. I'd like to know this too. My team only has an U19 squad so I've always got players lacking match fitness.
  8. Over 2 months to put in 3 seats? Have they got some guy who knows a guy doing it?
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