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  1. We'll also be doing a weekly round up on the FM website every Friday highlighting everything we've spoken about on Twitter that week.
  2. Although we won't be talking about features or any further details (including a possible release date) about Football Manager 2014 until much later in the year, Miles has let a few snippets of information slip through the net over Social Media already so we thought you might like to hear about it here as well. Firstly, as well as being on Mac & Windows, FM14 will also be on Linux (specifically Ubuntu 12.04) - with crossplay. Miles' posts on the subject are: https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/338255384760430593 https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/338255551777632256 http://www.facebook.com/miles.jacobson/posts/10151675889381948 He's also let slip that we are also looking into the possibilities of adding Brazilian Portuguese and Greek languages to the game. https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/314747039227453440 https://www.facebook.com/miles.jacobson/posts/10151569671331948 If you have any feature suggestions/ requests, please post them at http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/306914
  3. It was a joint effort from people in the creative team at SEGA and the PR/Marketing team at SI (with special props to Alex Sloane, who organised the whole thing), none of whom work as developers on the game.
  4. The latest addition to the world's favourite football management simulation goes back to where it all started, in the very first season of the Football League. The latest version of the iconic football management game offers players the chance to put their skills to the test in the very first season of the English Football League. Managers are given the option of taking over any of the original 12 clubs involved in the 1888/89 season and guiding them to league and cup glory. Click thumbnails to see larger versions Of course, football was very different in the Victorian era and these differences will present FM players with a whole new set of challenges. Managers will have to master the different rules of the game, including; no substitutions being permitted during matches, the off-side rule not yet being introduced to the game and players flying into tackles without fear of being sent off or conceding penalties. Players must also overcome other, more unusual, tests to their management credentials when faced with their star players being forced into immediate retirement following a bad injury or their entire back four being drafted up to the army. "This latest addition to the Football Manager family is so good, it's unreal" said Sports Interactive Studio Director Miles Jacobson. "We've worked hard to recreate the excitement of Victorian football and the results have to be seen to be believed." As well as being the latest game in Sports Interactive's award winning series, Football Manager 1888 also celebrates the 125th anniversary of the Football League and creates history by allowing you to redefine the roots of football. You can take the crown of the first ever English league winner or face the humiliation of having to seek re-election to the league. FM1888 sees the introduction of a range of new features and significant changes to some of the game's existing elements to really put you in the shoes of a Victorian football manager. Some of the highlights include: 19th Century match engine Everything on and around the pitch will look as it did when the league was first formed; from the muddy recreation grounds and the crowds of gentlemen spectators through to the players' movements and the way the old leather ball moved (or, indeed, didn't move) through the air. All clubs and players from the 1888/ 89 season Manage any of the original 12 football league clubs across one league and go deeper than ever into Victorian football with a comprehensive database of more than 150 players and staff from across the United Kingdom. User interface Football Manager 1888 boasts a brand new 'late 19th century' style interface and skin reflecting the game's era. Play by the original football rules Overcome all the hurdles that managers don't need to worry about in the present game. Have an injury? Well you can't make a substitution. Think he was off-side? Think again, there's no such thing. And was that really a bad tackle? It doesn't really matter, as yellow and red cards haven't been introduced to the game yet. Overcome the challenges of Victorian football You will experience real life problems of the era, such as; players being called up to the army leaving you with a hole in your squad and players having to retire from football with immediate effect following a serious injury. Plus all player and staff movements from the 1888/89 season.
