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  1. Sounds like a great Idea, Paul. I haven't been visiting CSE that much this year (no particular reason why) but I would love a place in that if there are spaces available after the people in your current sign-up have had their allocation.
  2. Cheers for the quick responses guys Thats ****. Not going to bother with an editor.
  3. The Weekly Challenges are coming up in the next 15 minutes! Can someone tell me how you set a nickname of your manager? :confused:
  4. Can anyone find the original weekly challenges threads? I want to see how they were run and how I can improve this, but I can't find them for the life of me.
  5. Yeah, I though the same weeman. Some will be as short as a month or two, but others will be half seasons, with maybe one special two week one being a season, which is reasonable IMO. Expect the first to be up on Wednesday (maybe before, maybe afterwards) (basically soon) And, I expect some of the regulars to have a go as well to see if we can get the community going in it
  6. In another bid to up the activity/community of CSE, I'm thinking of running a weekly challenges thing. We all know that it has been done before etc, but I don't think it has been done for FM10 yet. Was it minisav who used to run it? Shall I give it a go? Challenges consist of a points table for how well you do, and would be stuff like keep this club up, stay in the job, win the playoffs, stay up without spending any money.
  7. I have to agree, that sounds like a great experiment Would be very interesting to see un-fold.
  8. Mikey Your back again! Yeah, I think it is hard to incorporate for that exact reason. A scottish challenge could be a good idea as there isn't one out there but it is hard to think of one as there is no promotion into the bottom division.
  9. I like this idea but it would take some work to do and I don't think would be possible in 08 because of it crashing if you swap teams in certain leagues. But in 10, go for it
  10. It does sounds like a good idea, and will be great if you can pull it off The new editor will make it interesting as everyone is saying but we won't know about it until we get our hands on it.
  11. I don't think there are enough short-term challenges and this is an excellent idea IMO, and I think you should try it
  12. 1) I think that it is a great idea and is definately distinct enough as the objective is to win the FA Cup, not the Premier league. So, this challenge could even be completed when your in the BSN(not going to happen but is theoretically possible) 2) I think that the challenge would be with Wanderers FC to win the FA Cup 5 times in 7 years. Not 7 years from the start but in a 7 year period. 3) I would be interested in participating.
  13. I have created a manager sign-up because we have not had many this year. If you want to sign-up, here is the link: So, you think that you can do a better job? The one thing that I would like some advise on is on how I will award bonuses (increased rep, PA etc.). I am planning on giving them for matches managed, trophys won etc. But, I would like some obscure unexpected bonuses that I could give but I can't think of any. Can anyone help me with an idea here?
  14. It sounds like a good sign-up Denther if run well. An update a week is fine. A father son thing sounds interesting as Blowcrapup said and maybe you could include that. It isn't stepping on anybody's toes as this player and manager sign-ups are done quite often and if you can add some originality to it like father and son, then it would make it even better.
  15. CV, would it be where you had say 20 people and they each took turns in selecting the team and tactic for the game and then, after each week, one of the users would be voted off? Problem is though, wouldn't the person who managed the first week get voted off because there was no one else to vote. I am thinking of a Big Brother Type idea with however many housemates are in the show in it for a sign-up. Does anyone know how many housemates there are in the show?
  16. No, you have got mixed up I think. I just looked and they are different. WolvesBestEvaManager's are half-season challenges or less or more set on a certain thing. The first short challenge is to get Chelsea the highest balance possible by the 30th of August. Wheras the What If... challenge series is to do with what would have happened if Man U went bust or something.
  17. Call me Rob Yes, they are quite short challenges. I haven't read his thread yet but will have a look now and then, come back and comment. EDIT: Yes, his does look quite like what I was thinking of. I will see how his goes and participate probably. I will put this idea off then, if it is already being done
  18. Good point I am considering doing them in the summer but we will have to gauge interest and see what people think then.
  19. That would be very interesting and would see who had ultimate bragging rights
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