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  1. Zlatan retired at the end of my second season and Dybala requested a transfer at Juventus... Not bad!
  2. Lads, simple question, how the hell do I get Van Persie to score? I'm currently playing a 4-2-3-1 in my second season. De Gea in goals, Rafael and Fabio at full back, Smalling and Vidic in the middle, a midfield of Carrick/Cabaye as a DLP and Fletcher/Cabaye as a CM(D). THe problem is the front four. I usually use Van Persie as a DLF(S) and he's not scoring at all, whether I use attacking inside forwards, support IFs, or support wingers. Just can't get a goal out of the lad. Any advice?
  3. So, quick question, what tactics, etc, should I be using?
  4. Yeah, it's difficult to get the best out of him. Been using a 4-5-1/4-3-3 so he's not done much for me so far tbh.
  5. I asked the board to buy Ganso for me. And they did. What's the best role for Berbatov up front? CF, DLF, AF?
  6. Lots of staff get put into the game. Type faceinthegame in the search bar.
  7. Heerenveen 2 - 0 Porto I had the better performance, but they finished their chances, and Hulk and one of my star strikers (a regen kid) both missed unbelievable chances. Brings my 15 game win streak to a cruel and abrupt end.
  8. Real Madrid 0 - 2 Porto 3 - 1 win on aggregate, and absolutely delighted. I dominated the first leg in the Estadio de Dragao and was lucky enough to go one up thanks to a great goal from Keirrison, but despite laying siege to their goal fro the majority of the match, Iker Casillas decided to ruin my day. Inevitably, one of their handful of attacks led to Fernando Gago striking from the edge of the area and putting them ahead on away goals. I was decidedly worried going into the next leg in the Bernabeu, and for the first twenty minutes or so Real were looking stronger, with my narrow formation being challenged out wide by some very expensive wingers. However, as the game progressed we slowly but surely began to fashion more chances and win more of the ball until we were dominating. Late on in the second half a cross exposed the Madrid defence, and a goal gave us a slender advantage. They attempted to steam ahead with a powerful 4-2-4 formation but for a last minute corner to give us a second (and deserved ) goal. Champions League Final here we come.
  9. Scath


    Anyone know if it's possible to edit what stadium a club plays in?
  10. Above all else that I want - please, please, look at tactics. The current tactics system simply does not make sense. It's bloody impossible to find logical reasons behind tactics. As it stands, I just don't know what my tactics do, and why they do it. I seem to win a lot though. So I just leave it be and enjoy it.
  11. It might be an overly complex idea, but, I'd love it if leagues were able to (slowly) gain and lose reputation (or whichever exact stat controls it). What I mean by this is, let's say you start a game in a weaker, or weakish league, let's use a silly example and say San Marino. Would it be possible if the success of the various clubs in the league to slowly improve the reputation and thus the standard of the league? This isn't something I'd want to be a huge factor in the game, but if you happen to be managing a team from let's say Portugal, and you start winning competitions in Europe and begin to attract top quality players, if another team in the league happens to be doing something similar, would you be able to see an increase in League Rep, thus allowing for increased TV revenue, etc. If done gradually enough, this could really change the feel of some games, and if we consider how some leagues sometimes lose their attractiveness, I'd love to see that have an influence on the game.
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