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  1. Basically, I have this idea for a top 5 goals of the week thing for FM. We all love it when our players slap one in from 35 yards or we get a really clutch goal, or a wonderfully worked team move! The only issue for people would be if they don't know how to record clips (there is an inbuilt recorder). Alternatively, people could save the match, and upload the match (.pkm) and then i could download it and choose the clips from those submitted. Not sure if this will take off but think that it would be a nice community idea if we could try it out. Anyone up for this?
  2. What is going to stop people placing preorders with shops then cancelling the pre-order once they have got the code?
  3. Chester 2012/13 Season Review Competitions BSN - A really poor start to the season led me fighting for my job as we were on 40% job security with my tight wage control keeping me in a job but we picked up and rallied which resulted in a decent unbeaten run which left us with an outside shot at the playoffs. When this form dwindled, I knew that I had no chance of promotion and no chance of relegation so played the youth players for the last 5-8 games which dropped us to the bottom of the middle pack and a 16th place finish. A real lack of goals is to note and a very poor goal difference. FA Cup - Own goals and a tough Mickleover side which played us off the park led to us going out in the 4th qualifying round. FA Trophy - Another 2 own goals led to a 4-1 thrashing by Marine in the 2nd Round. League Table Link Transfers Proof - A lot of players left who were surplus to requirements including some that I would have liked to have kept but could not afford their wages. Players IGNORE THE STATS FOR THIS SEASON.....forgot to screenshot at the end of last season and want you to see attributes, not stats. Nsaku - Nsaku is an U19 French European Championship runner up who was in the starting squad. He is a top player for the BSN. Mcginn - A set piece specialist but a pretty average left back. Rainford - He should be a top striker in this division with 10+ in most striking areas but he had a very average season. Still managed to be club top scorer with 15 goals overall. Summary A decent first season in the Blue Square North as at one point, I thought we were going to rise through and clinch the playoffs but we just couldn't maintain the mid-season form. The youth players got a lot of experience and we have a decent team to try again next season. Other News Board agreed to an increase in the youth recruitment network (now basic) Board agreed to an increase in the junior coaching spending (now adequate) Club History ------------------------------------------------------------- Season League POS PTS FA Cup League Cup Other ------------------------------------------------------------- 2012/13 BSN 16th 49 Quals N/A FA Trophy 2nd Rnd Youth player update soon. Will just be another mini update like this one as in the early seasons, there isn't much to say
  4. Is there a bug with own goals on the latest patch? Just been playing and have been experiencing between 10-15 own goals a season, when really the maximum should be around 5 I think. Was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing an extraordinary number of own goals. For example, this has happened like 3 times this seasona and I am not even halfway through:
  5. Congrats on the promotion and on staying up! A mini update on my impression from my start of the season with Chester: Decent start, looks like we will be a mid-table team this season but no chance of the playoffs as we are really struggling for goals. The squad is very average with two or three good players and a lot of very poor ones. The stadium and fans are great, pulling in 2000+ crowds in the BSN. PS.....hoping for a good cup run.
  6. Okay, just about to start this. Just going to set it to holiday.....failure awaits. I have chosen..............CHESTER! Founded in 2010 which is what made me choose them, new team using only youth products to rise to the top seemed quite fitting.
  7. Yeah, a really nice idea which I like. FM Live is no longer around; SI had to close it for financial reasons. Might be issues with licensing for all time great sides but I'm sure that they could actually do this. Again' date=' love this idea. The reason why small players have generally lower jumping attributes even if they can jump relatively high for their size is that height is factored in to the jumping attribute. eg. if a 6ft 7" could jump 2ft off the ground, then he will be given say an 18 for jumping. Whereas, if a 5ft 2" player can jump 3ft off the ground, he will be given a 15 for jumping despite being able to actually jump a bigger distance as his overall jump is of less height. Hope you can follow this.
  8. I would like to see a return of the History page to what it was previously on the likes of CM01/02. This means that it would count all appearances and goals in a season including cup, continental (only excluding friendlies) instead of the current situation where it only shows league appearances and goals. The current system is just not a fair representation of a player's season or career. Also, can we please have an option to just entirely switch off press conferences. A lot of us don't answer many of them and set the assistant to attend but it is an annoyance to have your assistant constantly messing with your players when you don't even want the feature at all.
