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  1. Zlatan retired at the end of my second season and Dybala requested a transfer at Juventus... Not bad!
  2. Lads, simple question, how the hell do I get Van Persie to score? I'm currently playing a 4-2-3-1 in my second season. De Gea in goals, Rafael and Fabio at full back, Smalling and Vidic in the middle, a midfield of Carrick/Cabaye as a DLP and Fletcher/Cabaye as a CM(D). THe problem is the front four. I usually use Van Persie as a DLF(S) and he's not scoring at all, whether I use attacking inside forwards, support IFs, or support wingers. Just can't get a goal out of the lad. Any advice?
  3. FM12: F.C. Barcelona – Més que un club

    So, quick question, what tactics, etc, should I be using?
  4. Yeah, it's difficult to get the best out of him. Been using a 4-5-1/4-3-3 so he's not done much for me so far tbh.
  5. I asked the board to buy Ganso for me. And they did. What's the best role for Berbatov up front? CF, DLF, AF?
  6. It's easier to tell when watching the real thing I find.
  7. Ah yeah, I know that it's a pretty poor example, it's just a subject of some annoyance. I know what all the tactics, etc, mean conceptually, but I always find myself referring to real world football, not the game. And that changes pretty drastically after a season or two in game anyway.
  8. I know this might be more suited for the tactics forum, but I mean this in a general sense, so I put it here. I'll give you an example - I played a game as United v City, the CS game three times, Attacking, Control, Normal. I spanked City playing with a Normal strategy, but lost the other two. I don't know why. Moreover, I've absolutely know idea how City were playing, and what I could do to counter it. The scouting reports are still really, really vague.
  9. What team instructions were using to get those results with United?
  10. The problem I always have with regens is that whenever you see one with 196 PA or whatever, his stats are still quite low. Nobody ever seems to have the same level of ability as existing players. I've a lad with 200 PA and his stats are just dire. And he's not two-footed either.
  11. FM11: Thomas Muller

    Mario Gomez is similarly rated. Makes little sense.
  12. I think that's awesome. I've had penalties of a dubious nature given for and against me before, and it's brilliant. It's what happens.
  13. I took a team predicted to finish 16th in Serie B into Serie A, finishing 3rd, and I got Manager of the Season. Must be bad luck, dude.
  14. I know somebody whose Irish but born in the Carribean. (And white.) Not at all impossible.