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  1. Hi, I've been using the Venom & Faith KnapRobert tweak with great effect with my Watford side. We're now fighting for a Champion's League spot in our second season. Really appreciate your great work. Any idea if it's still working after the update? If not, what's the best alternative for an underdog punching above their weight? Many thanks!!
  2. I'm using the Beowulf 4-2-3-1 with Milan and there's no doubt about it's attacking brilliance, we have beaten Inter 6-1 and we're top of the league in October already. However, we're constantly picking up yellows and reds. It's routine for us to rack up 6 yellows, minimum, per game. This has led to three reds so far and it has caused up to drop points in some of our biggest games. It seems we're always on the brink of someone getting sent off. Is anyone else having the same problems and any tips on how to fix it? Otherwise, it seems a great tactic. Cheers!
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