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  1. Yes it did, although been saving directly before every meeting, just in case. thanks for the speedy response (and I understand why you couldn;t reply ;))
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Kyle. $64,000 question, any idea when that next update will be?
  3. What better way to spend a Sunday than to uninstall and reinstall FM21. Loaded save file into new installation, news, 'discuss issue with players', crash.
  4. 3 seasons into save, just reached the boring bit before Qatar 2022. No issues til tonight, game crashed when I clicked 'discuss issue with players' after a news item telling me Ben Chilwell got upset about something. Reloaded, same result. Reloded, removed Rensie's skin, same issue. Reloaded, clicked continue rather than 'discuss', all good. A few clicks later another issue to deal with, clicked discuss with players, game crashed. Have uploaded 'Stan de Vree - Chelsea.fm' to your cloud service for review and suggestions. Load the game, go to news, it's the first item. Assume ga
  5. Go find Bophonet's blog. He covered Tuchel's tactics for FM17. Although it's in italian, there are ways of translating. I only started a Chelsea save file when he got the Chelsesa job, 1st season finished 2nd on 81 points, this season i'm top with 7 to play. Unsure whether it's still relevant to his current style of play, but one of the tactics discussed there is close to the first screenshot you posted of your tactic above, with two defensive wingers.
  6. End of season 21/22 update 10th in league, 2pts off euro spot, got to FA Cup semi-final Quite a turnround of players. Of the original squad, Grant again top scorer, 15 goals from 19 starts, Diangana and Periera still first choice left and right AM, Sam Johnstone came on leaps and bounds with a decent defence in front of him. Sam Field confuses me, fabulous trainer but attributes fairly static, appear to be improving now using Rashidi's schedules. With regards to West Brom's youngsters, Rico Richards, Jacob Shepherd, Rayhaan Tulloch and Jovan Malcolm will probably be around 1st t
  7. Jan 22 update Transfers out - Bockaj - took offence to being critisised for repeatedly poor training performance, off on loan to Swansea, Halilovic - got offered £7.5m, only a back-up, Ajayi, went to Newcastle £3.3m Transfers in - Alex McCarthy for peanuts, can challenge Johnstone, Joey Veerman for £10m from under Chelsea's nose, v impressed so far, Helder Costa - £4.7m Tactic seems to be working, much improved performances/position - point off Euro place, mid-Feb, need to improve away performances
  8. Long time lurker, very rare poster. Usual FM route sees me messing about with Aberdeen til someone gets paid off in EPL. Enter West Brom. I don't know any of their team, other than Periera, and that's from fantasy footie. First season - The obvious severe lack of transfer funds to begin with, tied with my aversion to ageing footballers on high wages resulted in Austin and Grosicki leaving in first window. In came Zirkzee and Ben Johnson on loan, and Halilovic on a free. Tend to stick w/4231 formation, although do dabble w/442 with wingers on occasion. Horrendous fixtures to start wit
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