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  1. Can these be updated as I see the national league winners weren't Macc Town last season it was Leyton Orient F.C.
  2. I do love the skin where you can put the backgrounds but everytime it up loads it's only the screen where your manager avatar is in the dressing room where you can change your manager's appearence, and then freezing any help?
  3. Is this for every backround like managers, continent, stadiums etc?
  4. There is a few beta skins out there to stop the backgrounds being too light with the opacity
  5. Dumb moment, I forgot to untick the cache and tick reload skin
  6. I'll download them again see how they do, I'll update you
  7. I've got the transparancy thingy but the comps, managers etc aren't working with the game, I use the heffem skin, the fmbase skin or the evo skin and none of them work but the stadiums work fine just the rest
  8. Yes I am, sorry it took so long to see this comment
  9. I've tried to use this split view whilst playing fm, but I think it needs to be more user friendly ie. custom widgets you can drag instead them being automatically placed, I would love to have it in fm20 as I'd use it more then I usually use it. Thanks
  10. Anyone know how to do this version of the game?
  11. Ah ok cheers would it work on any custom skin?
  12. Where do I put this in the documents file?
  13. I'm not sure if anyone's trolling us but is there an option to use free cam mode on fm19?
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