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  1. stockportguy86

    Would England winning the WC be bigger than 1966?

    I think this might BE the only chance we get to the world cup fina in my lifetime , seeing as the big boys like Portugal, Spain, Germany, Argentina etc have been knocked out this tournament. Southgate has proven us all wrong with his 3-5-2 with wingback formation and it's proven that is does work. I mean Sterling hasn't been the best player for us this tournament but helps those who are and it's working like a charm. I do hope we can pull one more suprise out of our sleeve and suprise our critics once again and face one of our foes, France in the final.
  2. stockportguy86

    FM Discords?

    I agree, not trolling but yeah
  3. stockportguy86

    World Cup Songs

    I didn't like the Live it up for the first few days, but after a few listen to it a few more times, I started to love it, I would have preferred to hear Will Smith sing the whole song tho
  4. stockportguy86

    Raheem's leg controversy

    Yes Raheem Sterling is a role model for young kids, but does this tattoo make them want to buy guns?. No they don't it proves once again a few weeks before a world cup or euros come around, our own bloody media have sensationalize everything that the players wear, do, or anything negative, just lay off the poor guy. and any other player in the squad. I've read the article saying "I would never touch a gun as his did died from one when I was younger".
  5. Obviously I didn't get around to the world cup ticket this year due to work commitments and that, so are there anyone going to the world cup this year and record their journey in Russia onto Youtube?. I know some will be doing this and I'm keen to follow your journey on the roller-coaster ride that is England's world cup
  6. stockportguy86

    WC Squad - most likely to win it?

    I agree but if I were Southgate that's what I would have gone for, but I was speaking to a mate and he was banging on about Hart not going to the world cup, finally a manager who picks those on form and not household names, yes most of the players who have been picked aren't experienced in the senior squad, but it's to do with us building to the future of England
  7. stockportguy86

    WC Squad - most likely to win it?

    That's what I'm meaning, Ryan Sessegnon and Milner should have gone tbf, I mean we will hardly win but we need to show we've improved since the last world cup which we got knocked out in the group stage
  8. Like the title says, on paper, who do you think is the strongest out of those who will win the world cup in July?. I think Argentina's will be the strongest, then Germany then Brazil. I think out of all the world cup squads the least likely to win it, would be us (England). I think the Goalkeepers will be the key to the tournament, defense I'm still weary of them, midfield too and strikers, I don't know I still think Vardy and Kane will go, Lingard would be great to link up with him and Rashford.
  9. stockportguy86

    World Cup nostalgia thread

    Mine would probably have been maybe 94 or 98, I think more 98 when Michael Owen scored against Argentina with that wonder goal :) Michael Owen vs Argentina World Cup 1998 I also remember in 2002 when my school went to France during the 2002 World Cup on the way back on the ferry, we had the game on the radio to give us some news, unfortunately Ronaldinho had to ruin the party and we didn't watch the rest of that World Cup that year Ronaldinho vs England World Cup 2002
  10. Not sure if this is the right place for it but I tried to play with a streamer but there is no fm touch file but I can't find it :/
  11. I think they should add it, if they added the ABBA penalty shootout, they should introduce this
  12. I'm doing a similar save rarely get a promotion with The Hatters
  13. stockportguy86

    FM version

    Ah ok thanks
  14. stockportguy86

    FM version

    So the fixes will be there?
  15. stockportguy86

    FM version

    Hi I've recently got the 18.2.2 but when I go to make a new save, it says 18.0.1 any thoughts?