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  1. Anyone know why Leicester City's unrealistic budget isn't that good? I only get the budget of lowly £185k EDIT: Resolved I disabled the first transfer window budget for the first season please close this
  2. info requested

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for my thread, but does anyone know reason why the little bits of info that you get match stats, formation, league tables ect? when I'm watching a match but then it keeps disappearing when I click on the little tab? it's the only thing that's doing my head in :
  3. Don't have the save as I'm at my Nan's but will do when I get back home on Tuesday
  4. So I've been York in my new save after being sacked at the Welsh minnows in the English leagues, Wrexham so I got York promoted via the playoffs but the second season I didn't managed to save myself from being sacked (not news to me which is a big shame) Is there any tips you could give me I'm leaking like a Wikileaks document?
  5. Hey there guys does anyone have got any decent tips for the second season syndrome? I managed to get York up in the play offs after being sacked at the Welsh in the English leagues, Wrexham. I'm really peeved as I couldn't recreate the same magic in the first season . I've moved on from York now to Wigan and desperate to get these lot back to the Premier League, here are the results I had with them. here/. I.
  6. Ok thanks you guys I love FM when I'm on a run and I can't stop but then I panic then it goes to pot
  7. I know it's been mentioned before, but I'm just having a really tough time keeping my job as I only once saved my job from Nuneaton by winning 11 points within 5 matches but I ended losing my job by getting relegated. Has anyone else had this amount of bad luck and what's the best way to stop this rot from ruining my game?
  8. Hey guys at this day and age there has been goal line technology and there has been goals on my FM17 where I've seen them go past the goal line and it should be in FM18. I hope they have the Christmas achievement as you manage or whatever you do with FC Santa Claus.
  9. do you just change the players and not the tactic?
  10. As the title says, do you ever consider rotating your squad even if you are conceding stupid goals?. I mean I don't mind keeping the same squad but want to get the most out of my team. I mean if I keep the same side week in, week out, it comes repetitive and boring.
  11. ok I will do
  12. it's not doing this now just weird when this happened
  13. When I was playing a match this happened, any reason why?
  14. When's the best time to use wingbacks or does anyone not use them for whatever reason?
  15. how do you enable cloud save? I had a Keymer Hassocks save and I was so close to getting into the Ryman league in FM16, had to factory set my PC, and it was all gone