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  1. Hi, After playing for 1 season and receiving a youth intake in which I gave 3 players a 3 year youth contract I encountered the following: After a month in the same transfer window I'm now seeing the AI offer them contracts. After further testing I've found that I too can offer contracts to anyone with a youth contracts. Is this intentional or a bug? Potentially a bug specific to the Norwegian league? I have also uploaded a save called sureup_youth_contract_bug.fm on the day one of my newgens got a contract offer even though he has 3 years left and has only been at the club for a month or so.
  2. Yeah but if you don't click the pop up, how can you later take them off?
  3. More of a standard FM question: How can you remove an injured player from the pitch when you have no substitutions left after the initial popup when they got injured? When they get injured u get the pop up "take off pitch" but I can't find this anywhere after it has timed out.
  4. Hyped for release, but I still have to wait for the low determination bug for players without determination set in the database to get fixed. Here's an example of my 2nd and u19 team after the release patch:
  5. So release patch just came out and i tested it. Still bugged. Here's my u21 and u19 teams: @Andrew James
  6. Thanks for the update on the issue! It simply doesn't make sense to use 1-5 as the standard determination stat for these players, when regens later have a way more natural 1-20 spread. The way it was before with 1-10 as the standard for these players worked fine, no? Remember these players have to go through the same mechanics throughout the game. If this really was correct then every youth intake in mid rep clubs should also have ~18/20 players with 1-5 in determination, which they don't, thankfully. I really wish this was patched by launch, but I understand that further testing might be required. (was how it was before 19.1 broken in some way?)
  7. I'm so excited for release! All I need is the determination bug fix and I'm ready to play this game for hours on end like there's no tomorrow. Why dammit? Release last year was 2. nov so this means it was released several hours before.
  8. As said, the issue is real young players without defined determination. The top half of your list probably are mostly players with defined determination stats. You can clearly see where the players without determination stat set are <=5 (plus always a few outliers with high) I don't think regens are affected.
  9. I doubt a patch would change the stats of players already generated in the database of an existing save, so I'm waiting until Tuesday to begin my save. If the problem was regens then it would probably be save compatible for regen dates after updating, but the problem isn't regens. The problem is as @Andrew James described; existing real players without explicit determination values are randomly assigned one which is way too low on average. (1-5 as standard determination, compared to 1-10 before, with rare outliers which are higher) Hopefully it will be fixed for Tuesdays release as I'm so eager to play more FM 2020. I freaking loved it for the half season i played until i met another bug (which is now fixed).
  10. I just tested this for myself, and indeed the new patch gives most 'unkown' youth 5-1 (seems too harsh) in determination, versus before it was more like 10-1 with some outliers. See comparison pre and post patch:
  11. My bad. I thought it was in response to an older patch, but I see now it's from yesterday
  12. Is this something that will be patched, or is it working as intended?
  13. Will the database be updated for the release version, or is the beta 20.1 the final database? Curious if I should start my save now or wait.
  14. I would like to know this too. Unsure if I should start my save today or wait until tuesday.
  15. It seems the problem with 15-16 year olds not being able to sign professional contracts is now fixed in the 'public-beta' opt-in on steam when starting a new save. Thanks for fixing it!
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