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  1. Freddie, thanks for the quick response. I've uploaded 'Aberdeen brexit', its 3 or 4 game days before the inbox item appeared. Hope that's sufficient.
  2. Would this be the place for a Brexit bug? Playing as Aberdeen, and it's just been announced that UK will leave in December 2020, but the new rules for appealing work permits is based on English league data, per attached. Of course, maybe that's how it'll work
  3. @pikawa94 Are the older versions of your skin still available? I found the later (and larger) versions slowed the game down, but some of the earlier versions, although not complete in your eyes, fitted what I was looking for in a skin.
  4. 'You say it best, when you say nothing at all' (Copyright Ronan Keating) See also similar from goal-king Darren Mackie -
  5. Got it @D_LO_ just need to remember where to put everything when @pikawa94 releases another fab update Thanks to both
  6. @D_LO_ Got the default pic, renaming it (or deleting it) just gets me another background, a pitch with a bit of a touchline lower right. I'll go hunt for a skin with a plain background and copy that 'default' pic By 'home screen' I meant the start screen. The background it currently shows has a stand, pitch and tunnel. The picture 'none' in the CFM folder looks like a 'real' picture of the Amsterdam Arena. Also I don't have a '\graphics\pictures\backgrounds\player' folder, 'Pictures' has kits, players and stadiums folders in it.
  7. @pikawa94 Really enjoying your skin, clean & sharp, and not cluttered. (I'm still installing your wee fix to hide the mains indicator on my laptop) I previously had DNKs background pack installed, but have since removed it. Is the pitch background I now see an addition on v6 or was it there previously? I seem to recall v5 had a plain background. Can I remove it? Also, I have a preferred background picture for the home screen, but old age must be kicking in, I can't remember where that file should be located. Is it modifiable in your skin? Thanks
  8. Thanks Kubi, not going down that route
  9. @phompenhandy Thanks for the clarification. 'Use caching...' is ticked, and only got a handful of leagues and about 15k players loaded. Looks like I need to head to the 'does this laptop run FM' thread, and research a replacement!!
  10. How much influence does the amount of additional graphics you have loaded have on the speed of the game? I've got CFM skin, metallic logos, cut-out face pack, DNK backgrounds and a dozen leagues worth of kits. Graphics folder is 19 gig, laptop has an i3 processor with 4GB ram. Should I be surprised that the game runs slow? What mods (if any) have more effect on speed?
  11. @pikawa94 Wonderful stuff, battery indicator and 'chat icon' gone! Thank you! Thinking ahead, would chat icon only be there when I'm in an online game? And, will I need to re-apply fix when you update skin?
  12. @pikawa94 Great skin, used it last year, clean and simple design. One slight issue I have, in the lower left of screen, I can't access the lowest 2 sidebar menu icons (Finances & Board?) because of a chat icon (from FM?) and my laptop battery status indicator. Is it possible to reduce the height of the sidebar menu icons, or move the sidebar to the very top of the screen, or switch the chat and battery icons off?
  13. @Welshace Are you a secret Don? First McGinn, now Rooney. Great choices, but I'm biased. Hayes is probably our best player in 'real life', and Joe Lewis offers great stability in defence. Stand Free!
  14. 1366x768, no zoom, for me. Might've got round it by moving my stats to left window
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