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  1. Basically, I have this idea for a top 5 goals of the week thing for FM. We all love it when our players slap one in from 35 yards or we get a really clutch goal, or a wonderfully worked team move! The only issue for people would be if they don't know how to record clips (there is an inbuilt recorder). Alternatively, people could save the match, and upload the match (.pkm) and then i could download it and choose the clips from those submitted. Not sure if this will take off but think that it would be a nice community idea if we could try it out. Anyone up for this?
  2. Blimey, it's not until you try this challenge that you realise how difficult it is 2/3 through season 1 and battling to stay up/in my job.
  3. Keep it up! Really looking forward to seeing you competing in the Champions League or challenging for the Euro Cup. Inspired me to start one of these up in Sweden, I'll let you know how I get on, and may if I enjoy it start my own thread. EDIT: Decided to start at Smedby.
  4. Sounds like a great Idea, Paul. I haven't been visiting CSE that much this year (no particular reason why) but I would love a place in that if there are spaces available after the people in your current sign-up have had their allocation.
  5. Cheers for the quick responses guys Thats ****. Not going to bother with an editor.
  6. The Weekly Challenges are coming up in the next 15 minutes! Can someone tell me how you set a nickname of your manager? :confused:
  7. Can anyone find the original weekly challenges threads? I want to see how they were run and how I can improve this, but I can't find them for the life of me.
  8. Yeah, I though the same weeman. Some will be as short as a month or two, but others will be half seasons, with maybe one special two week one being a season, which is reasonable IMO. Expect the first to be up on Wednesday (maybe before, maybe afterwards) (basically soon) And, I expect some of the regulars to have a go as well to see if we can get the community going in it
  9. In another bid to up the activity/community of CSE, I'm thinking of running a weekly challenges thing. We all know that it has been done before etc, but I don't think it has been done for FM10 yet. Was it minisav who used to run it? Shall I give it a go? Challenges consist of a points table for how well you do, and would be stuff like keep this club up, stay in the job, win the playoffs, stay up without spending any money.
  10. I have to agree, that sounds like a great experiment Would be very interesting to see un-fold.
  11. Mikey Your back again! Yeah, I think it is hard to incorporate for that exact reason. A scottish challenge could be a good idea as there isn't one out there but it is hard to think of one as there is no promotion into the bottom division.
  12. I like this idea but it would take some work to do and I don't think would be possible in 08 because of it crashing if you swap teams in certain leagues. But in 10, go for it
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