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  1. We'll also be doing a weekly round up on the FM website every Friday highlighting everything we've spoken about on Twitter that week.
  2. Although we won't be talking about features or any further details (including a possible release date) about Football Manager 2014 until much later in the year, Miles has let a few snippets of information slip through the net over Social Media already so we thought you might like to hear about it here as well. Firstly, as well as being on Mac & Windows, FM14 will also be on Linux (specifically Ubuntu 12.04) - with crossplay. Miles' posts on the subject are: https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/338255384760430593 https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/338255551777632256 http://www.facebook.c
  3. Hello all, I'm not sure where the assumption that this would be in the last patch has come from, but that was always very unlikely to be the case. As Rowan has explained previously, this was never purposely "taken" out of the game as it was never intended as a feature. It was just something that happened to "work" in previous versions of Football Manager that doesn't in the latest version. The fact that there's a demand for this has been noted and recorded and it will be investigated and considered for future updates/versions. I can't give any indication as to what the result of that proces
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