  5. We are proud to announce that we are once again partnering with the Football League, by sponsoring the ‘Football Manager™ Outstanding Managerial Achievement’ category at its 2013 awards. Better still, this year we’ve arranged to have you, the Football Manager fan base, to have a say in who gets to take home this prestigious award. The award will acknowledge the work of one Football League manager – someone who has orchestrated a generation-defining moment for his club and provided memories that will last a lifetime for fans. This could be anything from defying the odds to gain an unexpected promotion to a giant killing or long run in the Cup. Any achievement by a manager of a Football League club since the start of 2012 is eligible for consideration. We are looking to FM fans everywhere to send in their nominations for this award, we will then whittle these down to a shortlist that will be put to a panel of experts from the Football League. If you want to get involved, simply let us know the name of the manager you wish to nominate and the reason you think he deserves the award in this thread. Nominations need to be made by midday, Sunday, 10th March. For more information on the Football League Awards 2013, please visit www.FLAwards.co.uk
  6. Hello all, I'm not sure where the assumption that this would be in the last patch has come from, but that was always very unlikely to be the case. As Rowan has explained previously, this was never purposely "taken" out of the game as it was never intended as a feature. It was just something that happened to "work" in previous versions of Football Manager that doesn't in the latest version. The fact that there's a demand for this has been noted and recorded and it will be investigated and considered for future updates/versions. I can't give any indication as to what the result of that process might be, and as a policy, we don't announce features for updates or new versions of the game until that update or new version itself has been pubicly announced and the feature has been coded but I can assure you that we have paid attention to this thread and the discussion within it. Kind regards, Rob
  7. From the people that bring you Football Manager, it's the podcast that keeps one eye on the pitch and the other on the dugout. For our final show of 2012, presenter Ankur Desai and FM supremo Miles Jacobson are joined by two serious FM enthusiasts; the Mirror’s Darren Lewis and comedian Tony Jameson. Between reminiscences of particular FM successes and failures, they manage to take a look back at the managerial goings-on of 2012 and cast a brief eye forward to what we might expect from the next 12 months. Somewhere along the line, they also draw a direct link between Jose Mourinho and Mary Poppins and offer the opportunity to win a copy of the game (and a very special mystery prize). Also, for the first time ever, the podcast is interrupted by a ‘news flash’ as it emerges that Football Manager Handheld has just hit the top of the charts. What a great way to end the year. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking here or to the RSS feed by clicking here.
  8. The image with of the crowd of fans hosted from the website newcastle.gloryfootball.com was causing malware detection to pop up in Chrome and other browsers so I've removed it. Feel free to add one back in from a different site Great thread though!
  9. From the people that bring you Football Manager, it's the podcast that keeps one eye on the pitch and the other on the dugout. In the first podcast recorded since the launch of Football Manager 2013, presenter Ankur Desai and FM supremo Miles Jacobson are joined by two members of Her Majesty’s loyal football press; Ash Rose of Kick! Magazine and the Mail Online’s world soccer expert, Matt Fortune. Topics discussed include the rise of ‘non football’, how simply being an international superstar is no longer a guarantee of regular first-team club action, the quickening pace of this season’s managerial merry-go-round (at least in the Championship) and the spooky link between Messi, Ronaldo and their offspring. All this and a chance to win a copy of FM13 too. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking here or to the RSS feed by clicking here.
  10. Apparently some stores are selling it as a 'Manager's Special'. It's not in their system properly though yet unfortunately.
  11. If you're playing the beta it will continue working until next Monday.
  12. Due to a technical error at their end, we have just been informed that Football Manager 2013 will not be available from any Tesco store in the UK until Sunday at the earliest. If you were planning on purchasing from there and cannot wait that long then we suggest you buy from another retailer instead. We and SEGA apologise for any inconvenience caused by this - if you do have any issues or problems with this situation, please take it up directly with Tesco.
  13. From the people that bring you Football Manager, it's the podcast that keeps one eye on the pitch and the other on the dugout. Presenter Ankur Desai is joined by SI's PR man Ciaran Brennan, author and football writer Iain Macintosh (of Football Manager Stole my Life fame) and the legendary Arsenal goalkeeper and broadcaster Bob Wilson. That’s right, there's no Miles Jacobson… at least not until he dials in from a Eurostar train to answer your 'Ask Miles' questions. As we have one of the English game's most renowned 'keepers in the house, we look at why it is that so few goalkeepers go on to be managers, while also casting our eye over this season's slow-starting managerial merry-go-round and the challenges presented to the modern manager by social media. Oh, and we also take some time to mention next week's big event... the launch of Football Manager 2013. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking here or to the RSS feed by clicking here.
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