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  1. 1366x768, no zoom, for me. Might've got round it by moving my stats to left window
  2. Michaeltmurrayuk offered a fix here, but I couldn't get it to work Great skin otherwise.......
  3. Try '13 leagues in Europe' by Don_Biglia, in download section
  4. Does anyone feel that the online play is slow with this new version? We have an online game going every year, and I know there was speed issues to begin with last year, but several of my friends were complaining that the speed was greatly reduced with FM15. As the server, I haven't changed anything since FM14.
  5. Using Cleon's screenshot and only one additional instruction worked for me. I had started my own Santos game before this thread was created, and struggled all season using a 4222 box. A 5 game win streak at the end of the season pulled me clear of a relegation dogfight. Decided to utilise this for season two having previously read the Zonal Marking article. Won State league, won Brasilliero, lost in quarter finals of cup when fixture congestion got the better of me. Only change I made was 'work ball into box'.
  6. The shape was from post 25, roles were tweaked, if I remember correctly. FM12 now deleted so can't check either.
  7. I had Dortmund winning everything clean in in FM12 based on this:
  8. Thanks for that Wez, i'll read it a few times to let it sink in. If I come up against Hazard, i'll just get the ball boy to man-mark him
  9. Wez (or LAM), I try to implement a box midfield in every version of FM, some attempts are more successful that others. Finally getting somewhere this year with both Monaco in my long term save, and Boca in my online game with my mates. You spoke above about showing wingers inside, so that they run into the DMs. Is that simply showing the right winger onto his left foot, and vice versa, or have I been missing something for the past 10 years (like a 'show inside' button)?
  10. Looking for something different for FM, and this may be it. If I download and install this, does it affect any existing saved games? i.e. got my own career Dortmund save going, and an online game with some mates in the Ee Pee Ell. Does the league structure, etc that these files change, affect my two saved games, or are they safe?
  11. Uncle Sam, Been a follower of your 4222 for a number of years now, believe you had topics on this formation one, or maybe two years before this fabulous post and download was produced. With your box midfiled as a start point i've won the World Club Championship with AC Milan, won the Chinese premier division with Dalian, made Aberdeen into regular Champions League qualifiers, and my greatest achievement, taking Kristiansund from 3rd level of Norwegian football to Champions League qualification. Alas, didn't get the chance to try out against Euro opposition, because FM11 was released. Also used it successfully in Spain, Russia and the MLS. I find it's very difficult for other teams to score against you, esp. if you play keep possession and counter attack, and can be lethal going forward. Another pleasing aspect is the limited number of player roles you need in your squad, the team obviously only needs 2 full backs, 2 centre backs, 2 defensive midfielders, 2 centre midfielders ans 2 attackers. This year my chosen career game team, Dortmund, didn't really fit into the 4222 system, but having eventually found your 4231 topic on Sortitoutsi (not a plug, honest), Dortmund are currently 19 games undefeated after being 3rd bottom after 5 games. They've beat Bayern home and away, Real Madrid 3-0, and current Champions League holders Porto. I'm most impressed. Thanks Uncle Sam, it's made the last few FMs enjoyable and successful for me, all without the need for a Diablo or a corner routine, and all playing attractive possession football.
  12. End of season 2012/13 4th in league, q/f of both cups, 3rd in Europa league group. No more signings since last summer, severe lack of wage budget. Top scorers - Calum McRobbie and Paton - 12 goals each, highest average - Davenport. Strange stat - 6 home wins, 11 away wins - don't know what to make of that. Highest league win - 3-0 against Jutes and Pars. No humpings this year 0-2 v Schalke, Huns, Jutes and LSC, all away. Magennis leaving for 80k in summer, he's only 5th choice, few youngster moving on too. Big summer ahead, got 17 1st teamers out of contract in 2014, Diamond, Paton Maguire and Jack are biggest names, I'll attempt to sell those that who won't re-sign. Real-life - Good start for Jack and Victor, ship steadied, January will be interesting.
  13. For me, Howard and Langfield were eaksy peaksy, simillar for both seasons I had them, 2nd season Howard was generally first choice til he was injured, Langfield took over number 1 jersey til end of season. In need of the money, Langfield's contract was allowed to run out (departure pleased fans according to Board confidence ) Update on my own game, August 2012 Major outs: McArdle to Burnley - 75k, Stirling Smith to Doncaster - 50k, Clark Robertson to Portsmouth - 300k Major ins: Rhys Taylor (GK) ex-Chelsea - free, Carl Fletcher (DM/M C) ex-Plymouth - free, and Wojciech Szczesny (GK) on loan from parent club Arsenal One that got away: Stuart Holden offered for loan, also available for free, couldn't afford wages. Euro league 4th Qual round: humped some Turkish team 4-3 on pens, after swapping 2-1 home wins. Drew Schalke, Anderlecht and Mlada Boleslav in groups. Suspect Bon-Accord Golf Club might be busy a couple times. Stand Free
  14. Season 2011/12 review Right enough, the three January full back signings, Paton, Williams and Kelly moved on in summer, for a comined total of £38K. As well as a few youngsters, also lost Jack Grimmer to Hibs after Stuarty accepted the £1M offer from them. He'd played about 20 games previous season, was looking like a good prospect. Coming in were Foster back from Iprix, Bloom (DL) from Falrirk and ex-West Ham right back Trent McClenahan. Couple young loons arrived too, ex Chelsea and Sporting midfielder Mesca and ex Arsenal centre half Ignasi Miguel, both with plenty potential. On loan we got midfielder Kyle Ebecilio from parent club Arsenal. On the field, WE WON THE LEAGUE CUP, 1-0 over Hibs, and finished 3rd in league (on goal difference over Hibs - revenge for previous season - and they've got Jimmy in charge), and qualified for Europa League 4th Qualifying round. Home form was good, 14 wins in 19 games, away form poor, with only 4 wins. Top scorer was previous January's signing centre half Davenport with 12 goals in 46 appearances. Paton was next 11 goals from 30 starts and 5 sub appearances. Fyvie was Young player of the year. ICT were again the whipping boys, had a 4-0 victory over them. There was a few 3-0 wins too, and a 4-4 draw with St Johnstone. Downsides, lost 4-0 and 3-0 to Huns, and 4-3 to Hearts in Scottish Cup QF replay. Had been 1-0 up with 5 mins to go in first game, and 3-0 down in 16 mins in replay. End of season sees Hartley retiring and Langfield out of contract (giving me about 5 grand of wages to re-invest). Assman says defence is still weakest, but I'll be looking for a defensive midfielder first. Suspect anyone coming in will be on a Bosman, or on loan (Arsenal have a decent young goale who can challenge Howard). Hoping to be able to offer more wages than the 2 grand max I can currently offer. Will update at end of transfer window
  15. Is there a limit on the number of players who can join a game this time round? we've had 7 on previous versions, but this time round, 6th guy to join says 'add new manager'is greyed out Edit: Turns out he was out of sync with his patches. Steam didn't update his game with the 'hotfix'