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  1. Hi, I'm trying to make me own league, ie merge the English and Scottish leagues but can't seem to get it right. I have changed the Scottish leagues to be based in England and changed their tier accordingly. But when i run them game the English and Scottish Leagues stay separate. How do i make the bottom 3 English Premier League teams get relegated to the Scottish Premier at the end of each season...? For example, i want to set the league up with this tier system and allow promotion relegation: 1. EPL 2. SPL 3. Sky Bet Championship 4. Ladbrokes Championship etc etc
  2. And why did Ronaldo get a better rating than the guy who scored 7 goals?
  3. That's what i thought...but maybe it unleashed some hidden cheat/crack...like in the old arcade games, if you did ABC then you got XYZ.
  4. I'm the same, but I love how people react this way. I mean, we're pressing buttons on an electrical device "talking" to "people" who don't exist, yet we don't want to be harsh if they don't deserve it or give them a chance if they've been really nice. One of the things i love about FM.
  5. Nice one. I'm English living in NZ too and was a little bit of a purist having the hard collection. But i love using Steam now, makes me able to buy and download without the guilt of physically handing my money over :-) Where in NZ are you?
  6. Need some guidance/advice/praise please... I started FM19 as i normally do with Hull City...and as normal i got sacked after 1 season as the team/morale/players are terrible. So i waited and got hired by Grimsby Town in League 2 in 2019. The first season we just survived relegation. Then the following season (with a few nice additions) we won the league by almost 20 points! First season in League 1 survived relegation, season 2 finished 7th, then again won League 1 by a country mile. So then, i thought the Championship will be a whole new challenge, I brought in some nice signings (I'll let it be known at this point that I had bought maybe 20 players over these 5 seasons and only spent about 60k.) So now, my first season in the Championship, I have about 80% of my first team from League 1 and i'm winning the league at Christmas by about 4 points! Now, normally i'm a staunch FM purist. I don't cheat with the editor, save then reload, etc...the ONLY thing I have done in this game is use the in-game editor to change a player's name and age (i wanted to get someone who was already in the team and was very young but with a lot of potential and watch what they do and how they progress) I didn't change his stats, history, reputation or potential, just changed his name and made him 3 years younger. That being said, I haven't even played him in any first team games yet. My question is this: by doing this have i subconsciously unlocked some wormhole/glitch in FM that makes my teams play amazingly...OR...am i underestimating myself and my abilities? I must say that team morale is amazingly high, players are happy, I've found a formation that works (4-4-1-1). I have great scouts and i guess i know what to look for in a player. I've been playing FM (and CM) for 20 years and have never taken a team from League 2 to the Premier League...let alone done it in 6 seasons. Would be interested to hear if anyone has experienced something like this also? (sorry for the long explanation but i thought i'd lay everything on the table to give a full understanding)
  7. This isn't possible as their default playing position is not available in the new position training area
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