  9. I think that Turkey must feel a little hard done by. Yes, we had more shots, but 7 goals from 9 on target and 0 clear cut chances. Plus, they had more possession.
  10. Thanks guys. It is in fact nothing to do with difficultly (i have no problems in this respect especially seeing as I have played FM/CM for 10+ years now), especially as I have only ever played on 12.1.1 having got the game at Christmas. Was just wanting to have a network game with a mate, but he has problems with the new patch so I said that I would try and roll back. Doesn't matter anyway, will play the network game on 11 instead.
  11. Currently I am running 12.1.1, but I wish to downgrade to 12.0.4. How do i do this? I am running the game via Steam with automatic updates fwiw.
  12. Cheers, although this is the sort of luck which I received all season: Difficult to win with 8 men Although I do think that I made a pretty nice formation with these 8
  13. Just think, another 16 years and you will be 1st Definitely need a good cup run to give you the finances to bolster the youth team before you will start moving up the leagues I reckon.
  14. Pre-Season and Mid-Season Update As I explained earlier, the screenshots for the first season are a bit sparse because I didn't know if I was going to make a thread. But anyway: As you can see, pre-season went reasonably well picking up 6 wins out of 10 which gave me a good measure of who was good in the squad and who wasn't. One negative about the pre-season was the cup loss to Skeljebo who were a team also in the 4th tier but a different division. We never really got into the game and were quickly annihilated. The league however started much more promisingly picking up a 3-0 win against FC Gute. It was at this point that I thought that I was going to romp the league. This thought was further imprinted when we took a good away draw against Torekov. But, this idea of world domination quickly diminished when we lost game after game after game after game....... And that brings you to the halfway point of season 1 (bar one game), with league results so far standing at: Played - 10 Won - 1 Drawn -1 Lost - 8 Although, I don't have a screenshot at this point, we were in 11th position out of twelve with the team we beat on day 1, FC Gute propping up the table on 1 point. Ahead of us stood Farsta who were in the dizzying heights of 7 points. Overall, a very poor start to the season.
  15. The club and YP's Just a short introduction regarding the club facilities, background: These screenshots are from the start of season 3 but nothing has changed as of yet so they are still valid. Now, onto the more important things...the YP's. Some people focus more on their individual matches giving mini reports during their FM careers but instead I am going to be focusing on the individual youth prospects and how their seasons have gone. I don't have coach reports from season 1 or 2, my apologies (they weren't good fwiw). So, without further ado, let me introduce you to YP1! YP1 - Player Profile - Erik Jonsson At 17, Jonsson looks like a decent prospect for the future. He is strong in the primary defensive attributes of marking and tackling. Jumping and heading aren't bad either, both being 8. However, despite his strong defensive abilities at such a young age, I am doubtful that he will ever make it as a first team regular due to his awful physical stats. Nevertheless, his high teamwork will make him a nice squad player. I also like him as he can cover left back nicely. YP2 - Player Profile - Ludwig Isaksson Ludwig is probably the most promising from the first season U18 intake (present when you take over but still a newgen). Personally, I see him as more of an AMC than a MC because of his high flair. His physical stats, flair and decent dribbling should make him a good attacking midfielder in the future. Very promising, watch this space. YP3 - Player Profile - Johannes Lindvall Scraping the barrel here with this YP. Johannes has very bad defensive stats but good physical stats and a nice long throw. Really hope that he doesn't get much action this season but the lack of a proper LB may mean that he has to start. Unless we see a sharp improvement in defensive stats, then I don't think that he will last long even as a squad player. YP4 - Player Profile - Emil Lofgren Okay, so I know that this isn't actually a newgen but he was in the U19 when I took over and I liked the look of him so he got on the list. He has decent all round attacking/physical abilities (most around 9). A little older than the others so he may not improve as much but I believe that he requires less improvement to make him a force to be reckoned with in this league. May see limited oppurtunities in the first season as strikers is not so much an area of concern. Hope you enjoyed this mini introduction to the youth and let me know what you think of them