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  1. It was a penalty, but the referee instead of waiting for everyone to take his place, gave orders with players inside the area.
  2. Summer market closes again on September 1st in England it's no bug, but this news is out. Will they be able to launch an update to correct this from the 2020 \ 2021 season?
  3. Yes, I believe it exists, but tell me who in 2020 has a child with that name. Hence it is funny. Because it could be with another nickname, but when adding Sardine, it was even funnier xD
  4. There is a player with Luis Boa Morte, but his father already had the same name. But it is funny. The father was an excellent player by the way.
  5. believe me, i agree with everything you said. Sardinha is normal, and it is common in Portugal, but the funny thing is to join two names like that. But as I said, it is very funny how they invent each name for the players created by the game. But yes, they should improve the look of the players created by the game. I go to my 3rd season with Leeds United and see if any more funny names appear. Ps: it is because of this, that I love this community. You are the greatest.
  6. Hello everyone I wanted to ask what is this name? For God's sake, you guys suck at choosing names, but at the same time you're so funny. In Portugal nobody is called Hermenegildo. Nobody is born and the parents say "how beautiful, my son will be called hermenegildo" neither here nor in china. Sardinha in Portugal is the name of a fish. Search google ... but I believe that at least there is still someone with that nickname. Now, Hermenegildo doesn't
  7. Hello out of curiosity I went to see my club's schedule in the game, despite being training leeds FCPORTO vs Benfica will play the league cup final, but on the calendar it appears that it is for the Portuguese League Another bug ...when can you once and for all fix the leagues in portugal from under 19 to seniors? This is bugs after bugs.
  8. Yes I did this when I installed the update and joined the game, but it gave the error. I'm going to play now and let's see if the same thing happens again.
  9. I'm sorry, I ended up turning off the game for not playing today, I don't know if I can do it now. Yes, I have everything updated, this never happened to me, from what I saw there is already an old topic talking about the same https://community.sigames.com/topic/506293-invisible-kits/ I tested the beta update and then on game 3 this happened.
  10. Hello I installed the beta update (latest version) and started having this problem. "Ghost" players in the middle of the game. Since it is beta, I hope you fix it in the final release of the new update
  11. The gameplay is the same every year. i'm in a career mode with the spurs .. i have 3 players alone Lucas Moura, Son and kane .. moura goes with the ball, the goalkeeper gets out of goal, just step aside and touch and what does he do? has an attempt on goal and the keeper saves it Does it cost much to intrude into the code something like the possibility in these cases of passing the ball is 90%? even before the shot I was guessing he was going to kick. It starts to be a predictable game at all levels. For God's sake, every year the same
  12. One more BUG It's not FCPORTO's under-23 team that plays the premier league international, it's Team B When the competition starts the under 23 team has no players, so it will soon create fake players to play in the competition and I have to be making available team b players to play in the under 23. What is completely wrong because Porto has no under 23 team who plays is team B correct this, last year was the same bug
  13. LOOOOL no comments One more simple mistake that can be easily fixed, but they don't care about it. BEIRA MAR CRL !!!!!!!!!!!! I went to see, and here it says that they can not be in the same division, but if it happened, it has to correct.
  14. the question I ask is ... Isn't it time for an update to fix the bugs in the game? I have the game bought since early November, I haven't played it yet, I can't play it like that, I don't feel like it because of these little things.
  15. Ate vou falar em português, caguei de alto. Isto é tão ridiculo! Todos os anos a mesma treta. Agora em inglês... Is it hard to issue a fix for this? Is it difficult to correct those "visual" problems like having two games on the same day? Already released 3 or 4 updates of 300mb but can not release one that is 1gb or more to fix this? ` Every year the same problem and can not correct.
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