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    Just being the best guy (personality wise)

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    Football, Drinking, Cinema, FM and pulling women

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  1. stockportguy86

    World Cup nostalgia thread

    Mine would probably have been maybe 94 or 98, I think more 98 when Michael Owen scored against Argentina with that wonder goal :) Michael Owen vs Argentina World Cup 1998 I also remember in 2002 when my school went to France during the 2002 World Cup on the way back on the ferry, we had the game on the radio to give us some news, unfortunately Ronaldinho had to ruin the party and we didn't watch the rest of that World Cup that year Ronaldinho vs England World Cup 2002
  2. Not sure if this is the right place for it but I tried to play with a streamer but there is no fm touch file but I can't find it :/
  3. I think they should add it, if they added the ABBA penalty shootout, they should introduce this
  4. I'm doing a similar save rarely get a promotion with The Hatters
  5. stockportguy86

    FM version

    Ah ok thanks
  6. stockportguy86

    FM version

    So the fixes will be there?
  7. stockportguy86

    FM version

    Hi I've recently got the 18.2.2 but when I go to make a new save, it says 18.0.1 any thoughts?
  8. Do you get the presentation of the playoff trophy like a title trophy?
  9. stockportguy86

    Tactics familiarly

    Ah ok thanks just thought if you could see if the players have familiar with each other like it goes green or red?
  10. Hi I've played FM for a while and I never seen these before (sorry for the shoddy arrows on the pic) Will the Attackers have those to like the defence and midfielders do and what colour do those turn when they are all got familiarize what their part of my tactics will be?
  11. stockportguy86

    FM18 - Who will you manage?

    I might do my home town Stockport or a journeyman save as it's getting a little stale right now
  12. stockportguy86

    Fitness and performance

    what's the acceptable number for pace and acceleration?
  13. stockportguy86

    Fitness and performance

    Ah ok
  14. stockportguy86

    Fitness and performance

    Right so the acceleration is the most important?